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Child Modeling

Does your child have a great smile, a great personality and likes to have his or her picture taken? If so then you may want to introduce them to child modeling, which could land them a spot as the next Gerber baby, young face of a clothing line or maybe the next face on Life cereal boxes?

A child model is one of the different types of modeling jobs that allows young kids to display, advertise and promote commercial products (notably fashion clothing for kids, diapers, toys, etc.). There are also certain opportunities available where your child could serve as a subject of works of art, such as photography, painting and sculpture.

What Does it Take To Become a Child Model?

One concern that many parents and guardians have is how can they be sure if their child has what it takes to be successful model, but for children it’s not really that difficult. Most modeling jobs for children only require your kid to be outgoing and comfortable around unfamiliar people and in front of the camera. Depending on the age of your son or daugther they may need to be able to strike some poses, but there is less emphasis placed on those types of things because of their limited experience. A few additional things your child will need include:

  • Professional headshots
  • Composition Cards
  • A talent service, talent agency, or model agency

Another crucial part of a child models success is placed on the involvement and support for theeir parent and/or guardian. Child models are heavily reliant on their parents as these people need to be able and willing to take their child to all of the necessary modeling casting calls and photo shoots. Showing up late or missing a modeling audition hurts your child and limits the opportunities they may see come their way. Also, as the adult you’re equally responsible for helping your child learn his or her lines for a commercial spot, television series or for a role in a film if they decide to branch out for child modeling at some point.

What Are The Benefits Of Child Modeling?

Child modeling can be a fun way to meet interesting people, give your child some early modeling experience, as well as earn some extra cash for your child’s college fund. By introducing your child to certain photographers and clients at such an early age they have a better chance of developing a better comfort level, while also establishing a name for themselves within this business. This way if your child decides to continue this career path they have an easier time transitioning into teen modeling, and other avenues later in life.

Also as far as compensation goes, most child modeling jobs work in catalog or editorial typically earn anything between $25 to $125 per hour, depending upon the type of job. Television jobs pay more, but are much more competitive.

How To Find Child Modeling Jobs

Modeling Jobs for Children

Locating quality and legit modeling jobs for children can be simple or more complex depending on where you live and the types of resources you’re using. Highly populated areas like Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Chicago and similar cities are known for having plenty of casting calls listed online, but you must use caution when signing up for certain jobs. A better route to take is to use a talent service or modeling agency who will have connections to people in the child modeling industry. These people can recommend legit job opportunities that will pay and give your child good experience in this business.

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