If you would like to be part of the Liv and Maddie Disney Auditions Casting Call please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Liv and Maddie Disney Auditions

Liv and Maddie Auditions

Disney has announced that Dove Cameron will star in their new series Liv and Maddie. Dove has just returned to LA after spending 2 months in Utah filming Cloud 9, Disney Channel’s latest Original movie!. In Liv and Maddie she will be playing a tv star who’s career ended and a basketball player. Also starring are stand-up comedian Joey Bragg and newcomer Tenzing Norgay Trainor as the younger brothers, Benjamin King as their dad, a basketball coach, and Kali Rocha as their mom, a school psychologist. ‘Liv and Maddie’ is from It’s A Laugh Productions, Inc. The series begins production in April for a fall 2013 premiere and this is your opportunity to audition for several extra and feature roles available. Do not miss out your chance to audition for the Disney Channel apply now.

The sitcom Liv & Maddie introduces identical twins Liv, a popular television star whose hit show has just finished its run, and Maddie, an outstanding student and school basketball phenomenon whose popularity is on the rise… that is until Liv makes a triumphant return to their Wisconsin high school. Complicating their teenage life even more is that their parents both work at their school.

Disney Channel sees “Liv and Maddie” as a way to experiment with the multi-camera format, according to Adam Bonnett, Disney Channel’s senior VP of original programming. But with the same actress playing two roles, it’s also a way to introduce a Disney star after recently launching “A.N.T. Farm’s” China Anne McClain; Cole Jensen of “Crash & Bernstein”;

If you are interested in being the next Disney Channel star please submit your information along wit a recent photo and contact information  Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates and locations and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the new Disney Channel project Liv & Maddie.

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20 Responses to Liv and Maddie Disney Auditions

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  • jahlyl says:

    hi my name is jahlyl i always wanted to be oon disney cannel i really would like to be on liv and maddie im 11years old i can really sing i can dance and mostly i can at i have goood grades in school and everytime i wake up i always thnk im on tv and i would love to be on liv and maddie please give me this opertuinty

  • Molly Robinette says:

    Hello! I would love to be a role in a Disney channel series because I love to act and sing. I have dreamed of being on a Disney show and would love if you would consider me for a role. I would be dedicated to memorizing the script and delivering it the very best I can, and to doing everything I can to make your production a good one. Feel free to contact me through email for any more details or questions.
    Molly Robinette

  • Kelly says:

    Hey! My name is Kelly and i have wanted to be on disney for who knows how long! I have taken acting classes in new york and a few auditions! I sent a application on this website, so feel free to contact me on my cell or email! It would be my dream to even have my face on tv for 2 seconds.

  • melisha wood says:

    I really want to be on Disney channel. I’ve been searching for ways to show my talent for a year. please consider me for these auditions. I am a singer and a actor. I was apart of the singing angels at 11 years old, but quit due to financial reasons. I am 13 now and have been wanting to be on Disney channel since Watching that’s so raven. again please consider me Disney!

    • Kendall lynch says:

      You look like you have a voice. And I would love for you to keep watch to see if one of my managers call you to come down to Hollywood,California.To the set of liv and maddie so i might call you tomorrow but don’t give your hopes up i look forward to working with you!

  • kayla rodgers says:

    hi im kayla i really would like this . this is my dream to do my dreams you have no idea . i have experience i have done lots of plays and school productions . i sing , dance , and act .
    age : 14
    height : 5’2
    skin : tan i have long brown hair and hazel eyes and i would say i petite :) it would be a pleasure working with you .

  • Danielle says:

    I would love to have a role on any disney channel show. I can do any type of actor.I can lso be an extra or just have a short role.I love Disney Channel and it will be an honor to be on there so please contact me by phone number or email. I notice that kids that used to model are now actresses on the best television network and i would love to be one of them! And i am a big dreamer. I want to start my career as an actresses and grow big to be an actress. Ilove fashion and modeling might be the big thing for me.

  • pervis says:

    Honestly it hasn’t always been my dream to act,but I got to high school and got introduced to drama club and fell in love with this performing art.i don’t have all these other talent’s like singing or dancing but try me I am determined enough to learn.im 16 years old and 6 foot 1 and have everything to gain and nothing to lose so contact me and see what I can do or learn to do….

