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  1. Hello my name is Mia I am ten years old I have been wanting to be a model or actress for about 5 to 6 years now and been practicing my walks and everything if I could be a actress It would make my day please answer me back asap plz I’m adorable I promise

  2. Hi,I’m a 9 year old girl, and Iv wanted to be a model for about 2-3 years now, I admit, that doesn’t sound like a long time, but for the past 2-3 years, I’ve been trying to find websites like this to help me become a model/actress. Your website is so helpful,and if you could consider me for just a small part somewhere, I would be so grateful. Could you guys please read over my application and try to find auditions near Sacramento,that would be great! Thank you for your time!


  3. Hello all!!
    I’ve been pretty curious about finally getting into the modeling industry. I’m 5’6-5’7, 25 and just wanting to know if modeling is something that I want to pursue or to go back to school. You pretty much only live once and this is something I want to experience before my time comes. I’ve been told repeatedly that modeling is something that I should look into and possibly invest in. I may never appear on covergirl, but I can say that I did model at one point in time if given the opportunity to model.

  4. I am very much a go getter and not only do I have a high desires to succeed, I also have an uncontrollable need to please. I thrive on 100% attempted perfection, not only for myself but fellow coworkers as well. I am a great and motivated candidate for this opportunity. In addition, I am 5’9 and am currently 129 pounds with long straight blonde hair. I look back to hearing from you pertaining your decision.

    Thank you,

    Roxanne Renwick

  5. Hey, I’m Isaiah Washington, Zai for short.. and I don’t want to leave some sob story but i’d love a shot that’s all, atleast that way i’ll know if this is a thing to persue, I don’t have much experience except for some Eye glass modeling i did when I was younger. I always get told to model clothes because of my body shape or model because of my looks so why not ,,,

  6. I’ll 26 my height is 6 foot I always love to be a male model Since I was little Kids I always want to be A photographer I’m an outgoing person I love fashion I love h&L I love gap I love Gooch Coach Michael Kors Calvin KleinJust love her fashion

  7. 5’11, 17 years old, brown skin
    color. Most people tell me I should do models g so I want to give it a shot. I don’t mean to brag but
    I’m ripped and good looking..

  8. brown skin color. Most people tell me I should do models g so I want to give it a shot. I don’t mean to brag but
    I’m ripped and good looking.

  9. My name is Lala I am 5ft I have hazel green eyes brown hair and always had a strong passion for modeling I am a very open person when it comes to availability. I’ve always loved to be in front of the camera and taking pitchers very into make up and fashion I did acting when I was younger and would like to get back into this field

  10. Hello
    my name is Jessica and i love to be in front of the camera! people have been telling me all the time that i have a model body, and height( 5, 5)So i thought that i would sign up for your website. I would love to have a opportunity to model for you guys.

  11. Hello there. Im 17 years old and a stacking 5’3″ tall. I have light brown hair, green eyes, and a petite physique. Ive been interested in modeling ever since I can remember, so if you would like to give me the opportunity to show you what I can do, then please contact me. Thank you for reading this, if you did, and Ill be in touch

  12. Hi my name is Roberto I am a 13 years old male born 2002 July 30 I have brown eyes black hair both of my dipoles I have the courage to lead by example I am ready to start my career and succeed at what I love best which is acting and modeling thank you.I am ready to be noticed

  13. Acting, modelling, singing and dancing are the cutest things I ever what to do in life and I pray that with these company my dream shall come true. Thanks to you all.

  14. Hi I am a 16 year old Interested in being a fitness model, 5’10, lean and fit body, blonde hair, light brown eyes. I enjoy sports, student council, NHS. I am a quick learner and would be very successful being a model.

  15. It’s not about just a pretty face . It’s confidence , posture, how you command a stage, etc. To be beautiful AND do those things are a all in one package. I am that package.

  16. I would honestly love to be a model or an actress I take theater classes and I love it my teacher says I got talent and about modeling I want to be a model ☺

  17. Hi my name is Andre Barcus I am 34 years old and I think I will make a good can date for the show I am a out going person that like to try new things I all way wanted to brake in to acting and make a name for my self when I was younger I stared in school plays.

