Gerber Baby Photo Contest

Gerber Baby

Gerber Baby

Do you have a newborn at home and you think they can be the face of a multimillion dollar company. Well here is your chance to enter your baby for the Gerber Baby Photo Contest. Parents of children up to 48 months of age are encouraged to upload their favorite photo of their children for a chance to win a grand prize of  $50,000 cash prize and the opportunity to star in an upcoming advertisement for Gerber .In addition to the grand prize winner, six Milestone winners will be selected from each Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Milestone category – Birth+, Supported Sitter, Sitter, Crawler, Toddler and Preschooler. The Milestone winners will each win a $10,000 Gerber Life College Plan. If you think that you might have a star at home than you do not wan to miss out of the Gerber Baby Photo Contest.

Owned by global food giant Nestle Gerber Baby has more than 200 baby offerings include the ubiquitous glass jars of baby food. The company, which had its beginnings in 1927 in Dorothy Gerber’s kitchen, also makes baby formula, cereal, juices, and Gerber Graduates toddler food, along with baby bath and skin care products, bottles, teethers, pacifiers, breastfeeding accessories, spill-proof cups, and infant toys. The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest is looking for the perfect child to be the new face of their legendary brand and they are accepting submissions from healthy and happy babies that have the look to light up the bottle of baby food.

This is your chance to show off your new bundle of joy to the world. If you are interested please submit the application along with a photo. Please  keep checking back often for further updates.

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45 Responses to Gerber Baby Photo Contest

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  • Jessica Smyth says:

    My 15 month old is so cute. Everybody tells me he could be a baby model.

    • amanda says:

      My son layden antonio kingston gallegos will be one in this next month he is very well behaved and he does great with strangers he is adorable and i cant wait to see what he will become in life..

  • Lilyan says:

    My daughter is going on 7 months & i know she would be a very great model. Most mothers would say this, of course, but
    you will just have to check her out & see yourself. she is very photogenic. I took modeling for barbizon when i was younger and should have finished my parents went through a divorce, i know i could have made it & became someone. My daughter can i have faith in her she is going on 7 months the 24th of may & i am 19. email us or just give us a call at 251 363 7261 i would love to send you pictures and you will not regret getting in touch with us thanks Lilyan’s Mom Bridget

  • Rhinna harrison says:

    My baby can be the next gerber baby. Everybody tell me he should be modeling they say he can make money while he sleep… You can get in touch with us through my email. Thank you.

  • Rhinna harrison says:

    My baby can be the next gerber baby. He will be 6 months May 29, 2013. Everybody tell me he should be modeling they say he can make money while he sleep… You can get in touch with us through my email. Thank you.

  • Ebone' Rucker says:

    My daughter has so much character and personality which is easily captured by the camera.

  • sherry jones says:

    My son is so wonderful an handsome he is 6months an I love him so much

  • fred boyd says:

    I have a wonder daughter shes great good baby shes one year old

  • valan wallace says:

    My daughter Valentine Kamor Wallace is the best choice for being the next Gerber baby because she has beautiful ebony skin, big pretty brown eyes, long straight curled black hair that looks like silk and a smile out of this universe… plus she’s only 3 months!

  • David Gaza says:

    My wife and i has an addorable 5 month old son. We both love him very much. He likes to say he is to sexy for his diapy lol. He is to cute.

  • My baby could DEFINITELY be the next Gerber baby. He gets so many compliments every time we go out. He is 5 months old and is the happiest baby around :) His head is perfectly round and has big blue eyes. He loves to smile although he only has two little teeth. He is also highly photogenic.

  • Angelina Becerra says:

    My baby was gifted this gift at a Birthday Party and the fact that it was Gerber Products made him this happy!

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  • My daughter is a sweet 5 month old who is loving and kind. She is very independent and I’ve been told she looks like a china doll!

  • amanda says:

    My son layden antonio kingston gallegos will be one in this next month he is very well behaved and he does great with strangers he is adorable and i cant wait to see what he will become in life..

  • Michelle says:

    Victoria is a show stopper everywhere we go. She has big brown eyes and a beautiful smile

  • Dakota says:

    She’s got so much personality and a face to die for!

  • abram fuller says:

    I have a 24 month old baby girl answer everybody say she should be a baby model…

  • Mercedez Wilson says:

    My 5month old daughter should be the next gerber baby. She is full of life an all around happy,smart,gorgeous,and energetic baby.she has the perfect face for a cute little gerber can contact me threw email

  • Autumn Blackwell says:

    When can we start submitting our babies?

  • Yamilet says:

    I’m interested in entering my newborn for the next Gerber baby. He has a head full hair and a smile you can’t help but smile please let me know how do I go about it… He the one to fall in love with once you see him guaranteed.

  • Charlene Liu says:

    hi, Gerber. I think Alyssa, my 6 months old baby girl should be considered for next Gerber baby. No matter where she is, she must become the focus of attention. She is a 100% native Asian, but she has brown curl hair which is barely found in the Asian. she is just like a doll.
    please give her a chance. she won’t disappointed you.

  • nicole townsend says:

    Hi gerber, my 8mo. baby girl Niyah -aka- China has a face you can’t help but fall in love with and the personality to macth. She is African American with an Asian twist, please give her a chance to show what she can do.

  • michelle says:

    My new babygirl is the most adorable little thing and i know this gerber because well, i get told so almost everyday.
    You pick my daughter its a guarantee that she’ll be the best thing that’s ever happend to your company! Not only does she have the most beautiful smile but she has multiple adorable faces that one just has to take a picture of. Now my baby is fairly new she was born August 16th, but she knows how to be the star of attention no doubt about it.

