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How To Become a Model

The modeling industry has been around for many years dating all the way back to 1853 when Charles Worth asked his wife Marie to model the clothes he designed. The modeling industry was born, and many copied his marketing approach. Back then measurements and other stats weren't as important as they are today. Today models and actors are paid handsomely for modeling jobs and acting in feature films, shooting commercials and photo shoots for advertising. No doubt, you want to land more modeling jobs and auditions, but the modeling industry has changed so much and has gotten so advanced that the experts now believe the best way to get started is to market yourself electronically. No, we don't mean to stick your finger in a light socket to tease your hair, we mean online. Model searches are everywhere, the malls, schools, conventions, Facebook, Instagram and even twitter.

You found us and that is a good indication that you are online. Duh! But seriously, Model Search America is a great way to learn about the industry, find modeling jobs, and get your feet wet before taking the plunge. The entertainment industry is a fast paced business. Don't make the mistake of believing it is all fun and games. There a few unwritten rules in the modeling industry, and when you're trying to find jobs for models. Don't be late to a modeling job. Don't pull a no-show. Always bring something to keep you busy at a casting call. You know what they say about the modeling industry? You have to know how to hurry up and wait. If you break the rules you may very well be black listed. Sounds strange but it is so true.

Modeling Jobs

There are literally so many opportunities for models available that naming them all would probably be impossible. There are modeling jobs for kids, plus-size modeling jobs, runway, fashion, hair, the list is literally endless, and so are the possibilities!

Think to yourself how many clothing brands there are, every clothing brand needs models to represent their brand and product. There is a huge market out there for modeling jobs for kids and teenagers. Especially with brands like Abercrombie, Hollister and Aeropostale... the market for teens is HOT right now.

Don't just limit yourself to clothing brands, though. Models are in demand everywhere, not just the fashion world. Every time you pick up a magazine or visit a website you're seeing dozens of models, and those models are getting paid and/or gaining valuable experience to make their big splash into the industry. There are plenty of child brands out there like Playskool that offer modeling jobs for kids and they are a great way to start saving for college and prepare your kid/teen for the future.

... The point we are trying to make, is that it's not quite as hard as you may think it is, there are a lot of great opportunities out there for you.

Getting started is a huge step but nowadays its easier than you think. Back in 1853 Marie had Charles. Today you have MSA to help you.

We have built relationships with the industries top photographers, agents, and casting directors so we have a huge pool of modeling jobs available, and we try to post them on a daily basis. Be sure to apply to any modeling gig that matches your profile and you're already well on your way to success.

Read our blogs daily for modeling tips, modeling advice, lists of free casting calls, and auditions for fashion modeling, child modeling, and print model jobs and much much more...

A word about acting...

We are primarily a resource for models. However, if you're more interested in acting, we highly recommend that you check out our friend's at Auditions Database. They've got a ton of great tips for actors and actresses, and if you're interested in getting your child into acting you'll especially be interested in their impressive list of Disney auditions


Thanks for stopping by our modeling website, enjoy!

Most Recent Modeling Jobs

‘Term Life’ Movie Audition Starring Vince Vaughn

vinceVince Vaughn has stared in some of the most comical movies of the decade. A short list of the many films he has stared in includes: Old School, Wedding Crashers, and Swingers. Vince Vaughn has switched his sights from comedy to crime drama for this casting call. Vince Vaughn is the star of this new crime drama called “Term Life”. This is a wonderful chance to jump-start your acting career, as well as to be on the big screen and get the fame that you deserve. Continue reading

The Peoples Couch – Bravo Auditions

The Peoples Couch Bravo

Bravo has picked up The Peoples Couch, their newest reality television show that watches you and your reaction as you watch your favorite shows. Th Peoples Couch is set to air this April and Bravo is now looking for families that are willing to participate in this brand new show. Based on UK show “Gogglebox,” “The People’s Couch” will feature real people watching and commenting on popular shows and news from the past week. If you enjoy watching television and  this is your chance to participate. If you are interested in having you and your family’s reactions on the new television show submit your information now.

