Disney Channel and Disney XD are Casting for Kids 10-18



Disney Channel and Disney XD representatives are looking for young girls and boys for upcoming original movies and series.The casting directors are not specifically looking to fill any particular role, they are there to meet with potential talent to possibly be cast in a project in the future, as a guest star or maybe in something they are working on for 2015. They are looking for kids and teens who can act, sing or dance but are really interested in kids that can do all three.

Disney Channel auditions are going on constantly, many in areas that you might not think of. Since Disney does so many animated productions, they have a great need, of course, for voice-over talent. Disney Channel auditions people of all ages and is in constant need of new talent. They have many hours of television broadcasting to fill, and they must stay on the cutting edge. Auditioning for Disney Channel productions is a good strategy if you are just starting in the biz, even a very small part could open a lot of doors for the beginning actor. They may be doing a feature with talking kitchen appliances next – who knows? considering what we’ve seen in animation in recent years.

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  • I have a 9 yr old who can sing, dance and act! She is interested in auditioning for Disney
    and Disney XD as well as any other shows needing kids….

    • toni says:

      keep your faith always and keep on trying your gonna get told no more than yes

    • Jack Gaglio says:

      Hey. I’m jack and I’m 13 how exactly do I audition for a show?

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  • Isha Denton says:

    Hi! I’m 15 from Dallas,Tx & was wondering how do i audition for Disney channel??

  • ashiana mclamb says:

    i cn sing and act i to have fun and i am hard working and i know when to be serious i really hope you considerme as a opiton

  • Mats Mudrow says:

    Hi I can sing, I’ve never really acted before so yeah… anyways If you could just send it back that would be very helpful so thank you. Also thanks for reading this.

  • alyssa haraschak says:

    i am 13, i can act and would really enjoy acting for disney. please contact me with details

  • Rory Capel says:

    Hi I’m 16 was wondering how I can audition for Disney XD?

  • My name is Lucy
    i am 15
    and i can act, sing, and dance
    and i will love to appear in Disney Channel

    • Tucker Benson says:

      I’m Tucker. I’m 14 and. I’ve been known for my singing and acting. I’ve watched Disney since I was a baby and still love all the shows. Please contact me as I would love to be a part of the Disney Family

  • sophie says:

    heey:) i’m sophie i’m 12 years old and i can sing, act & dance. I also have expirience i’ve been going to music school (Conservatory of Music) for 2 months and transferred to another school for 6 months, i have also been taking piano lessons since i was 7 yrs old for 6 years. I have also had lead rolls in school plays 3 years in a row.Three of the plays i had done were “The Wizards Of Oz”, “Beauty and the Beast”& “The sound of music” i have also won 1st place at an all girls summercamp competition. I’ve also been taking dance lessons including hip-hop & ballet for 2 months. I’m a girl full of energy and i’ve been practising for years and would like a chance to be on Disney i hope you choose me i’d be extremley happy :)
    thx- luv sophie<3

  • Trinity D. says:

    Hi, Im Trinity! and i can rap and dance Im 13 yrs. old and i just love to show my talent! I dont really have any acting experience…. But i did audition for ths play at the childrens theater…but i didnt make. But i did rap at the minesota state fair ameatur talent competion! I just look at all these amazing disney actors..for example…shake it up!…..ant farm…..etc…. then i say wowwwww that could be me one day! I jus really hope you guys pick me! Im talented,energic,and very put going! I jus want it to be my turn to shine! this could be a very wonderful exparience! I just really would love to be apart of disney!!!! I write my own music!!!! The kind of dance i do is hip hop and i love it! i jus love my talents and i want the world to see it!!! it would mean alot to me!!! so i just really hope you guys wouldthink about it and pick me! It would be one of the best days of my life:) yours truly-Trinity D:)

  • Lily Probert says:

    Hi im Lily and I am 13 years old. I have studied ballet my whole life and love to act! I have starred in the Nutcracker ballet as the lead role “Clara.” Everybody tells me I am a natural born star! It would be my dream to have a role on Disney channel or Disney channel XD. Please contact me with more details/information and how I can audition!
    Thank you

  • Alice Smith says:

    My name is Alice Smith, and i am 17 years old. I have dark brown hair and eyes, and stand at 5’1″. I am of mixed ethnicity: West European and Southeast Asian. I have been interested in Acting for a very, very long time – But due to family and financial concerns, have been unable to pursue anything until now. I am a trained singer, am used to performing in front of others, and am very quick learner. I have minimal dancing and acting skills, but learn quickly, and will absolutely try my best and give nothing less than everything i’ve got! I get along very well with others and I would be absolutely honored to be given a chance on Disney XD.
    Thank you,
    Alice S.

    (My email is reaperlollipop000@gmail.com
    my phone number is 785-218-2307.
    Thank you.)

  • Christian says:

    Hey my name is Christian im 11 years old and t been my dream to be on disney since I first saw disney. Im a great actor people bully me but and say you are hopless you will never be on disney and people also told me im a nerd that made me sad but didnt effect my dream to be on disney.Thanks for you time for reading this I have great and funny ideas for the show and hope you like my dream. Thank you.


  • Lakeetha Stanton says:

    Hi,my name is Lakeetha and I have always wanted to be an actress,singer,and a dancer ever since I was 3 years old.I have always looked up to this dream for 11 years because I am now 14.I just wish I can be on disney channel because,not for the fame,I want to be heard.I want to show my talent to the world and what they think of me.I just wish this can be.Well if any of you have any suggestions or if any of you have auditions for me to be on disney channel please email me at kaykaykeekee@gmail.com. Thank you,I really appreciate you whoever is reading this.

  • jania says:

    Hi my name is, Jania i’m 14 very talneted in my perspective, i act all the time i am very used to it, and i dance, and i’m a fast learn i catch on to things very fast , i sing but im not all that good at it though. I would love for you to pick me because my family is reall y worried about my sister and her singing. I want to show them i can make it to with acting

    • Judah Fabre says:

      Hi I’m Judah I’m 15 and I can sing rap and I have a very animated personality (in the good way) please contact me at judahfabre@gmail.com I would love to act or sing or do anything you guys have for me to do…. I will clean the bathrooms and sweep the floor stage after productions have to just please contact me a my email. I need this. If I have to walk from Denham Springs Louisiana ( whaere i live) to Orlando or Califonina I will. Just someone please contact me.
      Thank you…
      Judah Fabre’

  • faith says:

    hi my name is faith i am 11 and i would really like to be famous i love to sing,dance,and of course act i have been in dance,singing classes,gymnastics, and i have been in a bunch of church and school plays i have been the lead in most of them so i have a little bit of experiance please let be be on a show i am really outgoing and just please let me no

  • Kaytlen says:

    I can sing and act! I am 9 years going to be ten next month and I have been in a coupe of plays having pretty good parts. I’m just saying I love to act I could work with anything you throw at me. And I am a brunette about 4 foot 9 really hope you pick me:) @kbishop5656@gmail.com

  • Kaytlen says:

    Hello! I am Kaytlen going to be 10 next month! I love to act,sing and dance! I love acting the most because I have been in a couple of plays. Well I just wish I could be in the Disney channel cast because im really not popular at my school, I just want to be heard! It would make my life time goal to be in Disney channel. My state is New Mexico, Hobbs and my email and phone just in case kbishop5656@gmail.com 575-602-5032

  • Isobel Marshall says:

    hi my name is Isobel i am 15 years old i can act. i have blue eyes and light brown hair. i love to act though i havent had much experience. i am hard working, love sport and i have a bubbly personality.

  • Kimberly says:

    hi im kimberly. I’m 15 years old and I’m about 5’5″. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I love to dance, sing, and act and I would love the opportunity to do it for a living.

  • Leila says:

    I’m 10 years old turning 11 in February. I have had experience in acting, singing, and dancing. I sang and acted in plays I do in city of Sacramento, California, United States. If you pick I will not let you let you down. Time is money, I have heard that saying many times in my life and I will not waste your time.
    I am DETERMINE to get my dream as an actress one day. Even if it’s a small part i’m glad to have it.

    Thank you for your time and I wish you luck on your choice.

  • eve says:

    hi there my name is eve, i just turned twelve i am very adventurous and ever since i was a child i have always wanted to be like my mother a person who shines on the stage even if i don’t get picked in a movie or as an extra it is always fun to be part of something.

  • Mohammad says:

    Hi am 11 and I can act and sing. I sing ok but I act well.I’ve part of a few plays and most of my friends say I should be in a movie or show and even if I don’t get to be a star I still am part of something.I hope someone replays.

  • Mohammad says:

    Hello if anyone picks me I won’t let them down.

  • Mohammad says:

    I live Bronx,New York in America

  • Ariana says:

    Hei iam Ariana iam 11 and i can act,sing,dance,and dance i iam 5’00ft tall and my eyes turn colors and my hair is light light brown

  • Stephen says:

    Hello! I and 12 soon to be 13in December I can act I can’t sing, but I can play the violin, dancing I need to be tought. but I’m a fast learner. I am very tall about 5″9-5″10 very tall I have brown eyes and black hair with a million dollar smile I always get complemented. Also live 2 hours away New York

  • Stephen says:

    Hello! I and 12 soon to be 13 in December I can act I can’t sing, but I can play the violin, dancing I need to be tought. but I’m a fast learner. I am very tall about 5″9-5″10 very tall I have brown eyes and black hair with a million dollar smile I always get complemented. Also live 2 hours away from New York.

  • faith says:

    hi my name is faith and it has always been my dream to be an actor!i have sang before and have been in a few plays, i dont really know how to dance but my acting is great!

  • Hadley Sharp says:

    I am 15 and I go to a small high school in Michigan and I have thought of a career in acting. I would love to work for Disney.

  • Ellen says:

    Hey! Im Ellen. I can sing and act! I think i can dance pretty well because I’ve been learning since i was 4 till now. Im 11 and LOVE WATCHING DISNEY CHANNEL! It would be a great honor to be on disney channel i live in California. Not in LA or hollywood though. I live in Garden Grove actually! :) SO PLEASE PICK ME! XD

  • Maggie Tegey says:

    hello im maggie. i live in the uk and would lov to becoe an actress on disney channel. maybe will might want somebody with a real english accent, my little sister who ha recently turned 5 is also interested in acting on disney channel. she is always talking with Zuri on Jessie when we are watching and most times gets the right lines. if there are any auditions for either my age (13+) i would love to fill in for it and if any for my sistrs age then that will be alright as well. if a phone audition is needed we wouldnt mind either. thank you!

  • i am 13 im just starting off i can sing really good and im taking singing lessons so it helps me even more i just want you to take a chance on me and see me for how good i am. Please contact me by my email or my number (210) 860-3606

  • Shakira abrams says:

    I am interested in this could you please send me more information

  • luba says:

    I will love to be on disney shows because i will love to show my talent to the world so please consider me

  • AveryCooper says:

    Hello! I am 13 years old and 4’11. I have been acting for 4 years, have been dancing all styles for almost 12 years, and have been singing for school theatre productions for 3 years. I am from Texas. I am interested in any auditions and would love to audition! I love you act! I can also sing and dance! Thank you!

  • toni jones says:

    hi i’m toni im 14 years old,i have a love for acting singing. i have been in 2 big musicals hero the rock oprea /godspell,the remake as long as i have a teacher i can dance what you though at me [I LOVE PREFORMING!]

