King of the Nerds- TBS Auditions and Castings

King of the Nerds

King of the Nerds- TBS

Are you ready for a nerd, geek and dweeb showdown?? TBS has announced its new show King of the Nerds. Its been dubbed as the “ultimate nerd-off”. The Turner cable has greenlit  the show spring and the show is scheduled to air on TBS mid 2013. Casting calls and auditions for Kind of Nerds will be held soon and you can be a part of it. From the producers of Mythbusters, Survivor and Amazing Race, King of the Nerds is sure to be a hit.

TBS has recruited two of the stars of 1984′ movie “Revenge of the Nerds,” Robert Carradineand Curtis Armstrong to host King of the Nerds.  On King of the Nerds competitors will take part in challenges testing intelligence, ingenuity and pop-culture knowledge. The game will begin with tams than turn into a “last person standing nerd off” . The producers are looking for “nerdy” guys who love watching shows such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and others. Also must have a lot of knowledge in math, physics, science and other “nerdy” subjects. If this sounds like you than this might be your opportunity to be a part of a guaranteed hit show.

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3 Responses to King of the Nerds- TBS Auditions and Castings

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  • Joy says:

    I will be very pleased to be in your tv show

  • Ian Sanders says:

    I would love to try out for your show.

  • Brad Paulson says:

    I have raised TWO nerds. One boy and one girl. Believe me when I say they are both certifiable nerds. I would love to see these two in competition with each other for the title. They have had the perfect teacher, myself. Please let me know if this peaks your interest. I’m sure they would both love to be involved in something like your show. Contact me at my email address and I will discuss it with them if you are interested.

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