Capri Sun Commercial Casting Models

Casting teams are seeking talent to work on a scene filming on Monday May 22nd.  The selected models will be paid $400 per session and $1,000 bonus if you are used in the final cut of the commercial. Producers are casting models to play background extras and featured roles for Capri Sun.


Capri Sun is a brand of juice owned by a German company and sold in laminated foil pouches.  They were first introduced in 1969 in Italy then made their way to the United States where it was first sold in 1981.  Capri Sun became very popular in the 90’s with parents finding them very convenient for their children and teens while on the go.  Capri Sun became a staple at halftime of soccer games, between innings during the summer, and in after school snacks or lunches.  There have been multiple variants and flavors of the drink that expanded with demand.  Capri Sun is still very popular today with Kraft Foods as the main distributor for them in the United States.  As of 2015, 5 flavors are actually certified Kosher.


When: May 22nd

Where: Online Submissions

Filming: Los Angeles

This is a great opportunity to be in a commercial for a well known worldwide company.  Capri Sun commercials were very famous in the 90’s and 2000’s, and they are trying to market to a wider audience now.  Not only will you earn money as a background extra, you will gain valuable exposure in the industry and meet plenty of professionals that can show you what it takes to be successful.


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