  • Bronte Bourke says:

    Hi I love Disney movies and shows! I have always wanted to participate in one and think this is a perfect opportunity. I am Australian , can sing, could act if I am not asked to be a voice over in a Disney cartoon and I am very positive and work well with others. I like making new friends and take my work seriously and passionately. I am 13yrs old and have just started off seriously with my talent, I have also been taking singing lessons for ages now and perform all the time (at school, bowling clubs, assembly’s, presentation nights, ect) I would very much appreciate it if you consider me as an option, you never know maybe I’m exactly what your looking for. Please contact me through email.

  • Stacy says:

    Hi my name is Stacy and I am 10 years old and ever since I was 4 years old I wanted to be an actor I have done Choir since I was 7 years old and I did Acting class for 5 years and Dance lessons for 3 years and I Did Drama classes for 2 years and all of that hard work was so I could Become a talented actor. I Love watching Disney channel!!!!!!!!!!
    I have had some stage performance for 6 years.I have Brown hair and this pic is from last month—–>
    And my favorite color is Purple and I live in Australia.
    So please pick me!!!!!!!!

  • Georgia says:

    Hi I’m georgia I’ve just turned 12 on December 9 I have always been intrested in acting all my life . I have been in a proudouction for kids called glee .
    I have been a group called sly dance its were we do lots of diffrent kind of dances such as African dancing ,ballet and street dance ! I have a lot of excpirance because my dad went to an acting school called barbra speaks ! He perfomed Oliver twist and jack the ripper also he was in the bill 8 times he peformed with michal Kane and Jeremy beedal ! Both of my parents was a modle! I would love to follow there succses ! I hope I get picked I would love to peform .

  • Hailey says:

    Hi, my name is Hailey and I would like to try out in a Disney Channel show called Jessie. I am nine years old and in the show I have an idea for me. I was thinking that I could be the new girl at the school on Jessie and be Creepy Connie’s younger sister. Luke could possibley be my first friend or Emma could be. I hope You reply to my comment. By the way my t.v. name will be Haileymay. I hope you let me on Disney Channel. My email is harpekids@gmail.com. Thank you alot for reading. Bye!!!! :) :) :) :)

  • Hailey says:

    I am going to turn 10 on the 27 of December

  • Grace and Regan says:

    we both 11 and could play twins. we have been in lots of plays, but never a movie of show. we are very creative. we make lots of videos (1randomshow1). Grace has 9 cats, 1 goat, 1 horses, 1 dog and 1 bunny.
    we could easily play funny people. we are fine with any role. Grace can dance really good and Regan is a great singer. how do we try out?

  • Natalia Gron says:

    hello , my name is natalia, i have turned 14 this november:) im in england in burton, i can act really well with confidence. mum told me i should audition and try out disney channel and disney xd because i have a pretty face, i can play any role. i know two languages polish and english with fluency. i am polish. i dance outside school. in school i do performing arts gcse, i also do school musicals. i like singing but it’s not my strong side, my strong side is acting , i act with confidence, i can dance but with a choreographer. i can play any role i get asked for. i’m a type of person with lots of energy i can never get tired, i never complain. i am looking towards to be an actress in future and be someone big, i want to start off with disney and finish off with an amazing carrier.

  • Sean Collins Jr says:

    Hi, my name is sean.I would like to be on Disney Channel because it would be the greatest thing to do.I have done acting for four years now.I live in Suisun,CA.I am 13 in 7th grade.I sing and I do color guad as one of my hobbies.I like acting because you can express yourself and play anybody that you want to.I sing because i get to tell people how i feel.Also i hope u chosse me because i will be able to see myself on tv.

  • maribel segura says:

    i love disney channel i’m 12 year old and i be to be famous i love acting so much
    please pick me !

  • juliana says:

    i really wont to audition i could sing act dance

  • izzy says:

    hi my name is izzy i am a real good acter and im really funny.I am 10 years old and in 5th grade

  • tiana says:

    hello my name is tiana and i will love to be on disney.i am 10 years old going to dance /performing art.I just want to live out my dream as a actress and dancer so just give me a chance.



  • Je'kiya says:

    I can sing.theres nothing i would want more .I love Disney Channel.Please pick me.All i need is supporting parents by my side.

  • Melissa Freeman says:

    My name is Melissa Leann Freeman, and I think I am exactly what you are looking for. I can Act, Sing, and Dance. I am very easy to work with, get along with, I am very outgoing, and I will do just about anything you would ask me to do. I am 13 years old. I am 5.2 feet tall. I have medium brown hair, and hazel eyes. I am very enterested in acting skills and I hope you would consider me being a part of Disney or Disney XD. Thank You.

  • kisha says:

    hello my name is kisha…im 13 this 2013…..still 12 right now….born in february 16 2000…..i have experience in acting

  • Samantha and destiny nava says:

    My name is Samantha nava 12 years old witha younger sister who is 10 we both luv to act pretty good at singing and are alright at dancing but we live in el paso tx small town but big dreams and we would love to be on Disney xd especially the show kickin it we even had a way to announce our arrival but won’t share untill we are signed and have met the cast we work together or alone you get us you won’t regret it

  • Alex says:

    hi im alex i am 13 years old and i was wondering..how can i audition for kickin`it that is my favorite show and i can act,dance,rap,and i know a little something about karate!

  • Khadijah says:

    hi my name is khadijah and i am in the 8th grade i have been acting since the fourth grade in many plays i have been dancing since preschool ballet, african dance, hip hop, and jazz. I also i have been singing since the fourth grade when i was in a musical then was advised to join the choir. I am still really good in these fields (not trying to be cocky) but to be honest my dancing could use a little refresher. I have been looking for my big break and would be really great full for a role no matter how big or small. Thanks for reading this!

  • Gracie B says:

    Hey im Gracie im 12
    And i Guess im a Great Actor(: Well not guess I Am Duhh :p
    Anyway i sing i guess im a good singer i dont kno ive never sange In front of peoplle sooo :)
    And i dont think i can really dace kinda ehh idont know :P
    I ve been in a couple of plays n when i was little won a dancing contest that is totally a blur to me

  • Maggie says:

    hi im maggie im in 6th grade and i sing and act. I have a experience in acting. I think it would be really fun, i want acting and singing to be my carrer in the future. I love disney channel so i think it would be really fun!

    thank you for reading

  • Jessica L. says:

    Hey there! I am sure you can read my name but for interest I will reiterate, My name is Jessica L. I am 17 years of age, I stand at about 5’2, I have almost shoulder length black/ dark brown hair (not for very long I hope), with roundish almond shaped eyes that are a very dark brown. I have been singing since I was knee high to a grasshopper I enjoy it very much, I have been a street, Hip-Hop and Jazz dancer; I am mostly self taught, I also belly dance. (again self taught) I have always been an actress just in my personality as a person but did not get into the art until high school but I have been in many productions since that time. If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to contact me! I want to thank you for taking time to read this! (oh and think of how many successful Jessica’s are in the industry) Just food for thought ;) Have a wonderful day :)

    yours truly
    Jessica L.

  • Mia Crawford says:

    Hi my names Mia, I am 11 years old, and I can act and sing. I would be very interested in doing any role in Disney XD or Disney. I have always loved more especially Disney Channel, but Disney XD to. I have been singing since I was 2 or 3, and as I got older I loved it even more. I LOOOOVE acting because I have always loved doing accents (preferably British or southern), and I also love it because I can talk/call someone and keep a straight face and the accent for as long a pretty long time. Facts about me: light brown hair, brown eyes, 11 years young, 6th grade, height 5’1, live in North Carolina, and like I said before I love to act and sing, and would be VERY honored to be casted a role in a show/movie in Disney or Disney XD.

  • America says:

    Hi I’m America and I’m 13 years old nd abt 5’1. I’m new at dis fantastic world of acting so I have no reference but I’m a fantastic actress and I can sing plus I write some of my songs myself. Well I took Hawaiian dancing classes, i was a ballerina, and a belly dancer when I was 1-4 of age so I don’t remember much but I have an enthusiastic mind to learn so I would catch up fast to the roles. I have gotten into a school play but I had to get out for a family issue but I am very talented so I would be perfect for some roles. Well it would be my pleasure to become an actress. I live in Sacramento ,CA so wats better then to have an audition in a Capitol manny talented people including me would be gratefully for having an audition here in Sacramento.

  • Kristina Oksyuz says:

    my name is Kristina I’m 14 years old and I’m a tall girl. Me and My family are live in Germany.It’s my biggest dream to be a Disney star. PLEAS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarai Stewart says:

    hello! my name is sarai but call me Sarah, I´m 13 years. I´m singing and composing songs since he was 5, I love music, I’m very good, I was in drama class four years. I dance very well my school did as competitions and my team always won :) I would be in DISNEY XD. or DISNEY CHANNEL. About me: Age: 13 – Height: 5’6 “- Hair color: Dark Brown-Eye Color: Brown a little clear-Skin color: moraine

  • krysta says:

    hi, im krysta, im 13, and im from california. i would love to be on disney channel or disney xd. i can sing, dance, and act. i love to dance, even when theres no song on, i just use my mind to put on a song and sing while i dance.

  • Chloe Devault says:

    Hi, My name is Chloe Devault. I can act, sing ,and dance. I have a very bubbly personallity. I am 12 years old. I remember watching Hannah Montana at 4 hopeing and dreaming I could be on a show on Disney Channel. Since then I have never given up the dream and I never will. I have sang my whole life. At 2 years I could already talk, and even though I could talk I never did, singing was my was of communication. Now, i sing everyday whether it is just for practice or for fun, I love it! I started to dance at 6. My dad an I would make choreograph routines all the time! I still dance to songs from my favorite singers and some of mine aswell. Yes, in case your wondering I do write. I write a mix of Pop and Country. I live in Villa Rica, Georgia. It is a small town about 20 min. away from Atlanta, Ga. Please contact my email or reply to this comment if you have any auditions you think I could be fit for. Thank You!!

  • ivy stevens says:

    i have wanted to be on tv ever since i was a kid. i am only 11. but i have been a jr forcaster befor. i can play the violin. i can act and i have taken dace class befor. so please. please put me on any show. you would be making me the happest person on earth. i am girl. i am tall for my age. and i will answer any thang you need to know. so please do this. i will do all most any thing. please. :)

  • ivy stevens says:

    hi. i am ivy. i am 11. i can act. i can sing. and i can dance. and i can play the violin. and i can play the guitar sorta. i can take lesons. and i know how to read some music. i have been playing the violin for about 6 months. and i tooks dance for 2 and half months. it has all ways been my dream to be on tv. i would and will do all most any thing. my family is full suport. so please. you would make my dream i have had for about 4 years finally come true. thank you.

  • ivy stevens says:

    and please let me know how to enter. thanks.

  • Hello!My name is Sarah.I can act, sing and I have been dancing since I was three but I stopped this year. It is one of BIGGEST dreams to be on disney channel. I’m ten years old, my hair color is brown, I have medium tan-ish skin, and my eyes are the same color as my hair. I am REALLY good at doing impressions and accents for example (british, new york, country, exc.) I would love to show off my singing and dancing skills too. I live in NC and I would absolutly LOVE to come and be on disney channel. Thanks!

