6 Myths about Model Searches, Being a Model and Modeling

Myths about Model Searches, Being a Model, and ModelingMuch like any job or career path there are both facts and myths that people like to spread to those new to their field, and modeling is no different. There are a number of different myths about model searches, being a model and modeling that we here at ModelSearchAmerica.comfeel should be put to rest. Rumors and tall tales of model searches and the modeling industry are never good for business and can often times lead to new talent walking into this business with the wrong impressions.

So we’ve found six of the biggest myths in the modeling industry and decided to address them here today:

  1. “When you attend a fashion show or photo shoot you get to keep the clothes you took pictures in.”: It’s important to know that when you attend different types of modeling job anywhere in the world that you do not get to keep the clothes that you wear when you are shooting or doing a fashion show. These are property of the designer and you are simply helping them advertise their product.
  2. “As a model you never have to pay for anything.”: This is another common myth that aspiring models hear and believe. The truth is everything is not paid for, you are making an investment in yourself. Modeling is a business that will cost you in some form or fashion. For instance if you are flying somewhere to work a job, the client will pay for your travel costs; however, if you’re flying somewhere to try and get a job, like Milan, no one will pay for that. It is an investment that is made in the beginning when you are starting out.
  3. “Once you have an agent everyone will want to work with you.”: Another myth and misconception. Just because you show up and you know how to act at a modeling shoot and an agent it doesn’t mean that you are going to have people that want to book you right away. In the beginning some models focus on getting an agent and sit back like they’ve made it, but this is not how it works. Getting an agent or some kind of representation is the first step, then landing your first client, and getting the jobs that matter.
  4. “Most model shoots are later in the day so you have plenty of time to sleep and lounge around.”: False again. You are not lounging and sleeping most of the time and you will be required to get up really early. Some photographers work by light, so you will get up really early. You may take a break if it gets too hot. Sometimes you work a  night shift, so you are shooting all night.
  5. “Being a model is all about having fun and living a glamorous life.”: We understand that modeling sounds fun, but it appears more glamorous than it actually is. It is not such a fabulous world all the time because it is WORK. There are good days and bad days, as well as great co-workers and those who make the job difficult like any other job. So it’s important to know that you will have to work to be successful and deal with.
  6. “As a model you can’t eat a lot.”: Models don’t eat, is a big myth. Half of our job is our body and maintaining that so models eat a ton. All really healthy eating. You have to adjust to your work and what you eat. But models do not starve themselves.

So these are just a few myths that you should beware of when starting off in the modeling industry, and if you want to get started today we can help you. All you have to do is fill out our short application below and we will be in contact with you about starting your modeling career.

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