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If you have dreams of walking down runways, wearing the hottest fashion apparel or modeling on the covers of the top magazines then you should definitely consider becoming a fashion model.


The fashion modeling industry is one of the most lucrative and well-know parts of the modeling industry. It’s not easy to join this elite class, but there are still a number of clients who still hold a model search for fresh and new talent to promote their new designs. This is where Model Search America comes into play as we are able to help you find recent casting opportunities and tips for people who want to be come fashion models in the near future.

How to Find Fashion Modeling Jobs

Finding a job as a fashion model can be difficult mostly because you must have certain characteristics. For example, the average female fashion model is tall (5’7 to 6’0) and with a slender frame. However, most male models who are in the fashion industry must be at least 6 foot tall and a 40 regular in the waist.


If you fit this criteria you are ready to go! All you need to do is create a portfolio with your headshots and start searching for modeling jobs. You won’t land large jobs right away, but you have to be patient and build your experience/resume slowly. We at MSA.com can help you do this by simply checking out some of the castings below and applying to each model casting call.


If you would like a more help with finding fashion modeling jobs in your area, simply click the link below.

6639369A local magazine is looking for male and female models to walk the runway on November 10th, 12th, and 13th at the Denver Fashion Show Week.  The Denver Fashion Week is an opportunity for local designers, boutiques, and nation brands to promote their work and their models. Each brand brings their own elements to the table during the show.


This is Colorado’s largest fashion show and event planners need new models and designers to take the stage for three nights.  As a model, you will walk the runway sporting designer outfits and clothes.  As a designer, you will promote your own work and hire models to wear then on the runway.

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Are you looking for various opportunities in acting? Here’s one golden chance!  The casting directors are currently looking for men and women between 22 to 30 years of age. The candidates should be good looking and well groomed.

Details for Casting

Currently, the casting directors are looking for hip and fashionable actors and actresses. The candidates should be non-union. Prior experience in acting will be given a preference. This is a highly competitive role and you should have good acting skills to get shortlisted.

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Have you always wanted to work as a model? Here’s one opportunity for you! Paradym Group has been given the task to look for the best and most talented actors and actresses for an upcoming show. The event is going to start in the mid of October. The expected dates for the show are between 18th to 21st October. You can earn as much as $750 if you participate for the entire duration.

Details for Casting

Presently, the casting directors are looking to hire 1 female model. The filming is going to take place in Seattle. Do not apply if you are not a local. The agency is currently looking for one candidate, so the selection is going to be very competitive. Make sure you are available from 18 to 21 October. It is important to be available for the whole day. The event is going to take place in Sheraton Seattle Convention Center. This is a paid role and you will be compensated for $125 on the first day. You will be paid $250 for both days.

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women jessica alba actress sunglasses faces_www.wall321.com_81


Casting directors are looking for four female models to for a launch of a new sunglasses line.  The photos will appear on the company website, on social media, and in print ads in magazines.  You are very important in making the product appealing to a wide variety of people.

You will partake in a photo shoot wearing our sunglasses.  The photos will be taken from the shoulders up so that the sunglasses will be the main feature.  You must be a good looking model with a pleasing face and nice shoulders/neck.


Female Model (Lead): Female, 25-32
Ethnicity: Any

Required: Headshot/Photo

This photo shoot will take place in Miami, Florida.

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Your favorite show “Bad Girls Club” is coming to your screens again, with a brand new season, which will be even spicier and “badder” than before! Be ready for Bad Girl Club season 2016-17.

The show has begun casting for the 2016-17 season, and the search for exceptional talent is on. The directing team will be scanning the states of America in the quest to find the ultimate “bad girls”, who have the guts to show America their “wild side”.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Are you tired of people hating you because of your attitude? Do you believe you may be the devil’s counterpart? Do you want to change yourself? Do you have the will to show everyone just how “good” you can be? Well, here is the perfect opportunity for you!