    • Bradlybartels says:

      He is a grat actor he love to sing and dance he can remember ever
      Thing and he can talk German som time and
      He Sing and help uou

  • Ritika Shrotri says:

    Hi! I’m Ritika from India. I’ve acted in serials & films & dramas. I also love to dance. I am learning classical ‘Bharatnatyam’ dance from 5 yrs. I also know latin american dance like cha cha,salsa etc. I wanted to act in Disney pictures. Is there a suitable role for me? plz let me know I would like to give audition for the same thanks

  • Noor ghanem says:

    I am 12 and i can sing and act and a little dance and it is my dream to act whenever im acting i feel like i can get away from the world we live in

  • caden says:

    hey my name is Caden and i am 11 years old. I would love to be on disney channel it’s my biggest dream ever. i have always wanted to be on disney channel since i was little. p.s please tell me the date time and place.

  • Shaelee MacLeod says:

    My name is Shaelee. I am 12 years old and id love to become an actress. Ive been practicing since i was four for singing, six years old for acting, and 7 for dancing. I will not lie, i am not good at acsents. I am more of a hip hop dancer, and i can sing almost every song you throw my way. I always have dreamt of becoming an actress on disney channel. I am willing to put in all the hard work and effort that will be needed. I know that acting is not a piece of cake and i am up for the challenge. You only live once and i want to spend my life acting. The only problem is i live in a small town. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and white tanish skin. Please give me a chance. I promise i won’t dissapoint you. I live in MI.

    Love, Shaelee.

    • Gina king says:

      Hi, my is gina and i was looking at all of people who have written on this site asking for an audition and i was just wondering… have you gotten one? Im not even sure if that i did so happen to get an audition if it would be for reall and not just be another scam. Please write back I would love to hear from you.

  • Makenna says:

    Hi I’m 13 ging to be 14 in a few months and I woulned like to be on Disney channel. It has been a dream of mine for a while and I would die to get and audition with Disney. I hope I am picked and good luck to everyone else!

  • Gina king says:

    Hi, my name is Gina and im 13 years old and i live in Oregon. Ever since I was little Iv’e always wanted the spotlight, having anyone in my family that would take pictures of me or film the little plays I would put on. Iv’e always seen disney channel and think, why can’t that be me? As for experience, I am currently taking classes at Portland Barbizon for acting and modeling, Im taking dance classes at the reccenter and I am going to look in to a dance studio soon. Im taking hip-hop and ballet. I took a couple days of ballet in my earlier years but I decided i did’nt want to dance. Unlike now. I took to years of hip-hop after school tuaght by a P.E teacher and loved it thats how i got in to dance (very soon later getting in to ballet). As for my singing… Im not really sure people have told me that I can sing and that Im good but I’ve never conciderd it as a profesion. I think that I would be great for disney channel becuase my enigetic and outgoing personality could bring something special, new, and, fun in to whatever project im doing. Please consider taking your time to interview me it would mean so much. Thank you for reading. =) <3

  • Armani holmes says:

    Hello I’m Armani I am 15 years young and love to act and dance . My dream is to become an actress but I’ve always wanted to be a Disney channel actor . Dance is what I can express my self in . I’m currently in the 10th grade but in 6th grade I was in theater it was really fun . I am a very goofy and silly person (: thanks and I hope I can fill this position have a blessed day

  • caitlain steele says:

    hi i love dogs and would love to appear in this film or on disney channel. Im 10 years old and would love to get an audition for disney channel.i can sing dance and act. Ive been acting singing and dancing for years now. It would be my dream if u picked me Thank you.

  • Brooke Steele says:

    Hi im a girl who loves to sing,dance and act. I would love to appear on this tv show on disney. I am 10 years old and going to be 11 in a few months and i have been dancing since i was 4. It would be my dream to come on this tv show thank you.x

  • inaya says:

    hi i am eleven and i can sing and act . i love Disney Channel and would love to work for it

  • Nikita dass says:

    hello , my name is Nikita Dass ..
    Im 18 and an indian and a good singer ..
    Would love to be a part of disney or any hollywood show or movies.
    I can act very well.. Please considerate me for any role..
    Looking forward for a reply

  • Nikita dass says:

    hello , my name is Nikita Dass ..
    Im 18 and an indian and a good singer ..
    Would love to be a part of disney or any hollywood show or movies.
    I can act very well.. Please considerate me for any role..
    Looking forward for a reply
    If i do.. Please email me at cutenikkie.01@gmail.com, pals.94@hotmail.com

  • Kayle says:

    I would love to try out for Disney auditions its just that i live in Indianapolis IN and i never hear any casting roles around here but i would love to try out for Disney auditions soo please pick me its my biggest dream ever pleasseee and thank you!!!!:) ;(

  • jana says:

    I’m 13 and i can dance, sing and act! i’m from germany but i want to be an actor

  • jade says:

    i would like to try out for Disney channel im 10 and im about to become 11 on the 18th of january i can sing i can act and i live in canyon lake TX. i think it would be amazing to be on Disney channel. I’ve dreamed of it ever sence i was 4. Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  • Ruth Seretse says:

    My name is Ruth Seretse I’m 14 years old and im turning 15 on the 21 May 2013. I was born in South Africa i lived there for 12 years now i live in Tunisia. I am a singer, dancer, i can act and model, I would love to audition for any disney movie or series especially Kickin’ it for season 3. Im always prepared and on time if you ask me to come i would come straight away and be there just for the auditions. I’ve always dreamed about being an actress and singer in Disney I would like you to make my dreams come true like the princess movies!!! Love you Disney Channel. Thank you for your time in reading this and Hope you let me audition!

  • maribel says:

    hi I’m maribel I’m 12 year old and I love act much I wach Disney channel lot and i’m a mexican so please Emil me thinks

  • Gabriela says:

    Hi, I’m Gabriela, but everybody call’s me Gabbie, I’m really interested to audition for Disney & Disney XD, I can sing & I can do a little bit of acting, I have an open mind & a great imagination, please contact me :) Singing and acting are my life, & I’ll like people to see all my effort thank you!

  • Gabriela says:

    PD: I’m 15 years old

  • Antonia says:

    Well im 14yrs old live in Chicago IL, I cant do all 3 but i did take some dance lessons, i cant sing. But I am shy but when i get into character it’s like i was never shy.

  • Dylan Herndon says:

    I am turning 12 years old this month. I can sing but I don’t have a lot of acting experience. I can dance either. I love to show my talent. I do a lot of karaoke.

  • Ammy says:

    Is a girl ok

  • lola says:

    hey , I have a dream and im hoping you can make it come true I want to be a part of something big and this can help. I can sing and act.im interested in auditioning for Disney channel . please contact me.

  • Makira Manns says:

    I’m sixteen years old, and I live in Houston,TX. I love singing, it’s my passion and my life. I love dancing, but only off of choreography. I can act too, though I’ve never had any professional experiences or jobs in any of these things, I know I can do them. I used to be in dance groups, and in cheer-leading. I’m not very flexible though! I’ve always wanted to be a child star, but dreams aren’t easy to make come true if you don’t have it financially. Call me-832-888-2478 or 832-880-1267

  • Joan says:

    Hi i have a 9 year. Old boy and a 13 year. Old girl. I been. Going here and there for looking. For my kids auditions. For my kids i do have 3 kids. The older is 19. / it be there fist. Time how can. I going by doing it?

  • Adjani Castillo says:

    Hi there! Im Adjani. Im 13 years of age and is really looking forward to auditions for anything related disney. I simpily want to put myself out there. I can sing, dance hip-hop, cheer and act. Acting is one of my favorites. Disney has always been my dream. And i have always thought of being something disney related. I hope to hear from you. Lots and lots of love <3 thanks you (:

  • georgia harris says:

    i can sing dance act and more, i would love to apply and have been looking for ever!!! i am 12 years old x

  • angel says:

    hello my name is angel i am 5 feet, 11 years old, experianced, black hair, brown eyes, and i have my own website. i am a model, actress, and a dancer. i can also do voice-over
    thank you,

  • Stephanie says:

    I would love to be apart of the Disney XD cast

  • Natalie Renee Kasper says:

    I am 10 but look 12. I have no experience exept for church and school. Even though I have no exeperience, I think I can do wonders at acting. Maybe not dancing, but acting. I love your show Kickin it mostly because I am the tiniest bit a tomboy. Sometimes life is not fair but just in case here are some things:
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: dirty blond
    Eye color: blue-green
    Location: Bloomington IL in White Eagle in Brownstone court
    Height: 4ft 11in
    Grade: 4th should be in 5th held back in pre because of age
    Hobbies: school and sports
    I watched the whole Kickin it series in 3 days straight. I love it as much as loved Harry Potter, which is A LOT! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • juliane solling madsen says:

    hey my name is juliane i am 11 years old i am from denmark i can sing and act i dont dance but it is easy to learn me a lots and i playing acoustic guitar i have been singing in a choir for almost 4 years and i made singing practice everyday. i have playing big rolls in school theaters i am a girl with humor and energi and my english i very good i hope you consider me :)

  • juliane solling madsen says:

    hey my name is juliane i come from denmark.i can sing and act i dont dance but i playing a littel bit acoustic guitar .i have playing big rolls in school theatres and i have also singing in a choir for almost 4 years. maybe i live in denmark but my english is very good. i hope you consider about me :)

  • Kayla Dalhouse says:

    I’m 11 but 5’2. I can sing Act and I can learn dances fast. I fool my friends all the time with my acting. I live in California and wanted to be a Singer/Actress for as long as I can remember! I have Dark Brown Hair and Brown Eyes I’m have Light Brown skin. I can’t play any instruments but I want to learn how to play some.

  • hi my name is Megan I’m from Las Vegas Nevada 12 years old. I have black hair brown eyes and great personality. I’m very athletic I have to sports as light and its amazing and I’m full of energy like anyone else is. as you can see I want to be an actress and I’m all because if I’m attracted to work with and I can read stuff and learn stuff at. the modeling I want to do because I’m pretty and I 4’9 hope you take me to come bye.

  • nat says:

    hi.i love Kick it and i do Martial Arts and i love to dance and act (i can even act as a boy )

  • Hello, my name is Myles Graves I have been acting for four years now, this included singing and dancing. I have been in “Seussical, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” For my role as “Grandpa Joe” I won Best Actor. I have also been involved in many other shows. Please feel free to email me. I look forward to hearing form you and working with you.

  • Rasheed Bonds says:

    My name is Rasheed Bonds, I am 18 year young until July 14, 2013… Then I will turn 19. I would love an opportunity like this. The problem if there is one, is that I live in Philadelphia. I can dance, i have completed one course, so far, in acting at Community College of Philadelphia. This is my chance to show my talent. Please contact me, I can do this.

  • Monica Mora says:

    Hi my name is Monica Mora, A’s and B’s but mostly A’s student. I am only 11 years old and I live in Sacramento, CA. I am very wild, crazy , funny, and outgoing. Everyone in the 5th grade thinks I have a great personality and that I always make my friends laugh even if I am very blue and crushed. I know how to sing and act. I am not afraid to do any acting role. I really want to be on TV to show everyone that I am not afraid to be who I am. I have done trailers and movies on my iPod with iMovie and there I practice acting. I sing all day. When I am happy I go in the front yard and sing out loud. I make songs and record them on my iPod. My family members tell me I am a really great actor but they think I am a better singer than I am of an actor. I really want to have this chance because I have once auditioned with my cousin to have a chance to be on TV but my cousin forgot to tell me I had to go to a meeting to talk to my parents about it. I was devastated about that. So I hope this would be my chance to be on TV. I REALLY WANT THIS!! I hope you choose me because when I have to do a job, I finish it no matter what. PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE. I WANT MY DREAM TO HAPPEN. I WANT TO PROVE TO MY FAMILY THAT I CAN BECOME FAMOUS. I WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL I AM ON TV. PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE!!!! Thanks for reading!!!