  18. Hi, I’m Jordyn! I am 12 going to be 13 in October. I live in Ohio and I love doing photoshoots and getting just pictures done in general and would love to become a model! I’m an athlete and a tomboy but I can still look like a girly girl and that’s one of the reasons I’d enjoy modeling.. Especially for a name brand like Nike, under armour, etc..

  19. Hi I’m not really interested in acting but I would love to model. I’m finally breaking out of my shyness and I’m becoming outgoing. I’m 14 about to be 15 in March. I really would love to model!!

  20. Hi there. My name is Carlye Fenner. I live in Maryland & I have been pursuing my dream to be an actress/model. I’ve always wanted to be an extra in movies, lend my voice to cartoon/movie characters & to be a model for fitness magazines, or a stylish magazine. I have no personal experience in acting and/or modeling, but IF I ever get a chance at an opportunity like this, I’d be very thrilled! I do consider myself talented & I would absolutely love to get out into the acting/modeling world & show everyone the talented side of me! Whoever reads this can look on the website I typed in the “Website” line & type in my Talent ID & my Comp Card/Resume can be looked at. My Talent ID is 103756. Anyway, thank you for your time & patience to whomever may read this.

  21. i just would like to say thank ahead of time thank u looking at my pics an if you enjoy them if u like if you think i would be a good use to your model for you then contact me then if you like whet you see thank an enjoy your day

  22. Hi guys my name is bella i am 13 turning 14 on january 18th i have always wanted to be a model because i have always been photogenic well from what i have heard but i do not look 13 from what people say they all say i look at least 16 im very mature for my age i have wavy brunette hair blue eye 5’4 weigh 125 (most of my body is muscle ) i play basketball softball volleyball and track my grades are very good A average its just has always been my dream to model please get back to me thank u for ur time!

  23. I’ve been told that I’m pretty several times before. I never used to believe it, but now I can look at myself in the mirror and finally think of myself as attractive. I have to be honest I’m kind of shy when I comes to meeting new people, but I feel completely different when I’m in front of a camera.
    I would like to model for any clothing store that sells juniors clothing.
    I am energetic and fun and I would love to model your clothing for others to see!!!!!

  24. Hi I am kiara battle I have brown hair and brown eyes I am 11 and looking in to being a model or an actor I have had a little acting experiences and modeling It my dream and because my family isn’t going well with money I wanted to help out wit the rent and money issue so I study to become a actor and a model so if you would pick my application I would be really grateful

    Sincerely:kiara battle

  25. Hi my name is destinee I’m 21 years of age and I’ve been modeling every since I was 18 I’m just trying to Get known. I am very talented and is a persistent person. I believe I have what it takes to become a model.

  26. hi im a great person i like to be in the camera and i like to sing and act to make you laugh and things and i would like to be a acter one day or a singer//

  27. I’ve never modeled before but my cousin wants me to try it with him I I decided to look into it and honestly it seems like fun I would love to try it out.

  28. hi, I’m 5″8 123 pounds, have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m been trying to get into modeling and acting, I’m not shy and I’m very outgoing. please get back to me, thank you!

  29. Hello, My name is Francesca. I have always dreamed of being a star!! When i Saw it was Lab Rats, I literally went nuts!! It is my dream to be on this show!! I am very outgoing, smart, funny, and have lots of energy. I would say I am full of personality. This is my dream!! I am a dancer, singer and hoping to be an actress. Please give me a chance and you will not be sorry.

  30. Hi, my name is Carlye & I live in MD. I’ve been wanting to get into acting/modeling for a long time. I’m still uncertain of where I should start. I’ve heard that a lot of Talent Agencies ask for a whole lot of money & unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of right now. Anyway, I’m hoping that I can start somewhere & get an idea of who can help me get started, because this is something I really want to do. I’d love nothing more than to be an actor/model.

