Asian Actors and Models Needed for a Performance

asian model needed for a performance

Here’s your chance to make it to the big stage. If you are an Asian model or actor and have the talent, then apply to be apart of this performance.  Announcing casting calls for the upcoming block buster theatre play “Sagittarius Ponderosa”.

We are seeking talents for various featured roles. The casting call has been issued for New York’s local as well as off-station residents, aspiring for an exuberant career in theatre and who want to work for paid featured and background roles.

Casting Call Details:

  • Sagittarius Ponderosa – Theatre Company Auditions

  • Call Type: Equity Principle

  • Contract Type: Transition; Compensation $270 for rehearsals, $360 for show performances

Save the Dates:

  • Once the cast has been finalized, full-fledged rehearsals will start from 26th September, 2016.

  • Load-in and technical operations regarding the play are to be done from 17th to 22nd July, 2016.

  • First show is to be staged on 24th October, 2016 and will be regularly staged until November 19th, 2016.

Auditions Details:

  • Seeking Equity Actors for various lead and side roles in theatre play Sagittarius Ponderosa

  • We are seeking American citizens of Asian descent, as per the requirements and core theme of the play. Local actors of New York will be preferred but aspirants from vicinities and other states are equally encouraged to apply.

  • The auditions will be conducted as per the prevalent Equity Principle rules and regulations.

  • Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

  • A monitor will be provided to aid the actor during the course of the auditions.

  • Slides will be provided to aid you during the auditions.

  • Remember to bring your Equity Membership Card. You will not be auditioned without your membership card.

Roles Offered and Character Break Down

Following roles are open for auditions for Asian-American Actors

Archer – an Asian-American transgender in his mid to late 20s, his father a weak and aged man is suffering from the last stage of terminal illness and would breath his last anytime soon. Archer who is still called Angela by his family is heading on his way back to his home in located in Central Oregon to see his father and be by his side during his last moments. Being a transgender, he always found himself as different, distanced and inarticulate from his ‘normal’ yet strange and bewildered family. And it was this feeling of being misfit and lost that he made the most important decision of his life of leaving his home for good where his life was stuck and falling apart. By nature, he is a kind, sensitive and humble person and is often found engulfed into deep confusions and despair. He has a potential to be social, loving and outgoing, yet, due to his behavioral tantrums and frequent mood swings due to his sudden outbursts of overwhelming emotions from his surroundings as well as from his within. It is because of this that he carries a demeanor of stunned hesitance and lack of confidence in his personality.

Pops – an Asian-American cisgender guy of around 50 to 60 years, living in Central Oregon in a small and cozy cottage at the brink of Ponderosa pine forest with his wife and a grown up child Archer who has left him to make his own independent life. He is suffering at the last stage of terminal illness and is missing his only child who he wants to be by his side when he breathes his last. Pops is a happy, kind, he is humble and has a pleasant personality and loves watching ESPN in the evening and devours good food. Due to his pleasant, supportive, friendly and non argumentative demeanor, he is the force binding his family ties.

Owen – an Asian-American cisgender young man, in his middle to late 20s. Own is currently serving as an intern at the nature conservancy and habitat for migrant animals. He is a sociable, lively, talkative extrovert who carries an aura and audacity of friendliness and high confidence. He has a huge knowledge about environment, nature and birds and animals and possesses a passion for nature’s conservation and preservation. Belonging to a native American ancestry, he often times laments and moans that it is too late for him to inquire about that side of his family and ancestors for the things he is working on and paying to learn in school

Extras: There will be plenty of opportunities for models to be apart of the performance as background fillers

How to Apply?

Remember to include an updated résumé along with your application, entailing your relevant credentials, experience and complete contact details.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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