Auditions and Callback Tips

What you read at an audition is the key to gettting that role that you are auditioning for. Here are a few tips to help you get that audition that you have been waiting for and also help you with the callback once you have made the perfect first impression. Think about it this way… you have gotten the audition and have made it this far and for most people that’s the hardest part.

Make sure you use the monologue that fits your personality the best and one that you have worked on and practiced. Some general auditions ask for a classical and a modern piece. It’s best to have two of each prepared in case you are asked to perform another. Stay away from dialects and accents unless it is asked or expected of you according to the play you’re auditioning for,try to prepare something that represents your life style and in some way touches you but don’t choose a piece of anger with lots of yelling.  No one likes to be yelled at, especially the casting directors.

Try to be relaxed this means dress comfortably you are not there to impress the directors on your dress style. Young Mother/Father: slacks or a skirt for women; slacks and a nice shirt or sweater for a man. Non-descript/General: Wear your normal street clothes, but steer away from anything too trendy. After all, it is just an audition.  If you get the part, there will be plenty of time to be anxious on set. If you don’t, move on.  They’ll be other chances. Make sure you warm up before its your turn, although it might look stupid or silly this is very important, for example  you see athletes warm up before every game in order to perform their best.

Time your monologue, and make sure it fits the time allotted. Try to cut it down to a minute and a half.  You’ll typically be offered two minutes. Don’t waste their time with excess.  The other minute they’ll spend discussing whether to ask you to do more, and if they do, no sense delaying that moment. NEVER apologize if you dropped a line, or your voice broke You’ve done your best, you’ll do better, and it’s all in the past. And at the end of each audition say Thank You, Good manners are always appreciated, and remembered and go a long way.




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