  • Holly Maroy says:

    I can act and sing and model and I look a lot like Zuri from Jessie and I’ve been singing since I was 5 and I’m ten now and I’ve been modelling since I was 6 and most importantly I’ve been acting since I was 2. So thx yeah bye

  • Terrell chambers says:

    I think i should be considered for this show because like alot of these people acting is my dream but to me it’s my destiny to actIm 13 years oldAfrican AmericanTerrellI will work hard for this destiny to be trueI want to inspire children to do what ever you believe you can doPlease contact me back if you would like to see me audition@Terrellchambers28@gmail.com or @ Terrellchambers@yahoo.comThank you so much for your time

  • rania says:

    hi my name is rania .i’m from tunisia i really wanna be an actrss i’ve been waiting for that long time ago i’m acting so well .i’ve been acting in all my school player i’m a singer too and i wanna be a director when i grow up so help me to turn my dream to a true one i’ll do any think to be an actress and thank you

  • Very element of material. I merely located your site along with accession investment to assert which i acquire really beloved bill your website blogposts. Anyhow We are subscribing in the complement as well as My partner and i good results you can get use of constantly fast.

  • Haylie says:

    I love to sing and I’m great at art I’d love to be on disney channel.I always watch disney and I think all the shows are great and I watch disney XD.I’v gone to one audition but didn’t get it,but I’d love to try again!

  • Ashlynn says:

    Hi, my name is Ashlynn. I know you here many people saying ” this is my dream” or ” I’ve wanted to do this since I was little”. that’s not me. I want to do this because I love it. I want to do this so I can find myself and who I really am. I think this could be a start. If this doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world. There is always more than one chance to do something whether it be in one week or one year I can always make it. :)

  • Rachel Gavilanes says:

    Hi Im Rachel Im 10 years old I been singing and dancing and acting since 7 I play soccer,tennis,and skate [roller , ice, board] I understand Spanish and Im learning Chinese Iv been in plays and several music videos, when ever Im bored I will pick up a book and start acting like 1 of the characters Im happiest when Im on stage, I been preparing for this my whole life thank you Rachel G

  • Jacob Maynard says:

    Hi I am 12 years old I love sports and acting. I play, baseball, basketball, football. I wrestle, and I have played soccer for couple years. I’ve attended John Robert Powers School for acting. I can’t wait to show you what Im made of.
    Thank you Jake M

  • Tshepo Khobo says:

    It has always been a dream of mine 2 become a Disney Channel/Disney XD actor and well I’ve been praying and wishing for this dream of mine 2 come true and hopefully this is my big chance that I’ve been wishing for for so long, I can sing and dance and I’m out-going I’m a dream big kinda guy and I’m funny awesome and a kind person 2 be around I love Disney and Disney XD combined always have from the start and always will till the end plz help me I’m calling out for this dream of mine 2 happen I’ll keep on praying and wishing until finally just finally my dream comes true I’m calling out for a chance help me and I will do my best I can be a good actor , I just need a chance hear me out I Can Do It !!! Hope 2 hear from u soon thank u. Oh and hahahahahahhahahah by the way my name is Tshepo Khobo and I’m from South Africa and I live in Gauteng Pretoria thnx *smile

  • Savannah Kust says:

    I am an 11 year old girl with lots of sass and personality! I have blonde hair and blue eyes I love to have fun and would love more than anything in the whole world to become an actress for Disney/XD. I am very passionate about acting and give 110% when playing a role. You should choose me, not only because I work hard, but I like to have fun. Acting and singing are a huge part of my life and is a dream I have had since I was 6! I believe in following my dreams and would love an opportunity to make my dream come true.

  • cameren tyson says:

    hi i am cameren tyson i can sing dance act and model i well like to tell you about myself i am 13 i have brown hair and i am 4’11 if you would like to get in contact with me call this number 424-702-6439 please call

  • Ntsako cecil nkuna says:

    Hy im 13 years old and All i can say is that i love singing and acting and i would love joining.i dont want fame i just want to be seen that i can do these stuff

  • Keliya says:

    HI my name is Keliya i have been dancind, acting ,singig since I was 8 now i am ten i just want some one to read this so my dreams of becoming a disney actor ,singer can come true now I want to say bye this is DISNEY365 hah hah just playing but bye now love you all!!!!.

  • Adama Ba says:

    Hey my name is Adama Ba I’m 11 years old I live in Cincinnati Ohio and if I get the part you won’t be let down I’m all smiles and work along with other people.

  • chetara brownridge says:

    Hi I’m 15 years old my dream is to be an acter on disney xd I live in michigan my number is 19898024097 I wus doring in new york middletown I wus a twin but my twin died in my mom stumick and my mom olmost died but she didnt I ben wochin this show cold lab rats I have 5 sisters 3 brothers and whin I wus 5 years old I olways wontid to be an acter and I ben practis in my room all the time me and my sisters ben riten scrips and my mom have thes camra and me and my sisters ben pracktis if me or my sisters be cume a acter we have plunty of practis and after diner me and my sisters ben practis wen I wack up I get sume extr size but my 2 sisters move me and my older sister ben pracktsan for becume an acter e and my sisters wus in a school plays all school years and y the the teacher that runs the play sad I got good actin skinls and that me and my sistersshold be in a actier and me and my sister thot it thro and we thank we sold geve it a try so me and my sister is naw 23 years old I wishing this dream will com thro all we nead is prid and wut I lern is to never gev up

  • chetara brownridge says:

    I Hi my name is chetara and I’m 15 years old my dream is to be be come an acter whin iwus 6 years old I wus in a school plays whin I wjs 6 years old and the parshon ho run the school play sad I shold try actin and she sed if she wus a drecter she will put me on ashow with out an odishon but she in new york she pastaway last year I wus upset but my mom sid its her time to go and I still upsit but my mom is rit she wjs a live fit naw to prove it but she’s gon and I wish I wus an acter that well mack har happy be caus I’m foling wut she sid because she told me I all ways have tallint and she’s rit I shold lisin to her be caus she wus mor than a teacher she wus my best frend and I wish she wus a live so I can tell her that

  • Gisselle Vela says:

    Hi, my name is Gisselle and I’m 13 and I know people say “this is my dream” but that’s not me. I want to do this because I love it. I want to do this so I can find myself and who I really am. I love acting and I know it’s me. I always be tricking my parents and my friends and they hate it because they fall for it so I know I’m good. I’m Mexican and i speak it fluently and read and write same with English. I’m very kind and I don’t like seeing people sad so I bring the happiness in people. I’m very weird and random but i also try my very best in things.

  • Colyne Massey says:

    I think that I saw somewhere that Disney needed a 11 or 12 year old boy to play the role of Alexander from Alexander’s terrible horrible no good very bad day, I myself happen to be a 12 year old boy. I am about 5′ 3″ I have red hair and hazel eyes I live in Dacula, GA about 45 minuets to an hour away from Atlanta GA. I don’t know if that information will be of use to you but I hope so. It would mean a lot to me if I could play this role, I have taken a few acting classes and an acting camp, I want this part so badly because, well I like to act, I enjoy it and I want to do something in acting that I can be truly, truly proud about. So please consider this, my cell phone number is 6789396562 thank you.

  • Adama Ba says:

    Hi my name is adama Ba I’m 11 years and live in cincinnati Ohio so if I’m great for the part cool and not I understand thanks see ya.

  • Hello, My name is Jordan Hanna. I am 10 years old and my birthday is september, 4, 2002. I think I would be good for your show because I have great talent skills. My talent skills are stage play, DANCE!!!, and singing. I am currently a student in Chicago, Illinois.

    Hair Color – dark brown
    Eye Color – dark brown
    Weight – 115 lbs
    Height – about 5’4

    I have been reading your comments and I am a great performer/dancer.
    Sincerely, Jordan Hanna.

  • makia rainey says:

    My name is makia I want to be a star because I been singing since 3 when I was 6 me and my cousins formed a group called the gg girlz since 3yrs old I love to sing and know I’m 11 years old and up till I die I still would I also know how to act I started at the age 7

  • Hello, my name is Joneisha. I am very intelligent, passionate, and strong willed. I am well organized, hard working, responsible and dependable, as well as open–minded, very creative, witty, friendly, kind–hearted and always eager to help. In addition, I am trainable and discipline, takes directions well, and works well with others. My GPA is 4.0

    Dance background: Dance Training – 9 years training: acrobatics, ballet, hip–hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, pointe, and tap. I have attended Regional and National Dance Conventions: DMA, NYCDA, Pulse, Jump, NUVO, Co. Dance, Mission Possible, Platinum, and Adrenaline Dance Crew.

    Dance Performances and Achievements – Junior Miss Dance of America 2012, The Pulse 2012–2013 on Tour, Junior Miss DMA Chapter 33 2011, New York City Dance Alliance Junior Outstanding Dancer 2011, Junior Miss Platinum 2011, Platinum Nationals First Place Overall 2010.

    Ballet Company Performances: Nutcracker 2012 – Lead Angel, Little Girl, Snow Waltz, and Russian. Little Mermaid – Seahorse. Cinderella: Pumpkin. The Lion King: Cub. Beauty and the Beast: Pepper. Peter Pan. Aladdin: Jewel. Nutcracker: (2007–2011) Featured as a “Candy Cane, Gingerette, and Soldier”.

    Influences: The accomplishments of Dominique Dawes as a member of the US Olympic Gymnastic Team

    I am currently looking for an opportunity to dance, sing or act that will enable me to showcase my talents.

    For headshot picture along with several others, and two short videos of dance, please visit http://www.exploretalent.com/joneishacarmichael2#dancer.

