If you would like to be part of the Disney Channel and Disney XD are Casting for Kids 10-18 Casting Call please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Disney Channel and Disney XD are Casting for Kids 10-18

Disney XDDisney Channel and Disney XD representatives are looking for young girls and boys for upcoming original movies and series.The casting directors are not specifically looking to fill any particular role, they are there to meet with potential talent to possibly be cast in a project in the future, as a guest star or maybe in something they are working on for 2015. They are looking for kids and teens who can act, sing or dance but are really interested in kids that can do all three.


Disney Channel auditions are going on constantly, many in areas that you might not think of. Since Disney does so many animated productions, they have a great need, of course, for voice-over talent. Disney Channel auditions people of all ages and is in constant need of new talent. They have many hours of television broadcasting to fill, and they must stay on the cutting edge. Auditioning for Disney Channel productions is a good strategy if you are just starting in the biz, even a very small part could open a lot of doors for the beginning actor. They may be doing a feature with talking kitchen appliances next – who knows? considering what we’ve seen in animation in recent years.

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  • Hey I am Preetismita shortly preetz and i would love to be a part of disney channel. I am a dancer but i do love singing and acting alot. I have done a drama as a leading actress and won it . I am veru much passionated about my dreams and talents. So, i would if i get a chance tl show it to the world.

    I hope to be a part

    Thank You

  • Caleb Spencer says:

    I would be perfect for a audition because I have been acting since 3rd grade and I have always wanted to be a actor. I have been told by my acting teacher that I have a natural gift for acting and I believe I should use it.

  • joe says:

    i really really ant to be on lab rats

  • aisha almeida says:

    Hello my name is aisha. I am 14 years old . Im turning 15 in august. I can sing,act and dance(jazz,lyrical,contemporary,….). I participated in the voice kids germany and dsds kids. I speak english fluidly. I could even speak english before german. I have long brown-black hair. My skim colour is brown like shay mitschell(actress) . Im 1,65cm tall and i weigh 60kg. I would totally apreciate it if i get any requests.
    Thanks you

  • Mason Bernhardt says:

    My name is Mason Bernhardt and I am 10 years old. I have fun playing with and acting out voices for my actions figures. I like to do cart-wheels and I am very flexible. I also like to sing songs from many animated Disney movies. I like to act out different scenes from movies that I enjoy. I like watching people act out for characters sometimes. I like to play pokemon and minecraft. I also enjoy reading books about mythology and fiction books. I think that I would be a great candidate because some people say that I’m a dramatic actor and have adorable looks. thanks for taking time to read this!!

  • I think i would be qualified for this because i am a good singer, i do many different voices for animations, i can dance, i can play the drums, and most of all i can act i hope you guys could get my application and im realy hoping so anyway thank you for reading this and hopefully ill be a star thank you.

  • Sweety says:

    Hey there. I am Swayam, 16 years old. I have been wanting to be an actress aince young. I have done manh roles in school programs and all. I can sing and dance. I don’t know if it is true but people call me the white princess of our school.
    Please contact me.

  • Madison says:

    I would love to be a part of something like this. I do not give out personal information because this could be a scam but email me more info if you could. All I will tell you on here is that I am 13.

  • Tekeira Thompson says:

    hear me out i love to sing and dance i have a great spirit of intelligence and would love for you to get to know who i am and my talent is to sing and dance im thirteen my family says that I’m an great singer but i really want to see your opinion and if your interested please call or email to get in touch with me

    thank you and have a blessed day

  • Alex says:

    I’m one of those people who watch your shows and I think….. Awesome!!!!!!! I know everybody says that they want to be chosen, but there’s lots that sign up and few that are chosen. I think that should be me. (the chosen few) If you pick me, (not begging or saying that you will) I’m a guy that practices. I’ll work hard and you won’t regret choosing me. I would appreciate it with all my heart, I just want to be famous. Thank you for making the wonderful shows you make. Even if you don’t pick me, I wish your shows to be great.

  • Diamond Johnson says:

    I love watching disney channel and disney xd. The reason why I should be pick is that. I like to act and I like to sing and dance. I wish that one day in my life I could be a some body and not just a no body. Iwant to show people that I have what it takes to be a singer, actor,or dancer. Thank you and I hope you pick me

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