Casting Roles in an Ace Hardware Commercial in Denver


About the Commercial

Hamilton casting is in search of actors, models and talent to be cast in the upcoming Ace Hardware Commercial to be filmed in Denver, Colorado. The company is seeking real individuals who frequently go to the Ace Hardware to make purchases. The casting directors are also looking for kid actors who are comfortable around cameras and many people. The kids must be energetic, responsive and follow instructions with ease.

To view your eligibility for the roles, check out the casting call requisites below:

Commercial Casting Call Notice

Hamilton casting is in search for fine looking, talented individuals who have a flair for acting. Interested candidates will be given a chance to prove their skills in an upcoming Ace Hardware campaign/commercial to be filmed in Denver, Colorado.

  1. Casting Calls for Adults: (Both men and women)

Casting calls are open for all those real individuals who love to shop at the Ace Hardware stores and also have interesting and charismatic personalities. The ideal age of candidates must be in between 30s to 60s. To qualify for the part, all you need to have a contagious laugh that will woo all the ones watching the commercial, an inviting smile that traps its viewers in its charm, an expressive face, humor and quick-wittedness. Individuals that are open to playfulness, are outgoing and not camera-shy are invited for an audition.

  1. Casting Calls for children (Both genders)

Hamilton Casting is also seeking children to take part in the commercial who feel comfortable around people and are also playful, energetic and fun. The ideal age for these parts is 6 to 10. Parents considering entering their children for auditions must note that the children must follow instructions correctly and be able to listen and interact with the director and crew on the set. Children who are shy and fail to answer and follow the directions of the director will not be selected for the part.

Interested candidates must also remember that this is a paid job and compensation will be rewarded when the:

  • Commercial is aired on Television ($627.75 (pre-tax) +bonus)

  • When the commercial is aired on Radio ($278.60 (pre-tax) + bonus)

Essential Information

  • Applicants auditioning will have to make themselves available on at least one weekend from May 23rd, 2016 to May 25th, 2016 (Monday to Wednesday) in Longmont, CO for a maximum 8 hours.
  • The casting company also holds the right to run a background check on the details you provide in the email.
  • All interested candidates to play part in the Ace Hardware commercial must contact Ashley by sending an email on

  • In case of selection, the casting director of the commercial will contact you and let you know the location and appointment time.

  • When sending the email, applicants must not forget to mention the following details:

  • Their first and last name: If taking part as a family, ensure that you mention the names and ages of your entire family.

  • Please attach recent photographs of yourself, your spouse and family members willing to take part.

  • Cell number and email address most frequently used.

  • Information about the city and state you reside in

  • Occupation and nature of your job

  • Information about the nearest local Ace Hardware from your place.

  • Reason for visiting your local Ace Hardware

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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