  31. I forgot to mention, my apologies, that I am 13 years old now and will be entering 8th grade (wish me luck). I am also a New York girl. I live in a small town called Elbridge, NY.
    Remember, persistent!
    ~Heaven MacCormack

  32. Hi. My name is Heaven (obviously). I’m a very persistent person that never lets go of her goals and dreams for life. Three of my dreams are becoming a successful model, becoming a actress, and finding the person who made alarm clocks. First off, I’d be a PERFECT model. I am officially tall, at 5’11. I have shoulder length thick wavy dirty blonde hair, big hazel eyes, and awesome fashion (In my opinion). I also work very well with people. I have the traits of, easy going, care free, funny, bubbly, reflective, and principled, but not too principled. I never had a modeling job, but I am very photogenic. I guess everyone starts somewhere though, right? I would be awesome at acting because, well, everything listed above, and that, I’m just a straight up awesome actress. I do drama class and Im like, the best in my class! I mean, not to brag but, you know. The best thing about me, is that I KNOW my limits. I don’t mind dying my hair if I must, but only natural colors. I don’t want to come out on stage looking like Katy Perry just did my hair (It’s not you Katy, it’s me.). I also don’t mind wearing makeup. I mean, I do it myself. But I don’t make myself look like I got punched in both eyes six times if you know what I mean.
    As you can see, these two jobs, would be a great start for me. Please give me a chance!
    ~Heaven MacCormack

  33. Hello my name is marcellous and I am 140 lbs , 6 ft tall, 15 years old and also African American. I would love to be a model for a business or a extra in a film.I’m really motivated and eager to start my career as male model and\or and actor\extra.

  34. I am 15, almost 16, I am 5’2-5’3. I weigh 125. I would love to become a model. It’s a dream. Am I a good size for a model?? I’d love to be a model for America eagle and stores like them.

  35. Hi, my name is Taylor and ever since i was younger wanted to be on TV or modeling or any type to pursue my passion for the entertainment business, also looking forward to start off my career on the right path.

  36. To however it may intrest,
    I have never modeled before but i am willing to do anything and i will assure you i will try my hardest to make you proud. I think modeling will be right for me because whenever I take my own pictures i take it so serious. and I think i know how to positio. my fave and body to get the results your looking for. I truly do hope I get the opportunity to model.

  37. Hello, my name is Astoria and I’ve been trying to launch my career in modeling or acting but most places I’ve tried out for just want my money and is a rip off. I’ve always been told that if a career really wants you they will pay you that you don’t have to pay them.

  38. Hey! My Name Is Jymalisa Welch. I Am 20 Years Of Age & I Am From Ohio. At The Age Of 5 I Have Always Had A Passion For Modeling & Acting. I’ve Always Been Acting Like I Were An Actress Playing In A Big Role In Front Of My Family And Friends. Ive Also Take Photos To See How I Would Look Posing Behind Scenes & That Big Camera. To Join This Career Would Make Me Extremely Homored & The Happiest Woman Alive To Fufill My Dreams! Can You Guys Please Help Me Make My Dream Become Reality? I Will Hope To Hear From You Guys Soon! Thank You
    – Jymalisa Welch

  39. Hi! I’ve had two modeling experiences in the past I would love to get into modeling and acting! I got on this website hoping that I can get more auditions! Modeling and acting is my dream thanks!

  40. Hi! I’ve had two modeling experiences in the past I would love to get into modeling and acting! I got on this website hoping that I can get more auditions thanks!

  41. I believe that everyone one is perfect but some want to start there dreams before it is to late to become something everyone said you can’t your not pretty or good enough to being something you wanted to do your hOle life and I am one of these that are ready to take off

  42. Hello I’m a outgoing always love to be in front of the camera rather it’s for modeling or acting a role for a film Red Pearl and did some modelling for my community I’m really excited and motivated to start.

  43. Durant Oklahoma, 74701, may 14 2015. Interested in modeling, possibly acting. Out going, friendly, fast learner, bilingual know some spanish. Im 5’7 blonde hair, hazel eyes.

