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About The Program

Busch Garden Williamsburg and Sparky Jax Productions are in for another hit for the season with the summer 2016 premiere of “All For One”.  It is a play based on the very famous piece of literary work by Alexandre Dumas, “The Three Musketeers” which has witnessed various modern adaptations of the original play set in the early 17th century.

The plot revolves around a man names d’Artahnan who aims to join the Musketeers of Guard in Paris, leaving behind his family in Gascony to pursue his ambition. Though it is not easy for him to join the musketeers because of the various obstacles that he will endure along the way.

About The Auditions

Following are the major details of the auditions for “All For One”:

  • The applicants must text AUDITION to 555888
  • The auditions would take place on April 07th 2016- Thursday
  • The audition check ins would start at 10:00am at the venue
  • The auditions would commence from 11:00am
  • The venue for auditions is: Orlando Circus School, 6809 Visitors Circle
  • All the auditions participants are requested to be there by 11:00am on April 07th 2016 (Thursday) when the group combat exercises would begin
  • The participants would be required to take part in the physical assessment test
  • The physical assessment would consist of some stunts and hand to hand combats
  • The applicants would also be required to stay back for the weapon combat too
  • The applicants are required to dress accordingly so that there would be no hassle during their performances
  • Any personal combat weapon won’t be welcomed at all
  • The applicants would be required to read sides and participate in few exercises as well (the selected ones)

To Apply

  • The applicants must be above the age of 18 years
  • The applicants are required to bring a non-returnable resume with them to the auditions
  • The applicants need to submit a headshot along with the resume too
  • The demo reels would be submitted to the email:
  • The given email address could also be contacted upon in case of any questions
  • The rehearsal venue would be: Williamsburg, V.A
  • The rehearsals would begin on June 03rd 2016 (Friday).
  • The show would open on July 01st 2016 (Friday) and would go on till September 05th 2016 (Monday)

About The Cast

The play contains various characters and the auditions would be held for the following roles:

  1. For the role of Milady De Winter

  • For the role of Milady De Winter a female actress would be required
  • The age of the applicant needs to be above 18 years
  • The role is of a beautiful yet deadly mastermind who would plot against the monarchy top ruin it. The role is of an ambitious young woman who would stop at just nothing.
  • The role seeks a female actress who possesses strength to rule the stage and entice the audience with the alluring charisma depicted in her acting skills and a powerful presence to keep everyone engaged as well
  • Prior stunt experience would be prioritized for the role
  1. For the role of D’Artagnan

  • This is one of the major role of the play
  • A male actor would be required for the role of D’Artagnan
  • The role is of a young and dynamic success seeker who wants to be a part of the musketeers
  • The young man is naive and along with his innocence is he well endowed with an urge to fight for what he believes in
  • The man’s character, no matter showing how much naiveté would complicate the matters of the story only to bring more interest in it
  • A dynamic and young actor (Above the age of 18 years) is required who would have amazing fight skills to enthrall the audience
  • Any experience pertaining to athletics, parkour, stunts or gymnastics would be a plus point
  1. For the role of Athos

  • The role of Athos requires a male actor
  • The age of the actor has to be above 18 years
  • This is the role of an elderly statesman
  • Athos would be the leader of the musketeers
  • This role requires an experienced actor who has polished combat skills and training with stunts
  1. For the role of Porthos

  • For the role of Porthos a Male actor would be required
  • The role would be of one of the musketeers
  • This is an extrovert, always ready for new experiences
  • The role would require an actor with experience in theatrical combating and stunt training
  1. For the role of Aramis

  • For the role of Aramis a male actor is required
  • The role of Aramis is that of a soldier who is too ambitious that he isn’t satisfied by the mere successes.
  • This role yearns for truth and guidance for which he could go to all extents
  • Also, Aramis values friendship and cherishes the bonds with all his heart
  • The role requires experienced actors in combats and those with stunt trainings
  1. For the role of Planchet

  • For the role of Planchet, a male actor would be required
  • This is the role of D’Artagnan’s servant who is jolly and lighthearted
  • The role of Planchet is that of a simple lovable person who has no ill intention for anyone
  • However, his antics would make the matters complex for the musketeers
  • An actor with comedic presence and athletic experience would be preferred
  1. For the role of The Queen

  • For the role of The Queen, a female actress would be required
  • The role is of the queen of France
  • The Queen holds a secret that is not only dear to her heart, but also deadly for the honor of her country and for the establishment of monarchy- which the secret holds the power to ruin
  • An actress is required for the role who possesses stunt experience and also had had fight training
  • An actress is required for the role with a commanding tone and a powerful and impactful presence
  1. For the High Fall Ensemble

  • For the high fall ensemble, that would contain the king’s guards, the tavern guests and the dock workers that constitute the whole story; male actors would be required
  • A high fall experience is a must have for the applicants
  • Extensive stunt training would be the requirement of the role along with fight experience
  • The actors for this would play multiple characters
  1. For the Chandelier Swing Ensemble

  • For chandelier swing ensemble, a female actress would be required
  • It would be a tavern guest who would swing on the chandelier and fall to the ground
  • This role would also play the part of a guard and a dock worker in the play
  • Experience with stunts, and fall experience is a must have
  • Stunt training and fight experience are also necessary requirements
  • The actors for this would play multiple characters
  1. For Ensemble

  • For ensemble, both male and female actors are required
  • They would be the king’s guards, the sock workers and the tavern guests in the play
  • An experience with fall is a must have (high fall), and experience with fight and stunt training is also required
  • The actors would play multiple roles in the play

Important Information

  • All the actors and actresses for each role would be paid
  • The city of call would be Orlando, Florida
  • The applicants must ensure their presence at the time of final show and the rehearsals too
  • The details, descriptions of the applicants along with their contact information must be submitted to :

Make the most of the wonderful opportunity to perform in one of the most famous plays at Busch Summer Show!


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