300: Battle of Artemisia Castings and Auditions

300: Battle of Artemisia
300: Battle of Artemisia

300: Battle of Artemisia  the sequel and prequel to the “300” has started filming earlier this year. The movie is set to release in August of 2013. Battle of Artemisia is set to begin 10 years before the events of 300. Legendary Pictures has said that Frank MIllers comic “Xerxes” is going to be the script but with a twist on it to focus on Athenian protagonist taking on the Persian king in a setting that parallels that of the original 300. This is great opportunity to be an extra in a action packed movie that packs a little punch as far at the grossness factor.

300: Battle of Artemisia follows Persian king-turned-god Xerxes who leads an army against Greek forces. Though having a little training, the Greek army are led by a great general named Themistocles. The complete plot details are yet unknown but  they will try to do a little backstory on Xerxes and they will explain how he became ‘the God King’. The directors are going to be casting a lot of extras for battles and other scenes. Keep checking back for more detail on shooting locations and times.

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