  44. I am the new model face. I have been in a few thing in my area even advertisements and hair shows. I am an African American 24 year old woman who weight is 132 and height is 5’10. I am a straight up and down stick with no curves. I am diverse and have a lot of sass and this is what companies need. If you are looking for a new model that looking to take it to the next level, then email me….. Thanks

  45. Love acting and interacting with different people and sceneries
    Exploring life and gaining fulfillment in what I love to do!!!!

  46. Hey I’m Kimberly Cadenas I’m 14 and ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved modeling. I actually am a Barbizon graduate. But ever since I finished school I haven’t done anything.

  47. Hello my name is Jessica Neal I’m 4″11 238 pounds. I have been interested in becoming a (BBW) Big Beautiful Woman model for such a long time now. This is my very first time ever doing this but i feel I am the perfect canidate for the industry because I know how to bring it. I also have the perfect face and the perfect smile for the job. Thank you in advanced for the opportunity to work with you….

  48. My daughter Vanessa will be 4 in May, she is biracial and absolutely stunning little girl! She is extremely smart for her age. Very wide vocabulary has wonderful manners, super big heart and cares so much about others. She has so much to offer to anyone and everyone. If you ever meet Vanessa she will always have a place in your heart I promise you would never forget this little girl. Vanessa loves the camera she is extremely photogenic if you take a camera out around her she will be the first in front of the camera saying “cheese” she loves the camera and she is alway so happy. When Vanessa smiles everyone can’t help but smile. Her smile is priceless.

  49. Hello I’m Nakia Smith and I believe I have what it takes to become a actress,host,or model. I’ve performing in front of crowds since I was nine yes old. I’m very photogenic, some people say that I transform like a camilion. I enjoy doing stand up comedy and hosting events in my free time. I live to make people laugh and to be in stop light. I’ve tired many things but nothing give me joy like be a entertainer.

  50. I have a lot to offer. I am very friendly and I have a great personality I would love to model and act it is what I do best. I am very easy to get along with.

  51. Me being able to become something I love for a living will be more than just a dream come true but an opportunity to help other girls understand that they don’t have to give up what they love because of money or what others say.

  52. Hi, my name is Zaneya. Im 15 years old 5″2 1/2, 100 lbs, I have Ruby Red and Black hair shoulder length, clear skin with no acne, very nice lips. I believe that I would be the perfect candidate for a modeling career. I have a gorgeous smile, even though I Dont like to smile a lot. Every where I go people ask me do I model, when I tell them no they say I should try it. They say I have a nice shape, long legs, and almond shaped eyes. Iam very motivated with everything I do. If I get a modeling gig, it would be my top priority.

  53. I want to be a model I really think I have what it takes an my motto is live it to the fullest an becoming a model I think would be living to the fullest

  54. Hello my name is Lucia. I am a vibrant and outgoing 10 year old who loves the spotlight! Would enjoy the opportunity to shine!

  55. Hi I’m Gwen I’m 14 years old and I weigh 111 pounds and I am 5’7″and I have long straight blonde hair. It has been my dream to be a model or an actor since I was little I will do anything to make that dream become a reality. I’m photogenic, determined and bold with a creative and funny personality. Many people have told me that I should become a model so I’ve now taken their advice and I’m trying to follow my dreams. If you would like to find out more about me my Vine is That Gwen Girl my Facebook is Gwendolyn Erwin (if you want to contact me through Facebook please only private message me) and my email is

  56. My beautiful 6 yr. old daughter Hannah Grace Schreiber would be perfect for this! She is very outgoing ,Silly,Sweet , loves singing, dancing and so much more ! She has a Very unique personality!