  • jessica henderson says:

    hey, my name is Jessica Henderson and i’m 12 years old and i would love to appear on this show. i’m African american and i have dark brown hair and eyes, i’m 5’3 and a half and i’m very good at singing and dancing and acting and i love fashion. i just finished my first dance recital and it was awesome.i also play volley ball that’s really fun. i have taking an acting class and i have a had a few auditions but they really just weren’t me but i think this show is.my favorite acting in the world is tom cruise, hes really amazing and i would love to be just like him. so if you like what you hear please contact me and my manger (my mom), thank you

  • Hi I can act for every Disney tv show Disney Channel is awesome and I want to be a part of it. I’m 12 years old and I hope I can be on Disney Channel!!:)

  • cameran says:

    I think my son is good because he can sing act and dance

  • tyjay says:

    hi im tyjay i would be great for acting i have watched disney channel ever since i was little and i watched disney xd ever since it came on i can act very well and im smart im 11 years old 5’3 so i hope u pick me

  • hi im tyjay i would be great for acting i have watched disney channel ever since i was little and i watched disney xd ever since it came on i can act very well and im smart im 11 years old 5’3 so i hope u pick me im very smart

  • Nikita Boopathi says:

    Hi! I’m Nikita and I love acting! I go to Speech and drama classes as well. I can sing too, and I play guitar,
    And If a person teaches me well I can dance too, cause I’ve been praised by my teacher for my speech, dramatic and dancing skills especially, so I would love to act in Disney as well, if u pls give me chances,
    I live in Singapore, but I am an Indian, To um….tell about me, my hobby is writin stories, drawing, playing guitar, writin songs of my own and composing them, as well as tryin to win in contests. I am totally popular at school just because My stories sound too great! I just love writing stories and poems too.
    So between all this, I love to act, so all day I sit and look for acting auditions in the internet. So pleassssssseeeee if u want msomeone to act pls choose me, To tell about how I look, I’m medium brown in coluor and I have big eyes, black eyeballs , and black hair upto my shoulders and i’m not too tall or t short, i’m medium and i’m not too fat or too thin, i look medium in weight and i don’t have to say anymore i guess:D And yes..i’m 12. that’s it thank you, and pls give me a chance and let me know if I really am a lucky girl, g-bye :D

  • Hi! I’m Nikita and I love acting singing and dancing and I go to speech and drama classes as well, I do a lot of singing and dancing and acting as well. So To tell about me i love disney at first and then i play guitar, write, sing and compose songs of my own. So i’m famous at my school for stories poems, acting, speech and dancing skills and i like to do acting and story writing best so lol I love this place, and i would love to act in a channel or disney is great too, then i’m also having dreams of performing a concert, becoming an author and also going to a nice job. So to tell about me and how i look, First i live in singapore and then i’m and indian, and i look kinda medium brwn, medium height, medium weight and i’m 12 and that’s it hope u give me a chance to act, i would just love to! :D ao thanks for reading this and pls give me a chance and lol sorry for making it long, yet have a happy day! :D

  • Sydney says:

    My name is Sydney and I am creative and fun to work with. I have a dream to act. I have sang the national anthem at an a’s game and will again soon. I enjoy singing and acting. I have no experience in acting but I sing and dance in a choir at/during school.

  • Sydney says:

    I wish everyone luck

  • makena eaker says:

    hello my name is makena eaker and I am really dramatic and I really want to be on a show its my dream to be a huge actress I am 12 years old and I can sing, rap, be dramatic, talk like a hillbilly, talk in a English actsent, a really hyper person that talks super fast and I can also act like a nerd

  • anyja hurndon says:

    Hi my name is anyja i live in dallas,tx i would love to be on disney channel because im a very funny person and i would love to show that off

  • Alejandra soto says:

    Hi,my name is Alejandra, I love acting its my dream becoming an actress and make people happy, if I accomplish my dream and win money I will use that money and help people and help my family, I had this dream since I was 10, I live in cicero, Illinois and I live close to chicago, please reply I will like you to see me act, and am very shy too but, when people get to know me I don’t get shy anymore.
    Am 12
    Am a girl
    I have brown eyes
    I have brown hair and highlights
    Am 4″11
    Am a nice person
    I will want to accomplish my dreams

  • amiya says:

    Hi my name is amiya and i was wondering if i was accept will
    you pay for my family to get where ever your at

  • MeQuonna Nefertiti Veal says:

    Iam a 16 year old black african I can sing and dance and i can really act And I wanted to try out for Disney Channel And Disney XD

  • Bellanisa Quijas says:

    Hello! my name is bellanisa and i can sing opera and act! if you can please reply

  • Brooke Wiebe says:

    hi i am brooke i am twelve years old i have wanted to be an actress since i was young but never did.

  • lauren says:

    hi my name is Lauren and I am 10 yrs. old in I live in Houston TX. I can sing,act,and I can dance a little. I always wanted to do my career since I was young and I think that can happened by being on Disney channel can you please write me back

  • Selin Batur says:

    My name is Selin Batur and I am 12 years old. i was born in Istanbul in Turkey but when I was 5 years old i have come to the United States and settled in New Jersey, I am currently living in Ocala.I have many talents but I would like to only stick with one, two of my talents are singing and acting, I can show my face expression very good and with singing I have been picked for the singing group in 2011. I never had danced in front of anyone so I do not know if my dancing is good but I am thinking of taking classes this year. I would love to become an actress one day, I have confidence in myself, so if I do not get picked for this upcoming show I will try again and never loose my hope of trying…..

  • love says:


  • prinzton feltus says:

    I am elven and I can song and dance I live in Las Vegas Nevada

  • Danny favela says:

    Hey i am 15 and i am wondering how can i audition, i know how to beat box act snd sing.

  • Rena says:

    Aloha! My name is Rena! I’m 11 yrs old! I can do all the three: dance, sing and act! I’m the kid you’re looking for! Please reply! :)

  • marisol and stephanie says:

    Marisol and me are shy girls that live in Dallas TX we are both poor and want to be on TV so please come

  • Emily says:

    hi sup>?

  • Jessica says:

    My name is Jessica I am 13 years old . I have always wanted to be on Disney channel hoping to one day inspire people so I can change lives for those who are troubled . I’m not an experienced singer but I do sing a little I don’t even know if I’m good . I’ve been in some plays when I was little and I was in a dancing group when I was little too but I haven’t danced in a long time . Seeing as if I probably don’t have a chance I’m going to say the the basic information about me : I weigh around 125 pounds , I am about 5’3 , I have brown hair and brown eyes I’m out going I’m not really flexible , I love to play soccer , and I’m sort of interested in boxing and I live in Sacramento CA I don’t know what else to say so I’ll just wait and see what happened but please m not desperate I just wanted to try and see what would happen

  • cedris bullard says:

    Im cedris I live in bradenton,fl im 13 years old. And love to act.

  • Hey I’m Chris I’m 14 years old and I’m a amazing dancer and I’m great actor if you gave me a change to be on Disney ill work as hard as can and do the best I can do sincerely. chris

  • Alyssa Torres says:

    Hi i’m Alyssa i am 12 years old gonna be 13 on January 10 i could act i think i’m a good singer but i don’t know what every one else thinks i never really danced before but i’m a quick learner so if i ever need to dance in a show i think i would learn the dances pretty quick i’m also good at remembering words so i wont have trouble remembering my lines i have always wanted to be on Disney channel sense i was 8 i watch Disney channel all day everyday 24/7.i always trick my friends and family or i scare them and they always fall for it.If you give me a chance i promise you I won’t let you down I promise.oh and i’m Mexican.

  • Amber reveal says:

    Hi my name is amber I am 11 and I have wished of being a singer I am verry good I have proformed in a lot of places I love to act I like to kinda dance I’m not the best but I will never give up and I love what I do and I hope u take me thank u so much for this ouptuinti I live at 1215 shawhan rd morrow Ohio

  • ashley salazar says:

    Hey my name is ashley salazar I can sing act and dance. I am athletic. I can memorize stuff really quick I am really out going and I can also be profesional at the time too.well I hope to hear from y’all well bye.

  • ashley salazar says:

    Hey my name is ashley salazar I am 13 I can sing act and dance. I am athletic. I can memorize stuff really quick I am really out going and I can also be profesional at the time too.well I hope to hear from y’all well bye.

  • Alejandro parades says:

    I have always dreamed of being on tv since I was little.i can sing in Spanish and English can dance and also can act. I have sign up for Hollywood and I did get a call from them but I didn’t have the money to pay for them to represent me

    If your interested call me at 913 468 7709

  • claudia says:

    hi I’m klaudia. I’m 16 years old. I live in Poland. I love to sing dance. my dream is to become a singer and actress. I am 161 cm tall. I have blue eyes and blond hair. Please choose me. this would be a dream for me

  • Melinda says:

    Hi my name is Melinda I am the one u are looking for .I can sing dance and of course I can act. I love performing in front of a crowd and I would love to be an actress. I’m going to be 12 years old in December

  • john rabih bays says:

    My name is john bays. I live in winchester Kentucky. People have told me I can sing and that I would make a good actor but an even better voice over. The one thing that I can not do is dance a lesson or two would help hahaha. I am 15years of age and my birthdate is march 18 1998. I am funny kind spontaneous and fun to be around. I might not be rhe one you are looking for but I was just hoping for a chance.

    Ps. I play the alto saxaphone

  • Raquel Laskowski says:

    Hey, I can act. I’ve had a lot of experience. I was the emcee for the 2013 Annual Dinner Fundraiser. I spoke in front of over 700 people. I was 13 at the time. Now I am 14 years old, and ready to start my acting career! I always wanted to be on Disney Channel! I looked up at Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Jessie, Austin and Ally, etc. I love comedy series. I wish I was on Disney Channel. And remember, I am just a little email away to be on Disney Channel with your help!

  • Hailey Gabbert says:

    I was wondering how to audition for this? I dream of acting and it’s something I want to do so much. I turn ten in October.

  • Ezra Mesfin says:

    Hello, My Name is Ezra and I’am 11 years old and i love to be an actor. Every summer time i’am going to jcc summer camp with my brother. We sing, dance s lot at the summer campand I am very talented in sync dancing and singing. I am in 6th grade. So please allow me to one of your audtions be in Diseny and Diseny XD. I love to be there. Thank you

  • nicole tisdale says:

    Hi. my name is nicole. I am 14 . I have brown hair blue eyes i am 5’1 and 160 pounds i would like to tart acting but i dont have any experience .i can follow instructions so i can learn choreography really quick but i cannot sing

  • Samia Parvez says:

    Hi my name is Samia and I have been watching Disney Channel forever since I was 0. I’ve had some acting experience like Act One and My School. I take Indian Dance and the fact that I’m Indian. I’ve been dreaming of acting my whole life it would so much to me if I was on Disney. I’m also a really big fan of Selena Gomez. You should see my room. Yes, I can sing I’m thinking of taking private singing lessons. My favorite color is Pink and my hobbies are Acting,Singing,Dancing,Reading and laughing everyday as hard as I can. My friend also wants to become an actress and it would be awesome if we worked together but I don’t know if her mom will allow her. We have been best friends for life and I can’t imagine not being friends. Well that’s me and my life please consider me as a audition

  • Angel McNeal says:

    I am 12 I can sing and I love to act

  • ja;juan graham says:

    Hello my name is Jajuan and I’m 12 year old, ive been playing drums since the age of 4, my only passion is playing drums and i love music.I idolizes kirk franklin and tyler perry. I was discovered on youtube by one of the producers from Americas Got Talent and had the opportunity to audition for the show, which was the best experience he told me because one of my favorite actors is nick cannon, so for me to audition for a show he hosted was a blessing. Ive done several talent shows and showcases before and since then. At the age of 9 I was in a band with 2 high school students, where we went to different restaurants and played for several people. I also had the opportunity to record 3 songs in a recording studio with the band. I played at several recital and has done talent shows here in Columbus,GA. I played at a talent showcase in Ft.Benning Vendor Fair and also played for Northside High School, and played in talent
    shows in Atlanta,GA.I was also blessed to play with Columbus State University Jazz assemble. It would be awesome to be able to perform for you or join your team. To catch some of my act go to: jajuan graham freestyle on you tube..or a recent video on youtube under tom sawyers rush-jajuan graham…. Wooop

  • Elizabeth Eidson says:

    Hello im elizabeth eidson and I can sing and act and dance if u teach me. I am 12. I have had this dream for a long time now. can you please help me reach it. I have hazel eyes chestnut hair and I am 5’7″. I live in Missouri. I am mature for my age I have good grades in school. you can emal me at elizabetheidson@ymail.com. you can call or text me at 5733381917. Thanks

  • ariel shar-ashcraft says:

    im 12 years old i can sing i live in Dallas TX i have hazel eyes brown hair i would love to become an actor i am naturally sparky and full of energy im around 4’9 take or add a few i get good grades and would really appreciate if you could contact me blastingmonkeys@yahoo.com .thank you

  • Celeste says:

    Hi, my name is Celeste Castro i am 10 years old i can sing and act, I’m taking acting classes and I’ve been getting A’s in that class.So please contact me at (915)-867-8322 thanks for reading this.Bye!

