Auditions For Television Shows

Due to increasing demand, we have started to contact casting directors for auditions for tv shows.

There seems to be a lot of interest among MSA readers in acting as well as modeling, so we have been working with dozens of casting directors to provide fresh auditions and casting calls for all of the top television networks on cable television. We are also working with casting directors and agents to find movie auditions as well as commercial auditions.

Although MSA is primarily a modeling website, and acting and modeling are seemingly completely different worlds, they have a lot in common. Also, by participating in acting auditions for tv shows, movies, and commercials as well as modeling auditions and jobs, you will increase your opportunities, exposure, and experience.

As a model, you’re already developing a variety of very valuable skills that you can use as an actor.

First and foremost is the comfort ability you have in front of a camera as a model. Most new actors do not have the confidence and comfort that a model has in front of a camera, this is your first strength that will allow you to ace an audition.

As a model, you also have the ability to adapt easily to different scenarios. When you’re a photo shoot you’re asked to express certain emotions in the snap of a finger – anger, sadness, happiness, etc. As an actor you need to know how to read a script, put yourself in the character’s shoes, and act-out the way that character feels. This is easy street for any model with even a small amount of experience.

All in all, transitioning your modeling skills into acting should be simple and you’ll be sure to nail your auditions for tv shows and such.

So, there you have it. You asked for it, MSA has delivered.

To start sifting through acting auditions, simply click the network name below to find all of the auditions for that particular network.

Enjoy and good luck!


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