$1200 Casting Notice for Moms in Toronto


Performance Type: Reality campaign

Required: 25–50 real life moms

Payment: $1200/person

Location: Toronto

Are you a working mom or stay-at-home mom? The Jigsaw Casting is looking for Canadian moms irrespective of their career or marital status. Jigsaw Casting is preparing to launch an ad campaign #MomGuilt. The campaign will be launched online globally. If you want to become the face of this campaign then read the campaign and notice details given below.

About the Campaign

#MomGuilt is a unique type of campaign. Jigsaw Casting will launch the campaign globally. #MomGuilt will soon become a top-trend on social networking sites.

The selected moms will share their stories about their guilt as a mom. We want to hear your funny, embarrassing, sad, trivial, or any kind of story as a mom.

What is the purpose of this campaign, you ask? Every mom has done something, which is embarrassing, trivial or funny for her. It may include breaking laws for your kid or cheating on your baby. Most of the moms are reluctant to share these stories, because…umm…these are embarrassing. This campaign will allow the moms to re-connect by throwing away their embarrassment and discuss how they experienced parenting in different ways.

Who Can Apply?

It is going to be a huge campaign so be prepared for it. You can apply if:

  • You are a Canadian
  • You have kid/kids
  • You have permission to legally work in Canada

Don’t worry about the marital status or career problems. We are here to discuss your guilt, irrespective of these.


We will not provide scripts to the moms. You have to share your real life stories with passion and honesty. You should stay honest and genuine throughout the campaign. You should be conversational and approachable. We don’t want you to sugarcoat the story. Just tell how it happened and what you felt about it. It is a simple job in which, you just have to share your experience with expressions. Don’t shy laughing at yourself!

Details and Requirements

The Jigsaw Casting Directors are looking for middle-aged moms from 25–50 years of age. Women from all walks of life and experiences are welcomed to the campaign. If your best friend or sister has shared a story with you then we would love to hear it as well. If your best friend ditched you for the sake of their child then we would love to hear stories from both persons. If you are a young mom and your mom had done something embarrassing, which you may or may not know then we would love to see you both on the show.

Only locals of Toronto are encouraged to apply.

Last Date of Submission

It is ideal to submit at your earliest. However, we will not accept the applications after 9 AM on July 06.

Audition Date

The audition will take place in Toronto on July 10, 2016. You must be available to attend the auditions.

Filming Date

It is not a commercial shoot. Therefore, you can expect to invest around two hours of your time in the shooting. The shooting of this ad campaign will be scheduled in Toronto on July 14, 2016.

Payment and Facilities

The pay rate of this job is $1200 per person. If a young mom is selected with her mom then both of the applicants will receive $1200 individually. However, this payment is for the selected candidates only.

The production team will not provide transportation or stay to the selected candidates. Please apply only if you are a local of Toronto or if you live close to Toronto. We will not provide transportation, so make sure to arrange your vehicle.

How to Apply

If you fulfill all details and are willing to apply then please follow the given procedure:

  1. Please write PROJECT MOMGUILT, your name and age in the subject line. For example, PROJECT MOMGUILT, Juliet Franklin, 32.
  2. Attach at least two recent photos with the email. One photo should be a close up without hats, sunglasses, or other distractive items. The second photo should be a full frame one.
  3. Attach your resume with the email. It is not compulsory if you do not have one.
  4. Write your name, age, occupation, address, email ID, and phone number. Make sure to be specific and honest about the details. If you are a primary and registered actor then make sure to mention your agent’s contact number.
  5. Mention your union status (union/non-union).
  6. Confirm if you are authorized to legally work in Canada.
  7. Confirm your availability on the auditions date and shooting date.
  8. Tell us a little about your family, your occupation, and your friends circle. We want to know about your personality and your fun activities.
  9. Give us a little description about your Mom Guilt moments. Share the story!

Please remember that the applicants will not be compensated for the auditions. Only selected candidates will receive the payments. You must be a Canadian resident to apply for this job.

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