AXE Commercial Casting Male and Female Models

Casting teams need male and female models for an upcoming AXE commercial campaign filming in Philadelphia.  The models will portray people on the beach.  It is a typical AXE commercial, but if you are not familiar with their style then you should be research what they like to do.  Most AXE commercials start with a man spraying AXE spray on himself, and then women flocking to him once they smell the scent.  They have somewhat strayed away from that style because they have more variety in their products, but that generally is the route they take.


AXE is a brand of male grooming products owned by the Dutch company Unilever.  It is marketed toward the young male demographic stressing that their products will make girls like them.  Their spray is meant to make you irresistible!  Most of their scents are accompanied with a matching shower gel or shampoo so that you smell the same everywhere.


Male and Females, 18-26 years old, any ethnicity.

Also, looking to cast pairs of good friends who are close and comfortable with each other. We’re looking for guys who are diverse in interests, appearance, sexuality, personality or upbringing. We want to feature a spectrum of guys who have a strong sense of individuality.

Talents will be paid $1,000/person to work on the AXE commercial.

Location: Philidephia

Date: February 17th

Models must maintain consistent shape, proportions, and measurements throughout the various days of filing.  You will not be chosen simply based on your looks and body type, you must have the ability to communicate with senior-level leaders and show enthusiasm for your work.  This is a great opportunity to appear in a commercial in a top-tier company that is represented all over the world.  Also, this commercial will open up many new doors for you because you will meet industry professionals and photographers that may find you suitable for new roles in the future.


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