  • Annie says:

    Hi I just turned 10 recently and I can sing, dance and act. I would love to express the passion I have for these talents on Disney. :). Disney is a place were people have to make it to break it. And I think I have what it takes! Thank you.

  • Elaina Tucker says:

    I am 14 years old, I can sing, act and dance! I hope you concider me as a potential person. Thank you

  • Mason says:

    My name is Mason Alexis Moran I am a female, my favorite color is hot pink my favorite food is Cheesecake, and I live in Indiana,I am 12 (I will be 13 on October 28th), and I can sing from a low F to a high C. I love to act, I have been acting since I was 4 and have been In 7 on-stage performances. I hope you will consider me as a potential actress.

    Thank you,
    Mason Alexis Moran

  • Mark says:

    Hello, my name is Mark, and it has been my dream to be on Disney Channel and Disney XD, I’m an amazing actor, good singer, and a good dancer. It would be amazing if I could be on Disney Channel
    -Thanks, Mark

  • Clara says:

    My name is Clara Garcia and I’m spanish but I am currently living in the united states. I’m 14 and a half :) I can sing,act and I’ve taken balle lessons and gymnastics classes too. It’s my dream to be an actress and I think that makes my acting even better because you can feel the passion. I can speak English,Spanish,Catalan and a bit of German. I wish you consider me as an option because I’m definitely what Disney needs!! I’m not shy at all and I love fashion.
    I’m brunette with some blond-ish pieces of hair in summer,tanned skin,big dark eyes and i weight 100 pounds!!!
    PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • yesenia marin says:

    Hi my name is Yesenia Marin and I’m 13 years old. Its always been my dream to work on Disney Channel and its would be an honor to be an actress on Disney Channel. I can dance, act, and I mostly love to sing. Please email if you would like me to attend a audition. Ounce more it would be an honor,

    sincerely yesenia marin

  • sekou says:

    Hi my name is sekou camara i,m 16 my is tallent dance and sing i been get ready for 10 yr for practice i speack French and l,m ging to love it if you take me thank you let me do this

  • rojshell johnson says:

    hi im 12 years old and i love to sing dance and act. ive been in girl scouts and me and my friends are going to try and audition for alot of stuff.i lovvee to be in the spotlight,but not in a selfish way.so if you decide to look at my post or see how good i am at acting,and singing,i promise i will ,ake you guys happy.

  • EMILY says:


  • Hello, my name is Keyara Penland, and I am 14 years old. I have always loved to act and model. I really want to act and model in my life and I would be really happy if you could help me.

  • Maichee Lor says:

    Hi my name is Maichee Lo,
    I am Asian and I am 16.
    I have brownish blackish hair and brown eyes.
    I am 4’10 or 4’11.
    I am a very hardworker.
    Please let me know by emailing me:)
    Thank you very much!

  • SHONTIGAY says:

    im 12 years old I can act im 4’5 I have black hair im black please let me know by phone number thank you

  • Sinere Davis says:

    My name is Sincere i`m 13 years ago. I always want to be on Disney channel or Disney XD. All the time I think about how will it be to on tv.

  • Hi, my name is Erica. I have been looking to being on TV or in a movie. I love to make people laugh & I enjoy making new friends. As hard as this is to say I have never done acting or token any classes or read books but I know if I get a shot I might surprise you. Umm, I’m 13 years old, athletic, about 5’2, brunette. Please & Thank You.

  • Alana biggers-Thomas says:

    Hi I am 11 years old I can sing very well I am very tall for my he I look like I am like 15 but I am not I am a Very flexible to do anything and I love I dance and play around. I have a very good education and I have been a good pretty actor since I was young and I am not obnoxious and I would love if u would except me for this position thank u,

  • Joylynn Lewison says:

    Hi my name is Joylynn or Joy for short, I’m 11 almost 12 and I really want to be on tv. I love to make people laugh and I am pretty athletic. I like sports (archery, soccer, and basketball), singing, and acting. I’m kinda skinny, and a little flexible. I am good at math and I have a +A average in school. I don’t really care if you pick me but I would really love it if you did-


  • Wardah Javid says:

    My name is Wardah Javid and I would really like to be part of a Disney series. I have grown up watching Disney Channel and all I love all the shows.
    This is some info about me:
    Education: I went to a specialized highschool: Brooklyn Latin. Currently I go to Townsend Harris
    Age: 15 yrs old, but in a few weeks I will be 16 yrs old in February
    Eye Color: Black
    Hair: Black, Silky, Curly, Waist Legnth Hair
    Height: 5′ 4″
    Ethnicity: South Asian American (Indian-Pakistani American)
    My cousins, siblings and I have been writing and performing our own skits for our family since I was 6. I can act and sing. I’m excellent at improvising, memorizing lines, and committed to my work, and no matter how hard something seems- I will work as hard as possible to complete my goal. Acting has been my dream since I was 5, and I’d love to make an acting career- I’ve realized my dream!! Please help me fillful it:)
    From, Wardah Javid

  • gwendolyn says:

    Hi im 10 turning 11 in 3/2weeks I would love to be an actress some day I am verey talented I dance (hip hop, and a lil jazz), sing im compeating in a singing copatition in
    March/1/14(tomarrow by annie).I also act last month I was in a play(a christmas carel
    I stared as carel and if I get exepted for an acting school in NEY YORK ill never get the opertunity to get there I live for away from there I live in a verey small town in Illinois I love hunting, acting, danceing, singing, and camping its my dream to be noticeed and that will never happen so if ur reading sorry for wasting ur time

  • Nicolette says:

    Hi my name is Nicolette and I’m 12 years old but I look like I’m 13 or so. I would love to act for Disney Channel/Disney XD. I am also a good singer. I’m tall for my age around 5′ 4″. Me and my friends write out own skits to act out. I love to play sports and I’m pretty good at them. I have a good average in school and for my age have a good education. I love to make people laugh and I have a good sense of humor but I know how to be serious if needed. I like to read and when I do I usually pick a character and act out their lines for the rest of the book/series. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I live in NY on Long Island. I hate to say it but I’ve never taken lessons although my friends and family complement me, even when I feel I can do better. I’m a girl (in case you haven’t figured that out yet). I honestly think I have what it takes to be on the Disney Channel. I hope you would consider me to be an actress on Disney Channel/Disney XD. Thank you! Sorry if I’m wasting your time but I would love to have a chance. Please contact me. :)

    ~ Nicolette

  • Nicolette says:

    Hi my name is Nicolette and I’m 12 years old but I look like I’m 13 or so. I would love to act for Disney Channel/Disney XD. I am also a good singer. I’m tall for my age around 5′ 4″. Me and my friends write out own skits to act out. I love music like my life. I love to play sports and I’m pretty good at them. I have a good average in school and for my age have a good education. I love to make people laugh and I have a good sense of humor but I know how to be serious if needed. I like to read and when I do I usually pick a character and act out their lines for the rest of the book/series. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I live in NY on Long Island. I hate to say it but I’ve never taken lessons although my friends and family complement me, even when I feel I can do better. I’m a girl (in case you haven’t figured that out yet). I honestly think I have what it takes to be on the Disney Channel. I hope you would consider me to be an actress on Disney Channel/Disney XD. Thank you! Sorry if I’m wasting your time but I would love to have a chance. Please contact me. :)

    ~ Nicolette

  • Donya says:

    I can sing I’ve practice dancing and acting but I’ve never act before

  • Donya says:

    Since I read I got a great memory I can remember every thing I always sing none stop but if I don’t get it I guess my dream was never meant to be I really love Jessie I’ve Ben practicing for it
    My number is 414-6390631

  • Donya says:

    I’m 10 years old

  • Ashanti fleurantin says:

    Hi I’m Ashanti and I am going to tell you about me I’m am 11 years old and I am African American. I love to read I am very funny I’m also fun to be with. I can sing a little, I also love going outside. My dream is to become a famous actress I really love acting. So if you decided for me to go to a acting audition then you are a very kind person. But if you don’t decide for me to go to a audition then its okay but you don’t know what you are missing. BYE.

  • Ishmel says:

    Hi, I’m 14 but will be 15 on 2/5/99. I can sing and act, along with my two sisters who are 13 & 16. Please Look Us Up On Youtube Under The Ishmel Sisters. We Would Really Appreciate It. We Are All Good Separate But Better Together. I Can Make Movies Too. My Little Sister Plays The Piano. My Oldest Sister Draw Like A Pro. Please Don’t Take This Lightly We Are Really Talented.

  • Sebastian Plascencia says:

    I’m 11 and I can sing act and dance I was in a musical resently and I had a lead role so I was hopping to get a call back

  • Allie theobald says:

    Well i have been inspired by leanardo dicapiro to act and i’v been acting out people for meany year’s i’m 11 year’s old *12 June 14″ and of corse i wuld be nurvuse but i would love to get a part in anything! I love all sort’s of animal’s i’m a tomboy / country girl. But i can have manner’s when i need them. I’m white. I love the rain. My favirot animal is a horse. My favirot color is….Well i like orange sky blue neyon green Ect. I live in ohio. Grew up in montpilier but i recently moved. My father is rairly in me and my sister’s live’s because he mently abuse’s her. I can be fun to be around once you know me. I’m not verry popular. But the 1 thing is i was so inspired by leanardo dicapiro i wanted to do thing’s just like him. Also i was inspired by morgan mitchell i beilive was her name *She was the main girl in “Teen beach movie*. It would be amazing to have an opertunity like them…..Thank you have a good day. P.s thank’s for reading!

  • kitty says:

    Hey… My name is ‘Dizzy’. I’m fifteen years in age. My favourite Disney actor is DocShaw; PairOfKings and SuiteLifeOnDeck. Ever since 8th grade I’ve gotten straight A’s in Drama class… I would love to be chosen as one of the cast members for any Disney part. Thank you for your co-operation.

  • Netanya Thomas says:

    Hi my name is Netanya I’m 14 years old and I’m in theater art at the high school I go to and I love Disney my friend got her contract sighed for u all resently I do relize that this may be a late comment but I just found out about this I have been in plays and drama club at my school as well my favorite peopl from Disney are Deby Ryan (Jessie) Cameron Dove (Liv and maddie) and zendaya (shake it up and from the new Disney film zapped. Although I respect the elder Disney (that’s so raven, Corey in the house, Ect) I would be more then honored if I was able to start my career strong and hard.
    I Thank you for you’re time

  • Grace Burnell says:

    I’m Grace.
    I’m 10.
    My birth is March 4th 2004.
    I love Disney,I have watched it since I was littler. I love to read, write, draw, and watching TV and movies. I haven’t been in many things but I would like to become an actress. My friends say I’m good at drama/actress and singing. I live in Indiana with my mom and weekends with my dad. I love rain, red, and books, I dislike snotty, popular,mean,crude people. I’m not popular, I have one best friend forever. And I love all disney movies and shows. I love love love love love animals and almost everything. I would be nerves at first but I can become funny, fun, and a really good friend when you get to know me. If you see this and you think its OK, an maybe see you on set, if not that’s OK to. Just but me into consideration.
    Thanks for reading,

  • Matthew Kissinger says:

    Hello I’m 14 years old and good looking! I do not do a lot of acting because I live in Kansas City, but I would love to get in to it! Thank you!