If you believe you’re a “bad girl”, and you really want to change yourself then do not miss trying out at the auditions. This is the chance of a lifetime; to live in your favorite mansion with six other girls, who might be just as “bad” as you, if not worse!

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Dancing with the feet is one thing and dancing with the HEART is another”

Do you love to move? Think you have what it takes to dance in front of a large number of people? Do you have that passion in your heart required for a brilliant dancer? Because they say great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”.

If you are that type of person then get ready! City of Baltimore gives you the opportunity to show your dance moves and get selected as a Mascot.

Human Resources department of Baltimore city is looking for Mascots energetic and passionate enough to give life to the costumed characters.

All you dancers out there Shake a leg and get ready to show your skills.

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Central Casting is looking for tall and athletic men to play the roles of security guards on the Jim Gaffigan show, being shot in New York City. The casting call is open to both union and non-union actors; meaning that actors coming in from an acting agency and those applying independently are both eligible to apply. The roles are meant for a few scenes of the show which will be shot for possibly two days, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Role Specifications

The applicants must be over 6 feet tall, physically fit and preferably muscular in order to fit the role of well-groomed and decent looking security guards. The scenes may require you to go shirtless, so you must not have any problems with that. Before applying, be sure you will be able to pull it off. You are also required to be registered with central casting, New York and your availability on both the aforementioned dates must be one hundred percent certain since we cannot afford any cancellations and date adjustments. It is essential that you are a New York resident so that it is easier for you to commute to location without taking a lot of time; which is why we are not casting non-locals. Make sure that you are consistent with all the specifications before applying.

In order to apply, send in a photograph of yours in swimwear, including your name, body measurements and contact numbers at hunterLsubmissions@gmail.com

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We are looking for Independent  models to Participate in several different modeling gigs for Spring 2016 photo shoots, commercials, and walks.

The company is hosting an evaluation and Casting Call for models to participate in an upcoming national media campaign that will be featured in at least one national magazine. We are looking to highlight and promote 8-12 selected models who have unique stories to tell. These models will be part of our campaign and their stories will be place in national outlets.


You must live in Southern California area to submit.

PHOTO DOUBLE FEMALE 30-60, Must look like the woman in photo. Please see the photo attached.

Height 5’5-5’7, weight 125-145.

Please submit a current photo, age, union status, height, weight and contact info. Subject line should read: Lenore.

In order to submit, you must provide the following information:

  1. Sizes
  2. Background
  3. Why you want this job
  4. Two professional photos
  5. Resume or list of past gigs

This is a great opportunity for you to appear nationwide in print magazine.  You will not only gain valuable experience from working with a team of professionals, you will build your resume for future projects.  Apply as soon as possible to start or further your career in print magazine.  Print is still very popular in the modeling industry, and you can make an impact of several people that know their way in and out of the company.

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Performance Type: Shoe Modeling

Payment: Paid

Location: Not mentioned

Date: April 06

Required: Young women of different ethnicities

Email/Company Website: Partnerships@truemodel.net

A popular shoe manufacturing company in New York City is looking for tall models with pretty feet to work in their shoe modeling commercial. The casting directors have not revealed much information about the company, but this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and act for an established company.

Sizes for Shoes

The directors have mentioned that the company has given clear outline for the shoe sizes. Please apply if you have following shoe sizes.

  • US Sizes: 6/ 6.5/ 7
  • EU Sizes: 37/ 38


  • Required Gender: Female
  • Required Age: 18+
  • Required Ethnicity: Any ethnicity
  • Specialty: Beautiful feet and legs
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Casting Call for Models for the Show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season 23

About‘America’s Next Top Model’

‘America’s Next Top Model’ is an American reality show that features a competition among models around the United States. It is a very interactive competition which first appeared on May 20, 2003 and has been successfully airing since then. Now the new season of ANTM 2016/2017 is soon going to be back on the screen. In the year 2015, fans of ANTM got the news that the season they were watching will be their last, but now fans can rejoice with VH1 picking up the show.  The show will be produced by Tyra Banks.

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