How to Act at a Modeling Photo Shoot

Modeling Photo ShootDuring a photo shoot there are so many different variables going on that a model has to pay attention to. If you’re a beginner it’s a little daunting because it’s not just what you have to do for your job, as there are a lot of things going on around you. So if you go to a shoot for your first time or maybe it’s your first or second modeling job, you may only focused on you what you need to do when you show up. However, you have to remember you’re a part of a team and there’s lots of different things going on and everyone has a job to do. Sometimes it can be a very high pressure situation so you want to stick with basics in terms of posing, sometimes you do 8 shots before everyone is really in the groove of things. So you have to be patient with that process and know that regardless of how new you are, the point of the job is to get a great picture regardless of what is going on around you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a modeling photo shoot is may not be quite what you imagine. Models always working with different people then they worked with yesterday or the previous job. You may walk into a set and you may not know anyone at all. That can be a little bit intimidating if you are just starting out in your first modeling job. However, like most models you have to adapt to every circumstance, and with different people comes various situations and personalities every day that you’re not used to. Some photographers will give a model tons of direction and you have to be okay with that and work with that. Others may give no direction and you might feel a bit lost, but you have to adapt to that and just try to deal with every situation and know that everyone is working with together to get the same end result. Remember it’s not all about you or the photographer. There’s the lighting crew, the hair, and makeup people. You have to treat everyone with respect, they all have really hard jobs so you have to adapt to hard situations and be professional.

Some other things to keep in mind is that you should bring snacks or actual food, and don’t go out the night before. Also, it’s common when you’re learning to do something new and your building your skills that you may think too much or too hard. So if you think that having an attitude and makes you feel more confident during different types of jobs for models maybe that’s the attitude you need to have in front of the camera. However, it’s not the attitude that you need to have with the people you’re working with because that attitude can be quite detrimental to you.

So being aware that everyone has a job and it’s true that treating people nice goes a long way. Treat people the way you want to be treated. It is a people business. People sometimes don’t get rebooked because they were difficult. If you go on a trip somewhere, sometimes you’re traveling with people, and you are with a whole team of people for 2 or 3 days. If you’re difficult and not pleasant to be around, you might not be invited back so being polite and pleasant is really important.

Remember, modeling is a business about people, it’s word of mouth, everyone talks so one job goes to the next job. You could referred to the next job by the photographer, the hair person, the make up person, the stylist everyone is going to a job the next day and they’re all working so your job is to keep on working so you need to do what you need to, to keep on working.

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  1. Am 20 years old and this is something I’ve actually wanted to do, so I can truly learn how I should be feeling and what it truly means to be In the moment. To where I can learning to honestly express myself fearlessly. I currently live in Richmond Texas. I can travel to castings in Houston. For any potential work outside of the Houston area and oyt of state, lodging assistance would be needed at the moment . Am 5’11. Weight:170 shoe size:10.5. Pants size:30. Shirt Size:Small & Medium if adjustments are needed. Email

  2. My name Is Andre Barcus I am 34 year and I all was wanted to be a model. I am a people person and love to work with people and be leve in hard work and doing your best. I am open to any thing in model I like to working out at the gym and at home and ride my bike running and walking.

  3. I Am a 16 year old female always wanting to be a model model as a kid u always get told you just aren’t cut out but for some reason I never listened i wanna be heard and most importantly seen for me I will dedicate my time to this dream of mine just like you all do please don’t let your talent go away
    -the teen

  4. One thing I do know is to be professional and have class when talking to an agent or director ,makeup artist,hair stylist, etc… I want to be able to show my mom and others that I can follow my dreams and do it the right way . I want to do this also to build my confidence in myself . One Source Talent is where I would love to start .

  5. Am a 42 year old mother of 3 and a grandmother of 1. Am a navy wife an a hairstyles that love what I do. I have always want to be a model. Am a hard work an willing to travel if I had to for a job. An I can travel abroad if need be.

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