  • maya rosado says:

    hi I am Maya love to sing and act and dance my favorite show on Disney is girl meets world and I love on Mya the show cause we have the same name.

  • MY name is Tykiera Purnell i can sing and i can act i was a cheerleader and i want to be on your show so give me an call back

  • Joel R. DeVaughn says:

    HI Joel here. I enjoy drawing, writing poetry, drawing, running track, and playing football. I am an African-American 13 year old boy who loves acting. I’ve been acting since my first stage play as the boy Moses when I was 6. Every since then I’ve appeared in several stage plays, and have been in a few commercials.

  • Julianne L. says:

    I am 11 years old, i can sing and act. I feel very confident in my singing and also in my acting. I am not so good at dancing but with a routine then i can do great!

  • I love singing and acting and all ive ever dreamed of is being famous! I would love it if i was a part of this audision. My parents have been talking non stop about how i should be a model and be famous i really need this aprotunity

  • Omatie Dunn says:

    I am a singer and a actor me nd mi besrfriend Brianna we really wanna show our talent and We really wanna express and tell everbody who we are

  • jaleaira mitchell says:

    I’m 11 years old and I have always dreamed of being on Disney channel I can act I’m am very confident of it I love to have fun and tht is one ofbthe reasons I choose to be an acter

  • Andreious Jordan says:

    sup my name AJ I can rap a little and I did theatre arts at my school for a half a year and I love acting,I use to have stage frights but not anymore,Im about to be 13 in august and I just want to be on tv but I want to start with kids modeling then doing commericals then tv shows and movies,I just want it to see if my dream can come true before my birthday and I want my dream can come true because my whole life,I use to be shy alot and ever sense I was five I want it to be on tv showing other little kids that dreams can come true and if i mess up in my spelling in this message to yall my bad but please give me a chance or two,also I hope auditions are for free

  • Jordyn King says:

    Hi, I’m Jordyn king and 13 years old female. I would really love to become big in acting. Acting for Disney or anything else would be an amazing opportunity for me. I want a career in this job I have experience in dance and piano. please consider me, thank you

  • Shadman Hayat says:

    Hi,my name is Shadman Hayat,I am 11 years old.I have brown hair and eyes.I am around 5 feet.I grew up watching all the disney channels.I am also interested into joining the wonderful world of show buisness.I want to be an actor if it is the last thing I do,I have been searching for so many auditions.I am staying up all night to find various audition.I worked very hard so it would be and honor to start auditions.I would love to be in a decent show,movie,play,or even a commercial.

  • haley says:

    Hi I’m haley m. and i am a rookie at all the things u have listed but i can kinda sing and dance . i am creative and love to act and dance around .

    I’m 13yrs old and have brown eyes with brown hair. i am very light for my age i am about 70-79lbs I’m anm not sure of my height . i have always dreamed of doing this but I’ve never told anyone . so this is my chance :D.

    please someone reply i need help

  • Saniya hooper says:

    I’m saniya I’m from Greenwood,Ms I’m 10 year old I’d love to be on Disney or Disney XD. I watch it everyday. There my favorite channels to watch. I love school. My passion is acting, singing, and dancing. I’m, outgoing, considerate, down to earth, bubbly, humorous personality, willing to step outside of my comfort zone and make my mark on the world. I’m determined , headstrong, if I fail I will always try again, no matter what it takes, and I’m smart, can be silly some times. If i succeed it would be a dream come true.

  • haley says:

    Also if you could please audition my 5year old sister she loves dancing she loves singing and she loves to act.. it would mean the world to her . i will send pics of her and even her singing please please audition her .

  • haley says:

    Please contact this number for pics and if we can make it :D if not its ok i have more chances .


    We both love movies , tv, drawing ,singing ,dancing,dressing up,writing,and we absolutely love love animals!!! We have a german shepherd husky mix if interested in our dog for something .

    PLEASE. consider us both and please contact me

  • Tanisha wright says:

    Hi my daughter Anubia king is 12 years old she loves sing and acting those are one of her her two favorite things
    She has always wanted to be noticed by someone she would always used to go outside And start singing different songs from Disney channel or just start putting on scenes in front of the whole family I just have to say she is a very outgoing girl.

  • ariel says:

    Hi my name is Ariel Disney channel expired me to do what I love my talent is is a little singing but I was told I was good also I can act and I would love to be on a TV company that expires me to expires others.

  • ariel says:

    Hi my name is Ariel … Disney channel expired me to do what I love my talent is a little singing but I was told I was good also I can act and I would love to be on a TV company that expires me to expires others.

  • Hy im nonkululeko.im 14 years old.I would like to be part of the family i like acting nd if you would like my to help you, you can contact me at 0788515317 please only use this number for any acting job you have got for me. Thank you.

  • Kristen says:

    Hi I’m tweleve and I can dance sing and act

  • Nita Chiruvella says:

    Hey, I am Nita. I am going into Langley High school this coming fall and will begin school as a freshmen. I am ready to try new things and really have new experiences. I am really excited and believe I would be a great applicant for I am going through and trying to figure out things the same way the characters on many tv series are. I am really big fan of the older series like full house, drake and josh, that’s so raven, kenan and kel, etc. This is because the shows seemed a lot more original and fun. So give me a good script, cast, crew, and original idea and together lets make a hit show! These days many shows have been really predictable like shake it up and austin and ally. They all have the same idea/concept just different plot. The episodes are almost all like re runs. That is why I liked the older shows better. The more modern ones are all special effects and future like Disney Channel has become boring. I would like to change this by bring back real comedy and family and a unique plot twist. I hope you will consider myself as a worthy applicant and take my feed back seriously. I know today’s shows can make a comeback!

  • Jillian says:

    Hi I am 11 years old and u live in splendors tx and I can sing and act I am a girl and it has always been my dream to be an actorist

  • moises amaya says:

    My name is moises and i am a hispanic 14yr old that can act dance model

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    Plzz pick me I’m a good actor and a good singer and I’m the best dancer ever and I would love if you would be able to contact me or email me plzz because I would love to be on Disney xd or I would love to be on Disney channel and I am 13 years old and I always pray to be on Disney channel or Disney xd and I’m very nice and kind and I’m good around other people and I make a lot of people have a smile ever day I have good grades in school and I have the best mom and dad plus sister in the world so I’m just asking for one favor plzz pick me to be chosen .

  • Fedisson Fortunel says:

    My name is Fedisson Fortunel, I am a Haitian whose biggest dream is to be on disney channel, I can act but I know that my parents don’t have much money but That’s not a crime to dream big.

  • Tre Hadley says:

    hi my name is Trevlove to be on the show

  • Kennedi says:

    Hey!!!! My name is Kennedi C and I’m 12 years old. I have dark brown hair and big brown eyes! I’m 5’1. I have one little brother who is very……. ANNOYING but I love him!!! I’m very outgoing and dramatic! Very dramatic! (My friends and family say I’m a drama queen and I always over react and stuff) My birthday is April 21, 2002 (Taurus) I’m very smart (all my classes are accelerated) and lovable and friendly! I make friends really quick! At first when I meet people I’m kind of shy but I warm up to you within like an hour of being around you! (It’s in my zodiac sign) I live in the ATL! Well that’s it…..but if you have any other questions or anything that concerns you just email me at tkkachastine@att.net!!!! I’m Kennedi and you’re watching Disney!

  • Natasha klienbach says:

    Hello,my name is Natasha klienbach I have experience in dance,singing,and acting I am currently 13 and in sports and in my middle school band I have many wonderful talents such as drawling, I am also in the international order of rainbow for girls, a youth group for young women to help in public speaking and memorizing parts, and we do fundraisers to raise money for Shriners hospital and others ,we are a nonprofit organization. I have absolutely no fear of public speaking and I have a gift of memorization I love animals and people! Questions call or text me 352-988-0012 email @yahoo.com

  • Sabreena says:

    I can kind of sing but I can act!! And Im from Kelso Washington and Im 13 (: I would love to be on Disney channel its been a dream f mine since I was really little!!(:

  • Nya Nobles says:

    Hi my name is nya nobles i love to act,and dance.
    I have been in school plays. I have brown and black
    hair and dark brown eyes.I am ten years old
    I love to watch Disney channel ,so I would be
    to act on a Disney channel show plz pick
    Me to be on a Disney channel show or Disney XD
    I LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • My name is djelendaI’m 16 year old ,
    I’m Haitian. I speak three language English and creole and French
    I love to dance And sing I want my dream to come true please help me

  • Logan Vaillancourt says:

    I’m a 12 year old actress and have been acting since I was in third grade. I have been singing from a very young age and love it. I love disney channel and everybody who sees me act has said that I should be on Disney Channel.

  • jaime plasencia says:

    My Name is jaime and im Hispanic and im 14 years old i can act & dance

  • i am jashawn mcqueen and i am a 12 yr old black male and i can sing dance and act im a b student and i life in nc with my three sisters and one brother and step dad and mom i want this for my family because my dad got shot last year i play football and basketball im short like 5.2 i can u call piease for my pregant mom

  • Amanda Franklin says:

    I’m a 15 year old girl who took drama and choir and now I’m in a Capella. I have memorized teen beach movie’s lines, songs, and dances. I try to recite lines from my favorite tv shows and I’m always up for a challenge. Give me a chance and I promise you won’t be disappointed. “Everybody’s got to start at the bottom and work to the top. If it’s just given to you, you don’t appreciate it.”

  • liliana cannon says:

    my name is liliana im ten turning 11 in December I can sing and act. its always ben my dream to be a singer or an actor plz respond. (smiles!)

  • hi I’m Anne frm s.a I thnk I’m very special coz I act, dance and modal…choose me coz m vry talented…..

  • Abigail says:

    Hi my name is Abigail carter I am 10 year old I can act dace and sing I am outgoing and act all day some people say I act very well i would love to act on TV

  • Brianna Christensen says:

    I’m Brianna and I’m 12 almost 13. I can sing, act and model. The dream is to be a writer but i would love to be an actress or singer on disney channel.

  • I am 14. Have a lot of ambition. I love to sing and act. I hoping this could be the beginning. I really want this, but doesn’t everyone that reply. Im just looking for the right person to discover my talent. I live In houston Texas, and ill be waiting.

  • Scarlett Daugherty says:

    hello! my name is Scarlett. I saw this page and had to post!! I am a sixteen year old girl in colour guard. I was looking all over for an acting career, I’ve acted in a few plays for my church, and I love to perform for people and this would be an amazing opportunity!! Thanks soo much!

  • Kyle says:

    I have some experience In acting I have always wanted to be on a Disney show or movie ever since my cousin was on Disney and I just have always wanted to be on tv as an actor.

