“And Then, I Met Albert!” Casting Models


Meet Albert is a company based in U.S, specializing in offering consultation and guidance on managing your finances. Through their app, they advice their customers on how to manage their finances more appropriately, while you take required steps from the comfort of the palm of your hands. The app lets you connect to all your accounts and you get factual recommendations on different financial services.


The company is looking to shoot a small film in the suburbs of Bay Area of San Francisco as a part of its promotional activity and they want a girl in her 20’s to be the main lead. The plot of the film surrounds around a female protagonist who is carefree in terms of spending when she receives her paycheck. As the time goes on, the recklessness of her youth driven maturity is reflected on her balances as she has to cut through her spending in order to manage her depleting financial accounts. It’s a story we all live at some point of time, where we struggle to manage our finances.

What do I Need to Rehearse While Standing in front of That Mirror?

As per the requirements of the role, you need to make sure the pleasant, fun loving and carefree side of your personality comes through. This would fit in well with the exhibition of the exuberance this role needs. However, you do not need to force it. The transition between your expressions and reactions should be effortless and you need to compound it all with an intense conviction to better reflect the struggle that the protagonist goes through. But you do not need to come across as over-dramatic. This topic is already intense and the more it gets communicated in a light-hearted presentation, the better.

Do make sure that when you flash your ID card in that mirror, you can clearly see San Francisco- California as your local city.

Where to Meet Albert and When?

So all you girls out there, you can claim to your candidacy at auditions@metamension.com, by submitting your details. Remember do not delay it by more than 2016-08-05. It’s a paid shoot.

Albert awaits!

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