If you would like to be part of the The Chase GSN Contestants Casting Call please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

The Chase GSN Contestants

The Chase Contestant auditions

Do you think you can beat “The Beast” and take home tens of thousands of dollars? Well this is your chance to audition for GSN’s new game show The Chase.  Anchored by hits Family Feud and faith-based show The American Bible Challenge Game Show network has announced that they have picked up a new game show The Chase, based on the UK show of the same name. The Chase has a team of four contestants answer quick-fire questions to amass money while withstanding intimidation from “The Beast,” a quiz genius. The series will premiere on GSN later this year. The Game Show Network offers original and classic game programming and competitive entertainment via its 77-million subscriber television network and online game sites and this is your chacne to audition to be a contestant on their brand new TV show. GSN is now holding casting calls searching for contestants to compete against the clever and cunning Chasers. Do not miss out on your chance to audition for The Chase apply now!You can run, but you cannot hide, the Beast is always coming after you. In The Chase, a team of four contestants attempts to amass as much money as possible by answering quick-fire questions in a 60-second round. The money earned will go towards a team bank. Why the urgency? Because the Beast is always lurking, ready to pounce. The Beast – quite simply — is a quiz genius. The job of this intimidating presence is to catch each contestant by answering more questions than his opponents to ensure they are not able to bank their money. It’s a role he executes with ruthless efficiency. In the final round, the team collectively plays against The Beast in an epic David vs. Goliath battle for the entire amount that they have banked.

The Chase has captivated audiences for several years in the UK and has proved to be a bonafide ratings hit and this is your chance to audition to be a constant on the show which is scheduled for 8 hour long episodes on The Game Show Network.

If you are ready to be on a hit television game show with a chance to compete for a huge grand prize than the directors at GSN want to hear from you. The Chase is now taking contestant submissions for male and female contestants ages 18 and over who think they are ready to take on the Beast. If you are interested in auditioning for The Game Show Network please submit your information along with a recent photo and contact information. Please keep checking back often for more information on the show premier dates and castings locations, times and dates and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about GSN’s pick up of the famous British show The Chase.

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