  • jackelyn pizarro says:

    my name is jackelyn pizarro im hispanic im 11 years old i could dance and act

  • alexis says:

    hi my name is alexis welcher i am 13 teen years old i love acting i attended Barbizon usa for acting and modeling and i love disney

  • Hi Disney and everyone,
    My name is Rebecca Korzelius and I am 11 years old. I am a Caucasian female and love to sing, dance (jazz), and act. I live near Raleigh, NC and would love to be part of the Disney crew! I love theatre and have been in Chasing Grace (2014) and The Longest Ride (2015) as an extra. I have also been in the Belk Kidfest (2014) as a model. I am represented by Model and Talent Management and have been taking classes from John Casablancas since 2013. I will be in the Avanti Showcase this Fall which is a showcase we do in Raleigh and have gone to North Carolina Theatre Conservatory since 2011.
    I hope to become a Disney star not only to become a role model, but to have a career in acting which is my number one passion.
    Thank you and I hope to talk to you soon. My email is

  • Shiline Varpilah says:

    Hi, I’m 10 years old and I really would like to be on Disney XD. I’m a pretty good at acting and maybe 79% of an awesome singer. Please give me a chance and I’ll do great!

  • Hey!! Im Caitlyn, im 13, i can sing, act, and dance. My friends say i am an amazing singer and actor. I live in San Augustine, Texas, a small town. I was recently in a musical this summer, “The Wizard of Oz.” All my family has always stood by me no matter what, and they believe in me. If you chose me for a show or movie on Disney or Disney XD, you would not be disappointed, because i really get into my work.
    Thank you, Caitlyn Coleman. <3 :)

  • janae says:

    i am janae and and i can sing dance model and act i want to be on disney pz

  • janae says:

    i am janae and and i can sing dance model and act i want to be on disney or disney xd

  • Zainab says:

    Hi my name is Zainab and I can act and sing . I am Aribic and I am 10 year-old

  • Ava says:

    My name is Ava, and i live in North Carolina. i am 10, and i have an identical twin sister named lily. I have been wanting to become an actress. I am very funny, and if i got a part, i would be smiling, and i would laugh during learning, and practicing the lines, but it is just because i am very exited. I would love to get any part.

  • Jenna says:

    Hi I’m Jenna and I’m 10 years old I can sing and how do I
    Get additions for Disney channel and does it cost anything

  • taylor solorio says:

    I am 13 years old and I am ready for my career in acting so if you want the best drop me a email go Disney

  • I would love to be on Disney my dad pasted away his name is bradney brown I loved him he always wanted me to follow my dreams by getting this option I would be happy again like my dad wanted me to be.

  • grace says:

    hi im grace and i am 12 years old and i can sing,dance and act! so i would be perfect for this also i can do a bit of modelling.i am from dublin ireland but i dont mind taking long plane journeys since i fly a lot so give me a chance and i wont let you down!

  • Merub Shaikh says:

    hi my name is merub and I can dance and act but cannot sing

  • Morgan Williams says:

    Hi, my name is Morgan and love to act also I love to be on camera and if you put them both together my dream will come true.

  • Princess Ayanfe says:

    Hi, am princess, am 16 years and i can sing and act and also dance, i rally hope to make it to disney, i can also rap, and i can also be a model. I just luv achting loket iT part of me, andsing and dance, reali fun. Hope you accept me, i reali Wanda becommentarieerd a star just like zendaya and selena Gomez. All i want is just to be heard and not bury my talent but show iT to the world, pls…..,hope you acct me. Tanks

  • Charlotte says:

    My best friend is looking for auditions and is talented. She is triple threat, a singer, a dancer, and an actor. Please contact her, but tell her I set it up so she does’t freak out.

  • Megan Summers says:

    Hi im megan summers I am 13 I been wanting to act since I was 9 my teacher said that I would Be a great actor and I thought it would be really fun to :-)

  • Carlos Saldivar says:

    Hello, my name is Carlos, it has been a dream of mine to become an actor one day. I would especially like to work with some of the Disney cast.
    DOB:June 2004
    Skin: white
    I’m Mexican American fluent in Spanish and English.

  • Michelle Aguayo says:

    hi im michelle me and my best friend have always wanted to be on disney channel and on disney XD we would make videos of us acting by the way i am 12 years old i have been told i sing good but maybe there lieing so i gess i sing and act but im not a really good dancer anyways thanks for reading

  • Chastity says:

    Hi im chastity and i can sing and modle and dance im 11 years old im hoping for your reply

  • lara says:

    I have always wanted to act on TV level since I was very young, I am 15 now and have been in school plays since grade 1, my first istedfords was in grade 3 and I did it again in grade 7, grade 6 u performed in the sing and dancing play called Footloose out side of school in a privite company .In drama we do various mini plays. I have acted as forest gump and various other parts . At school we always have to do prepared reading and so I learn the part off by heart and perform it with props and receive top marks. I am a hard worker who loves to act and would be honoured if I got an audition and got the part.

  • Makayla says:

    Hi my name is makayla and im 11 and I live in florida and I can sing and act. I really love acting and singing I hope I can get a role in my own tv show or at least be a main character thank you

  • Beanca moreno says:

    Hi I’m beanca I’m 10 years old and from San Benito tx I really want to be on Disney or on disney xd please pick me to be on one of the shows because I like to act

  • danielsaldivar says:

    Plees pick me my family needs money to pay aur hause

  • Bella says:

    i am very interested in the acting jobs and i can act sing and dance very well and i really really really love disney and disney xd so i will probably audition

  • alexis says:

    How do u addtion

  • Julia BECKINS says:

    Heyy my name is Julia, i would like to know were to sign up for this cus i would be intrested as it sound like a job for me im 13 yrs old i speack 2 languages im entering teenstar this yr and i go to a preforming ARTS school please contact with me by my email :juliagolebiewska1415@hotmail.com thank you Julia x

  • Hunter Brown says:

    Hi I’m 12 years old and I can sing dance and act and I’m a female . I hope this fits your name expectations thank you

  • Hi im Brianna my family calls me the “the personality” of the family I do chior and dance im 10 and live in nc this is my dream please take it into consideration thanks-brianna shelton

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  • Frances says:

    I’m 15 years old and I am wondering how can I get modeling auditions. I am 5′ 7′ and my weight is 120. If anyone nows hoe I can get modeling auditions please reply to me and tell me how.

  • Alliyah says:


  • Stacy Thelisme says:

    Hi my name is Stacy I’m 15 turning 16 on December 27th, I’m African American and acting is a passion of mine. I’m not going to tell you that u should pick me because i want to be on TV or i want to meet the stars. I want you guys to pick me because that’s not the reason i want to act, i want to act because It’s what i love. My friends and brother find me annoying because I’m always asking them to act out a scene of a movie with me. They also think I’m crazy because, they would find me just acting by myself in my room. I don’t have support or believers in my life only my Aunt everyone else thinks its a waste of time and i want to prove them wrong. I can also sing I dont know about dance mainly because I’ve never really danced but it would be fun , I would really love to be apart of this. Its really hard to wake up everyday thinking about how my own mother doesn’t believe in me and the fact that she doesn’t care at all hurts the most. Please give me a chance . Email me if you want ….Thank You :)

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  • Sean says:

    where is it?

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  • katya says:

    hi im katya and i know how to act and i watch disneychannel i love the shows like jessie fish hooks girl meets world lab rates and many others i hope i could have a disney job and im 12 years old

  • james says:

    I really really really want to i absolutely love disney i watch it every day but i live in New Zealand!!! it sucks : (

  • niya says:

    I can sing but I cant hit any really high notes, and think im really good at acting accept I studer a lot and that often happens when I’m nerves so I wouldn’t ask me to audition but id like to get it a try if you guys let me

  • David says:

    Hi my name is David and my whole life I want to be an actor and I’m eleven years old I speak French and I know u can make my dream come true

  • Queen says:

    Greetings I’m Queen Khumalo 18years South African female.I’m a mixed race interested in acting or modelling.Please contact me on my e-mail address if there is anything for me.Thanking you in anticipation kind regards Queen.

  • Abby F. says:

    Hi, my name is Abby.I have blue eyes, brown hair, white skin color, and a bubbly and funny personality. I’m 11 years old and I’m 4’11″.I live with my sister, mom and dad, and have 1 kitten, 2 dogs, and 4 fish, so I am not allergic to any kind of pets. My hobbies and things I’m good at are acting, singing, dancing, horse-back riding, karate, volleyball, and being funny. I can talk in various voices so I would be great for animated voices and also on-screen acting, please note animated acting is great and will also work, but on-screen acting is my main priority. I have taken voice lessons before. I have had 2 singing performances, one singing performance and one talent show, and have had one play at scchool. I have always loved watching Disney and Disney XD, and have always dreamed of being on shows produced by Disney and Disney XD, and I hope I can one day pursue that dream. Please e-mail me back as soon as possible if you are interested. Thanks!-Abby

  • Maddison Thomas says:

    Hi i’m Maddi I am a 13 year old Australian but am very small for my age. I have been dancing for 6 years, acting for 7 years and singing for 4 years I also do Acrobatics. I have done two professional touring musicals and am also an extra in a up and coming movie. Performing is my passion! I love to watch Disney and Disney XD. Please email me if you would like to find more about me……. Thank-you :)

  • Maddison Thomas says:

    if you would like to contact me my email is maddi.keeley@gmail.com :)

  • Bianca Thomas says:

    Hi, I am Bianca and i am a 13 year old Australian girl born on the 08/02/2001. I am often taken as a 12 year old or even an 11 year old as i am quite small. I have been dancing for 6 years, acting for 7 and singing for 4 years. Although in general i have been performing for 10. I love to perform it is my number 1 passion. There is no where else in the entire world i would be then on the stage or in front of the camera. I have been in 2 touring musicals I was also cast as an extra in the new up and coming Robert Connolly film Paper planes. Over the past 10 years i have been in over 30 productions. My email address biancaskye08@gmail.com… please email me if you would like.. thankyou bianca x
    ps. please dont confuse the zero in my email for an o. :):)

  • Ashleigh LA Salle says:

    Hello i am Ashleigh LA Salle and I love Disney and I live in GA. I am 10 years old and born on 11/03/03. I love to read, write, and act. I also like the outdoors and animals. I have black hair and brown hair.

  • Serina Sanchez says:

    I’m 12 years old. Born March 03 2002. I can sing,i have been in a singing class for 6 years now and dancing? I can dance! Acting…..aahh. Isn’t that why i’m looking at this site? I wanna be known for something. I’m 4 ”9” feet. I love acting and i’m really great at it!

  • Hi I’m Brandon Robinson formally known as Daren Jay! I’m from Atlanta,Ga and ready to hit the big leads. I have many talents such as singing,acting,dancing,modeling,and more! I have been singing,acting, and dancing all my life! I made up my mind when I was 6 that i wanted to do this for a living. It’s not really a job to me its a passion. Your supposed to love your job and this is what i love doing. I have so much talent and I’m ready to show the world it.

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  • kathryn Corrigan says:

    Hi my name is Kathryn Corrigan , I am 13, I am Spanish and English and I’d love to be on disney channel series . I can dance , I learn fast , I have a good memory and I consider myself a good actress . I’m 1.58 m and weight 41.4kg . I have brown hair with blonde tips have bangs , green eyes and braces . I like dancing, music , animals and “the next step” disney channel series .

  • Abby darnell says:

    My name is Abby I’m 12 years old and I can sing dance and act I’d really like to be on disney it’d beca dream come true i dream of being on disney I just want to make people smile that’s all i could really ask for I hope you consider me fir an audition or even apart i’d be extremely happy thank you to reach me : abby.darnell@yahoo.com

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