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Alternative Model
You want to be a model and you have everything that’s required but there is one problem; you have tattoos.  Most casting directors and agencies take one look at your tattoos and say that it’s too alternative that they will not be able to use you. You are starting to regret the choice to get that awesome tattoo. Well, maybe you are not a High Fashion, walk-the-runway type of model or a mainstream, commercial model maybe what you are is an Alternative Model.

What is an Alternative Model?

An alternative model is a model who does not conform or fit into the mainstream ideals of beauty. Often time’s alternative models have a personal style that represents a subculture like goth, cosplay, burlesque or fetishism. These types of models can have tattoos, piercings, body modifications or distinctive hair styles and are often called upon to promote niche products and events.

  • Being an Alternative Model does not mean being a pornographic model.

Identify Your Model Persona

Much like mainstream models you must figure out what kind of model you are going to be.  Are you a Tattoo Model? Are you a Body Modification Model? Are you a Gothic Model? Are you a Pin-Up Model? Are you a Cosplay Model? As an alternative model you have many choices and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do more than one niche.

Getting Started

After you have identified the type of model that you are you will need a portfolio and plenty of experience.  A portfolio is a book of photos showcasing a models work in essence it is a model’s resume.  To put together a model portfolio book you will need 15 to 25 of your best photographs which will include a headshot (a photo of you from the shoulders up), a mid-body shot (a photo of you shot from the waist or knees up) and a full body shot. The rest of the photos should highlight various poses that showcase your tattoos, body modification or your persona clearly.

The ideal situation would be to hire a photographer who has worked with Alternative Models and knows how to photograph them. But if you are unable to hire a professional photographer it is okay to have a friend take these pictures for you. Follow these easy instructions to get the best photos for your portfolio:

  1. Choose a friend who is good with a camera and knows how to take pictures.
  2. Take your photos with a high resolution camera. Avoid using your smart phone to take your photos. You want them to have a professional look.
  3. Location is important. Choose a nice clean and simple background. You do not want anything to distract from you.
  4. Choose several outfits, especially ones that highlight your tattoos or body modifications. if you are showcasing your hair be sure to wear clothing that will not distract from it. If you are posing as a pinup or cosplay model be sure to be in full dress and pose accordingly.
  5. When you are putting together your portfolio choose 15 to 25 of your best photos. Placing your best headshot at the beginning followed by your best full body shot do the same for the end of your portfolio by placing your other best shots at the end. You want to start and end with a great impression.

Important Tip

If you cannot take pictures on your own the best way to get your portfolio together is by doing projects that offer Copy and Credit. What this simply means is that while there is no pay for participation in the project you will receive a copy of the photos and credit for the shoot.

Are you ready?

The casting team for Ink Magazine is currently looking for beautiful tattooed women for The Annual Pin-Up issue.  Donna Grossman Casting will be holding a casting this Wednesday November 12 by appointment only.

The photo shoot will take place in New York City in the following weeks. If you are available for this project email your photos and contact information to The casting team will review your photos and if you are what they are looking for they will contact you with an appointment to the casting session. The casting session will be in the Manhattan area.

You do not need to have prior modeling experience; the only requirement is that you have lots of tattoos and a sassy attitude. As an editorial project, the compensation is Portfolio Quality Prints from the photo shoot. The usage is in Print, online and possibly a cover shot!

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


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