Continue reading

Modern Family – ABC

ABC Auditions Modern Family

ABC is now casting again for its smash hit family comedy Modern Family. The TV sitcom got it start in 2009 and has been a hit for ABC ever since, the story revolves around  Jay Pritchett, his second wife, his stepson, and their infant son; and his two adult children and their families. Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan conceived the series while sharing stories of their own “modern families”. The show is in its 5th season and the casting directors are now holding castings for male and female actors for extra and stand in roles for the current and 6th season of the show. Do not miss out your chance, apply now.

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American Crime – ABC

American Crime ABC

ABC has ordered another hit television drama American Crime for their lineup this summer. The show will focus on a racially charged murder and its effect on those involved in the crime and the trial. American Crime joins other ABC drama pilots How To Get Away With Murder, Sea Of Fire as well as series Secrets & Lies. The casting directors at ABC are now holding auditions and castings for male and female actors of all ages for numerous extra and stand up roles.  Elvis Nolasco and Caitlin Gerard have been cast in American Crime and this is your chance to join them on the set. Do not miss out on your chance to audition, apply now!

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Kickin’ It – Disney

kickin' it Disney XD Auditions

Disney’s top rating television show Kickin’ It is back for another season of high kicking an high flying karate action and this is your chance to audition. The premiere episode of the season is named“The Boys Are Back In Town,” and it will air on February 17th but the casting directors in charge of auditions are now looking for talent for future episodes. The martial arts inspired kids television series is set to film in Los Angeles and Disney is looking for kids that are willing to travel to Los Angeles for the taping of future episodes. Kickin’ It stars  Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Snyder, Mateo Arias, Olivia Holt and Alex Christian Jones. This is a great opportunity for kids with karate experience to be in a hit Disney television series, do not miss out apply now! Continue reading

New York Model Management Open Call

If you are interested in being a model for New York Model Management (where some of the highest paying names in the industry are signed to), you should attend one of their open calls. They represent some of the biggest companies in the world such as Miu Miu, Burberry, Versace, and Gucci.

New York Model Management

New York Model Management

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L.A. Models Open Call

If being in advertisements with high fashion companies like Burberry, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and many others appeals to you, than L.A. Models might be an agency for you to think about.

Burberry Ad 2014

Burberry Ad 2014

L.A. Models is located in Los Angles California and they have open call every Monday-Wednesday 3-4p.m. for Men: 15-30 years old who are 5’11-6’3 and Women: 13-24 years old 5’8-6’0. There is no open call for kids. The office is located at: 7700 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064. There is also an Open Call for photographers on Thursdays from 3-4p.

If you are not in LA you can still send in your submissions online.

Here is what l.a. models is looking for:

“Submissions for both female and male.
Women: ages 13-24 years old , 5’8 – 6’0. Men: ages 15-30 years old, 5’11 to 6’3.
Photos should be non-professional and in .jpg, .gif, or .png format for images.
1.Headshot straight on, 2. Headshot profiles, 3. 3/4 shot straight on, 4. Full length body shot.
We do not accept children’s submissions online.”

For further questions or submissions you can email: kids@lamodels.com, newfaces@lamodels.com, or men@lamodels.com

To apply or send your portfolio to LA Models, click here and go to the ‘be discovered’ tab in the upper right hand corner.

The Photoshop Scandal: Aerie Is The New Leader In The Body Image Revolution


There has been a lot of controversy in the last few years as Photoshop has become a more dominant part of the fashion industry. The Vogue scandal in particular with Lena Dunham is the most recent thing to hit the web. However, Aerie is one of the few companies in the industry that is speaking out against Photoshop. E! interviewed Amber Tolliver  (the 28-year-old model for Aerie’s new campaign) about her thoughts on what she thought about her pictures without Photoshop:

“I do like to see a little retouching on myself,” says Amber. “I mean, any normal person is slightly insecure about little things on their body, and you can blink an eye and poof, it’s gone [in retouching], great.”

But even though Amber admits occasionally it feels good to see her insecurities disappear (naturally!), she feels slighted when she sees herself retouched so heavily that she barely even looks like herself.

“To recreate a human being using a computer process is a bit of an attack on who you naturally are,” says Amber. “Like, if I’m not good enough or if I’m not beautiful enough, then why’d you book me? (E!)