  • zuleika says:

    My daughter would be perfect for this shes 7 month old . Shes always smiling ;)

  • danielle flemming says:

    Ihave a one year old daughter her name is Renee, every since the day she was born i can honestly say that she has stolen hearts. everyone says that she has a good shot a t being a model and i never thought about it until know so i guess i,m going to give a shot. she is African american and Hispanic i believe that she has a very big chance at this .

  • Lynda Ball says:

    my 7 month old baby girl is amazing. she is one of the smartest and friendlist babies is have ever seen. she is beautiful and can light a room up with her she. she has already started walking. she can say hi and bye to people. she love to be in front of the camera. she climbs on any and everything she can. she can also feed herself. she is what your looking for.

  • Tammie Wewers says:

    Gracie is almost 8 months old. She sits, crawls, pulls up and cruises! She’s a military brat and we live overseas. She is such a sweet baby and is just perfect in every way!

  • Wynikea Mitchell says:

    My grandson is so pretty! Those are the compliments that gets. Usually people are telling children that they are “cute” but they seem to always say he is PRETTY! I. AM A VERY PROUD GLAMMIE! WHEN YOU SEE HIM, YOU WILL SAY THE SAME… HIS NAME IS Z’MEIRE. … PlEASE DO CONTACT US.

  • Cynthia says:

    My son Darrel he’s to cute can’t go anywhere with out some one saying he’s to cute he has big blue eyes and blonde hair just the cutest baby. Ever my son is 9 months and very active and he just learned to crawl. He’s a handful but he’s worth it. :)

  • Jennie Hedstrom says:

    Simply put, my Adalyn is beautiful.

  • Cindy Lulu says:

    My Lové is a doll.. her cheeks and (mommy’s) eyes!! Happiest baby ever.. I can’t go buy toilet paper without someone cooing at her and making her laugh! I’m sick of the compliments! (Not really) hehe.. since she’s so cute I thought I’d give her face to Gerber seeing as how she won’t let me use it for smooches..

  • Kayla Rinkus says:

    My babyboy is five months old he has big beautiful blue eyes and dark hair he is the cutest baby ever and he has a smile that will brighten your whole day. Everytime I go somewhere I get soo many compliments on how cute he is and people are always telling me I should enter him in the gerber baby contests so I figured id finally try and do it.

  • christie says:

    Leland is just about 3 months old n he is the world’s happiest baby he didn’t even cry when he was born he came out smileing he only crys when he is hungry. People will stop us every where we go to tell us how beautiful he is. He would b the perfect Gerber baby cause he loves his food!

    • Niedra says:

      My son he’s a miracle baby. This would be a blessing and a great opportunity for him to show the world how wonderful he is. And how handsome he is. My son he’s 8 months. Has been getting a lot of attention since he was born up till now.

  • howard mccray says:

    My 6 months old daughter Myli love McCray which is short for my little love is so beautiful and adorable and always camera ready I would love to have her in Gerber baby.

  • Niedra says:

    My son is 8 months. I’ve been getting a lot of complements about my son. People calls him Mr. Handsome. Or he looks like a Gerber baby. People says he needs to be on a Gerber commercial. I agree.

  • Hi my daughter Leah Faye is 4 months old she is very beautiful I would really love for her to be the next Gerber baby she stole my heart and I know she will do the same to you thank you for letting me send this please contact us

  • amanda davis says:

    my son Jayden Davis is 8 months old. he has very big fluffy cheeks like the Gerber baby he has spunk,personality, spirit and he’s very outgoing and energetic loves everybody.he’s beautiful the most gorgeous blue eyes anyone has ever seen.there dark blue around the outside and light blue..I promise you if you could give him a chance you will not be disappointed.

  • Staci says:

    My daughter Davasha just turned a year old. Everyone that meets her says she is the most adorable little girl the have seen n that she could be a gerber baby cause she looks like the picture of the gerber baby already. davasha has the most chubbiest cheeks n a smile that melts your heart. When we walk in a room n she sees us she just has the biggest smile that lights up the room. She is such a happy baby n she gets excited over everything. I would love to get her into modeling i think it will b good for her n i want to point her in the right direction in life. please e-mail me n give her a chance i can send pictures. Thank You.

  • Jessica says:

    Sophia is 8 months old and is the cutest babygirl ever. I have been told multiple times that she could be a model. It would be awesome if I had the opportunity to enter this contest!

  • Nikki Silviero says:

    I have a one of a kind baby girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and the cute chubbiness that people look for.
    She gets attention in stores all the time due to the fact that I’m her real mother and I’m african american
    and she looks like she is a fully white baby, Blonde hair, blue eyed baby. She is outgoing and energetic,
    loves to dance, and smiles all the time.She has the cutest smile. Here are pictures of her

  • vanessa miller says:

    Everyone been asking me uwhydont u put ur daughter in comercials … I tryed when I was small always thought it was impossible … how do I get my daughter to audition shes 12 months love to take pics always smiling what more could u ask for.. :)

  • Richelle Wells says:

    My daughter should be a model!!!! she looks like a porcelain doll. she has a personality of a goofball and she’s the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. Kendyl is beautiful inside and out.

  • Rokeisha Washington says:

    My daugther is 8 months old she is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. Everywhere we go people say she is gorgeous.

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