  57. Hi my name is Avery. I’m looking for a job in modeling. I am male, 16, 5’8 and I weigh 128. Many of my friends have told me I would be a great model. I have studied various poses. I am absolutely open to androgyny and I have done it many times in the past with great success. I’ve been featured in the town newspaper due to my success at the Princeton art center. I have won various numbers of Costume contests and I am very very motivated. My facebook is Avery Rathbun

  58. Hi my name is Carmen I am 11 years old I go to school I have brown hair brown eyes 5″ foot and I would love to model it would be an honor and I would take time and effort into this passion I also cheer

  59. Hi my name is Emily and I’m 18 years old. I am 5’5” and I’m good physical shape. I have red hair and some freckles and I would love to do any small modeling job.

  60. I’m 10 years old I have been in a fashion show with a professional stylist.i have been in acting plays I’m in a special arts program for my art I also was in a program for dancing and acting it was called yazzy I was in the newspaper for it. I also was in a parade and it got me on the news for I think you should choose me and I promise you you won’t regret it.

  61. You wouldnt often meet a person as such as myself I’m a person you won’t forget have a big personilty very good at getting into whatever character I am a asked to play…ect. Thank you for your time!

  62. I’ve wanted to be a model for Nike for a long time. My sister did some designing for Nike, shorts, socks, and I think a pair of shoes. I’m am 5’3 13 year old who weighs 92 lbs. I play soccer, basketball, and I do track. I have a tan because I’m half Mexican. My hair is curly (can be straightened) and goes down to about to the end of my shoulder blades when curly. My eyes are brown and I have no acne. My feet are about a size 7 1/2 to an 8. I haven’t had any experience modelling but I’ve been told i am photogenic. Im in 7th grade. I’m slim for my age and height. Im not shy at all and I can do a lot of things. I’m a fast runner, long distance runner too. (I did a half marathon when I was 11) and I am flexible; I can do the splits, and a backbend. One bad thing is that I have braces. They are black right now but my teeth are white and straight. Please feel free to reply. 🙂

  63. You Want It? I Got It! Modeling Is My Husband. I Don’t Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Without It. I’m Beautiful In The Inside & Out. If My Personality Doesn’t Amaze You, My Drive & Talent Will.?

  64. Hello my name is Lisa Rainey I’ve been doing runway shows for over 5 years such as fashion week and swim shows and shoots. I am a very fierce walker, 5’11 tall and thin with golden dark florescent brown skin. I’d love to hop on the runway, strut and actually make money to do what I me anytime. I’m your girl!

    • I’m 16 years old 5’4 with a fit body type more on the leaner side rather than bulky side I weigh about 110lbs I would like to get Hollister at some point and eventually get into nike.

  65. I realy feel acting is there for me. I can tear up for anything even a song . I think im raedy for anything you bring . I want to make people happy. I want to look at the tv and say thats me. I want to be free. I people they would say thing about me . Like i had no talent made me feel that way. Acting it make me feel the brecse in my breth .I want to be me .I want to act . So please do this for a 10 year old.Do this for me.I hope i took the time to contion you .Even if i dont get in thank you for your time .Thank you for leting me have my once and a life time! 10 year old Britney!

  66. I’m 5.8 medium brown skin athletic build extremely Handsome nice smile( gap) very funny out spoken I would love to start something new I love taking pictures modeling is the right career for me.

  67. Im sharain and i love you model and act its so awsome but i been told so many times that it will be a good fit for me i go to the met and im in connect the dots and i model but i want somthing more sarious i been wanting to be a model for several years now thanks for your time

  68. Im 5″2, brown hair, brown eyes,long eye lashes , big lips, currently my hair has been cut nd styled into a bob . Im in high school this is my freshman year and I have always wanted to be a model or on television. I am interested in any kind of modeling except nudes nd if my look is to be changed I will do that. Thank tou for your time have a blessed day.

  69. It is my passion and my obsession. Live, laugh, breathe photography. I have not done any published work, however i do have expierence. Not very tall, standing 5’2″ with a killer smile served with a side of dimples. Print modeling is my go to.

  70. Hi I am 20 yrs young 6’5 slim dark skin guy from Dallas. Im a very good actor I’m very funny as everyone say lol I’m laid back and quiet at times but I’m a fun person to be around. I wanna try something new in life for as modeling and acting.