This is a question a lot of women, not just models, are asking themselves today. It is important to remember that you need to be comfortable with the kind of jobs that you are booking for yourself. Never do a job that you are uncomfortable with, including body altering images.

Today, most of the fashion industry is artistically based. It is important to remember that in fashion your body is being used to show off clothing from an art standpoint and not the other way around. Some people feel that women have become too sensitive to the Photoshop scandal, and others feel that from a feminist standpoint that it is not okay. While this is an opinion based issue, it’s still refreshing to have companies like Aerie starting a positive female body image revolution.


The Top 10 Tips Every Model Needs To Know


1. Modeling is a Business: as a model you are your own product that you have to market. Like any business it takes time, effort, commitment and patience to become a successful model. Remember that success does not happen instantly!


2. Present Yourself as the Perfect Candidate: show confidence, have a good attitude and a friendly personality. Show your personal style, but keep it clean and simple and always make a good first impression.


3. Keep a Healthy Lifestyle: drink a lot of water, workout 3-6 times per week, get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, do not smoke cigarettes and keep drinking to a minimum.


4. Look After Your Skin and Hair: use natural skin & hair care products, keep your make-up natural looking, wash your face every night to avoid blemishes and have your hair trimmed regularly.


5. Apply and Attend as Many Castings and Open-calls as Possible: For models, a casting or an open-call is a job interview and should be regarded as such. Make sure you are prepared!


6. Model Agency Representation: If you are looking for representation within a model agency, or if a model agency contacts you, make sure the contract is reliable and includes the standard conditions of the industry. Keep an eye on the following points: percentage of commission, duration of contract, cancellation terms, exclusiveness and any hidden cost or fees (basically read the small print!) Don’t sign a contract if you do not feel 100% sure!


7. Build Your Portfolio: Have your friend take some pictures for you or when you’re ready, get your headshots professionally done. With the technology today there are so many ways to get your pictures quickly and easily.


8. Know Yourself and Your Strengths: It’s very important to know what you’re able to do and what you want to do as a model. Many models end up working as models accidentally or by chance, while others work hard to become models. In either case, it’s good to be aware of what it takes to work as a professional model. You can always try out classes or modeling schools where they teach you everything from how to pose to being more confident.


9. Don’t Give Up: You will encounter rejection at some point in your career. Don’t let that deter you from going after your dreams! All new models experience rejection, so stick to your goals, work hard and connect to the right people.


10. Take Advantage of Technology: With Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, We Heart It and so many other fashion blogging sites and apps, it is silly to not take advantage of it. The Internet can be a great way to connect and get noticed, but only in the right way: professionally.


Modeling for H&M

Miranda Kerr for H&M

H&M is a well-known European fashion company that has quickly claimed its stake in 53 countries worldwide. Erling Persson who opened the first store in Västerås, Sweden in 1947 established H&M. Today there are 3,100 stores with over 116,00 employees who are all passionate about fashion. H&M offers everything from the hottest trends in basic clothing for women, men, teens, and children. 

Some of the biggest names and faces in the industry have worked with H&M over the past years such as: Beyonce, Anja Rubik, Chanel Iman and Gisele Bundchen. Some of the most recent faces for H&M’s S/S 14 campaign were Andreea Diaconu, Jourdan Dunn, Nadja Bender and Sui He. With an art director like Erik Tortensson, (Co-head of Saturday Group, a London PR firm with Jens Grede. Founded Man About Town and Industrie Magazine) the possibilities for a modeling career are endless. Tortensson worked on the S/S 14 campaign. Most of the models, if not all, have gone to work for some of the biggest names in fashion such as: Roberto Cavalli, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren and Versace.

Miranda Kerr was just confirmed to be the face for this coming early spring campaign.  On February 4th, H&M announced on their Instagram account that ‘International supermodel @mirandakerr is our #HMSpringFashion model! Look out for exclusive photos in March!’ According to The Daily Mail UK, this will be the first modeling gig that Kerr has done with H&M. She is also fronting campaigns for ShopStyle, Clear Scalp & Hair and Swarovski.


To become a model for H&M, you need to have a modeling agency. H&M works with international model agencies with the selection process being carried out at in their Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden. If you are interested in modeling make sure that you have your head shots, agency and are ready for endless opportunities!

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