Cash in the Attic: HGTV Auditions

Cash in the Attic
Cash in the Attic- HGTV

Have you ever looked at your attic or basment and saw something that you think might be worth something?? Well HGTV and their hit show Cash in the Attic might be able to help you out. If you have tons of geat stuff in your house and you think you its worth something than this is the right show for you. The producers of Cash in the Attic are looking for people that have antiques, collectibles or just cool looking objects. The show is hosted by John Senico and his trusted appraisers Tim Luke and Christine Downing.

Cash in the Attic is a show on HGTV that helps people auction and appraise items in the house that people think might be worth money. For the people in the show its a win win situation, they get to clean up the clutter all while making some extra cash.The show wraps up each episode with the family watching the auction anxiously while their items come up for bidding.

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