  71. I’ve been in all plays since kinder Gordon, my dream is to be a actress, some one please give me a chance and i’ll prove my skills. I’m now 31 , its still a dream to me. I’m willing to do everything and anything to get to my dream, i’ll promise you’ll love me. Securely Crystal Daniels

  72. Hi. My name is jessica, I am a 23 years old woman. I love modeling and I pretty sure I can do it. I’ve done many many shoot and runway. Im open to all type of model, I hope we consider me if we want some changes needed I will ready to do it. Thanks

  73. Hi , my name is amani fisher i’m 5’8 I’m Jamaican (FULL) chocolate skin with dreads (NOT TALL) and i Love clothes and modeling and i would love to get the opportunity of being a model for You guys . I’m a hard worker and i follow instructions very well. I would do any tasks u guys put before me with no hesitation i live for this modeling thing

  74. I’m Robert I’m 20 years old I was paralyzed by the swine flu vaccine in 2009, I’m 5’5 but I’m in a wheelchair, I have brown hair and blue eyes, I’m open to all type of modeling jobs, I will change my appearance if needed, please consider choosing me 🙂

    • [CASTING CALL] – Male/Female Needed for Americas Mart Seeking aspiring & gallant Models.. Any Ethnicity. Ages 17 and up. REQUIREMENTS: 4’6″ or taller, size 2 – 8. Pay Rate: TBD Must submit contact info (Full Name, Phone #, your height/age/location/size/etc.), 1 Head shot, 1 Body shot, and send your resume via email.

      Kind Regards

  75. I need this modeling job. I’ve been searching for years now but I couldn’t get one. I’m so happy to get this opportunity.

  76. I would love to be a model I am 10 years I would love to be a magazine model for tons of diffrent stores modleing is my dream my passion

  77. Hi I would love to be a model I am 13 years old and since I was 7 I have wanted to be a model for magazines for popular stores like delias American eagle wet seal and other places like those that have fashionable clothes I have a pashion for fashion and it would be an amazing job to have as a model

  78. I would love to model but everyone tells me I won’t make it.
    I’m 12 and would love to model! I’m almost 13 now. It’s my dream to be a model.
    Thanks for your time! 🙂 Xx.

  79. I have just filled out my first ever application for a spot on a tv show, preferably one that allows me to be myself, like on TNT The Hero. I have enjoyed watching it thus far and would really like to be pushed to my limits in a adventurous type of show that has the same dynamics! If there is, I”m your guy!!!

  80. Hi, I am Heather LeMier, I am interested in doing modeling. I always get told I take beautiful pics and should try to start to model, so here I am trying to get my career going. Thank you for your time and please help!

    Thanks a bunch, Heather

    • [CASTING CALL] – Male/Female Needed for Americas Mart Seeking aspiring & gallant Models.. Any Ethnicity. Ages 17 and up. REQUIREMENTS: 4’6″ or taller, size 2 – 8. Pay Rate: TBD Must submit contact info (Full Name, Phone #, your height/age/location/size/etc.), 1 Head shot, 1 Body shot, and send your resume via email.

      Kind Regards

  81. Hi, I’m Haily and I am 22. I would love to get into modeling I’ve done a couple of photo-shoots for myself and loved it. I am a thicker person with hips, but I feel you shouldn’t have to be skinny to pursue modeling. I would love a chance to show prove I can do it. If you could get back to me about things in my area it would be great and I’d be very appreciative.



  82. My name is Alvaro Cheherlian and I’m 18. I’m physically disabled due to a medical condition. I would like to get my foot in the door, well my chair in the door, to become an actor.


    • [CASTING CALL] – Male/Female Needed for Americas Mart Seeking aspiring & gallant Models.. Any Ethnicity. Ages 17 and up. REQUIREMENTS: 4’6″ or taller, size 2 – 8. Pay Rate: TBD Must submit contact info (Full Name, Phone #, your height/age/location/size/etc.), 1 Head shot, 1 Body shot, and send your resume via email.