  • Sierra Stephens says:

    Hi I’m Sierra I’m 13 years old and i am about 5’and ever since I was about 9 I have wanted to be on a Disney show,when I was younger I would act like I was on a tv show all the time, I would act like there was cameras around watching me.i love to sing and act and just have a good time with everyone by entertaining them. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a Disney show or any show just the feeling of people being able to see you and your talents make me feel good. I can do whatever is needed to do, I’m not very good at dancing but I am able to learn very quick and easy I am a good listener but if I have any questions ever I won’t be afraid to ask because I would be willing to do whatever is needed. Thanks for taking the time to read this! It would be an honor to work with you!

  • Micaylah Pierre-Dion says:

    This show sounds great, and I would love to be in it! I can sing if that helps. Ill be sure to keep checking in!

  • Nevaeh says:

    hi my name is nevaeh I am 8years old.I will love to be on your show .I think it is very funny show. also I love maddies acting is amazing please give me a chance i won’t let u down.

    thank u very much
    nevaeh cummings

  • Byron says:

    Hello, my name is Byron I’m 14 years old, I’m 5″7 and I would absolutely love to be in your show at least as an extra or for one episode of Liv and Maddie. I hope you guys give me a chance and if you do I won’t disappoint you. I hope you can consider it ooh and by the way I dont really sing or anything but I’ll do the best I can thank you.

  • Brianna Craig says:

    Hey I’m Brianna and would love to be apart of Liv and maddie it is hilarious

  • Rachael says:

    My name is Rachael. I am bold, social, and am not afraid to be in front of 100,000+ people. I love interacting with people and especially kids! I play sports and can sing, I am capable of memorizing scripts, and love to be around people. Thank you!

  • Dani says:

    Hi m’y rame Is dani and i’ve always wanted to be in disney channel and liv and maddie il a great singer i can take my glasses off witch m’y feet. I love tout actuellement i have redish brownish haïr and im always verry happy and positive.

  • Hi Producers and Directors!!!
    I am Princess Rian Gonzales and Here are my details.

    Age: 10 Years old
    Birthday: December 12,2003
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Pure Filipino from,Philippines and Proud
    Hair Colour: Curly Black
    Eye Colour: Dark Brown
    Current City: Dubai,United Arab Emirates
    Hometown: Manila,Philippines
    Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Playing Sports, Acting(but,I’m not taking acting classes) and Watching Disney Channel

    Thank you and I am willing and really happy to work with them!!! ^_^

  • brianna mccain says:

    Greet my name is brianna mccain im 12 years old. Im in 7th grade I play sports. I play volleyball,tennis,chess, crosscounty, pompom, softball. Iget good grades also I know how to sing and dance. I would like to audition for disney channel because I love the channel I will like to act for you guys. I all way had told my mom that I wanted to act on disney channel. Be on movies and tv shows and people that I knew will said I knew her she did something with her life then nothing. I hope you like what I give you and let me be on disney channelgive me a call at 7082611883 amen

  • Julio Sanchez says:

    Hi mi name is Julio im 10 years old I play sports soccer,basketball,baseball,football.I have usally got good grades usally A’s and B’s i would like to be on Disney channel because I think it’s the best channel in the world and its been my biggest dream to be a actor also to be on disney channel I also have some experience

  • Samantha Phetvixay says:

    I would like to be apart of Disney Family because I grew up watching Disney Channel and it’s my dream. Liv & Maddie is one of the shows I want to audition for. I think I’m pretty good at acting, but haven’t experience cause I live in a small town in California . I’m 13 years old , approximately 5’2 . I would love to start on Disney channel too .

  • Kayli Wahl-Cox says:

    Hi.My name is Kayli Wahl-Cox and I love Liv & Maddie. I am 9 years old and have some acting experience. I live in West Hartford, Connecticut. I am 5 ft. tall. I work well with others and have an amazing memory. I do Tae-Kwon-Do, soccer, basketball, softball and much more. I am pretty tall for my age too. I have hazel eyes and long brown hair. I would love to play a main character or an extra. I don’t have stage fright. Thank you!!

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