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Headshots are a critical piece of a models portfolio; it is your resume and a representation of you and your work. A dynamic model headshot can be the difference between booking the assignment or not. Every model in the business needs a good headshot, one that the client can differentiate from the other models.

Obviously you will need a good photographer. If you are just starting out as a model a great way to get your portfolio pictures and a great headshot is by doing test shoots. A lot of models scuff at the idea of doing work for free but ask yourself this: How do you expect to have a models portfolio to show a client at an audition? How will you get your portfolio photos if you do not have $1500 for a professional fashion photographer and $150 for hair and makeup? You cannot show up to a “Go-See” with your Instagram selfies and expect to book an assignment. Headshots are an integral part of a models portfolio.

Don’t use photos from a test shoot where the photographer is experimenting with new lighting or the makeup artist is working on her artist portfolio. This is because the lighting maybe too dark and the client may not be able to see your facial features or the makeup artist decided to try an Avante-Garde look which will take the focus away from your natural beauty. The client will be focused on the artists work and not your face.

If you are a beginner you will need a photographer who will be able to capture the right moments. Who can capture your eyes in a powerful way that will draw a client into the photo, establishing a strong connection that will speak volumes. Remember that a headshot is a close-up shot of your face, always slightly work the angles of your face and remember to keep a smile in your eyes. In a headshot what you are feeling and doing in that moment comes out through your eyes. So keep your emotions honest and light.

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