      Kind Regards

  83. My name is Marcus Adams. I’m 19, 5’11, black hair, brown eyes, average build. I’ve graduated high school and completed 4 drama courses with proficiency. I have been on television 3 times for stage performances. I can also write, edit, direct, short films and strories. I am particularly interested in a role for this movie because i have been thinking of various ways to come up with a sequel for this movie. I predominantly wanted Thorton to reprise his roll as Willie T. Stokes as well as Brett Kelly who played Thurman Murman, Ajay Naidu in another cameo appearance, Lauren Gramham as Sue, myself as Thurman’s friend, and of course Tony Cox making his release from prison with his “prune-faced” wife. I will deeply appreciate the oppurtunity for this role or any role availble. It would just be an honor and a relatively good jump start on my acting career.

    • [CASTING CALL] – Male/Female Needed for Americas Mart Seeking aspiring & gallant Models.. Any Ethnicity. Ages 17 and up. REQUIREMENTS: 4’6″ or taller, size 2 – 8. Pay Rate: TBD Must submit contact info (Full Name, Phone #, your height/age/location/size/etc.), 1 Head shot, 1 Body shot, and send your resume via email.

      Kind Regards

  84. hello im 6’4″ 230 mixed race and im looking to try to become an actor or model. i did an app and added a photo with it my look can change and very into anything that you are looking for. please contact me via email or phone. hope to hear soon.

  85. I’m just looking to be an extra in Transformers 4. I love the movies, all of them – the TV show began my obsession when I was old enough to understand at 4, and the movies and messages are so moving. I’m a Medical Dosimetry student, so this would just be something to add to my Transformers experience. Huge, huge fan. Would be a dream come true!!

  86. I am 18, 5’11”, 165lbs. I went to Las Vegas for a Model Search America modeling and acting audition when I was 12 and I got called back by Acme and a couple of other names, but that was a while back and I am definitely ready to start up a career out of acting or modeling. I would really appreciate an opportunity.

  87. Got a chance to work with Tiny n Shacanna from Family Hustle when thy were here in Aug I am a Hairstylist n I Model and I work for Diamond Remi a Fashion World Hair Line they also own Bohyme Hair I am their stylist or the hype hair magazine I also platform for the Bronner Brothers I would love to be on the scene an extra a model a janitor whatever you need I love the show and would love to work amongs the team. Tank you, Shenette Mitchell aka Ms Gifted Hands my resume is the website I included.

  88. I am submitting my application for the show “The Bridge”. I have checked into the show and its role information, I know its a shot in the dark but I would love more than anything to out for the role of Daniel. I’m well inspired and can portray the role of a fun-loving, reckless, and yet charismatic guy rather positively. If you could please inform me of auditions occurring in the Miami area it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks have an awesome day.

  89. I just put an application in for being an extra on any shows that are being done in Las Vegas.
    I am very young for my age and look at aging as “an age of elegance”
    I have just been an extra on “Behind the Candelabra” with Michael Douglas. Please look over my application and inform me on anything that is going to be done in Las Vegas.

  90. I’m 17, 4′ 11″, have blonde hair, blue eyes, I’ve been in an acting school, submitting to agencies and graduated from high school a year and a half early to pursue in the entertainment business. This has been a dream of mine for years. Please contact me on opportunities and thank you for your time.

  91. I’ve been trying to start a career with acting and modeling but alot of the agencies were schools that wanted my money. But I have been told that i should act and model because of my personality. I love it ! Ive modeled for my community’s fashion show. Ive also done photo shoots on model mayhem. Im so ready for you guys to notice me !

    • Hi im 6’1, 16, currently going to school. Brown eyes black hair. It would be an honor to appear as ane extra, or have a role in the show. Thank you for ur time. 🙂

    • Me to ever since I was a little boy IV always wanted to be an actor I even used to do an after school program acting at this movie club in Chicago but then I Moved to the south suburbs and my talents were never recognised and I’m hoping this time around my talents will get noticed like they should have years ago so I can live my dream.

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