Casting Call for Adults and Kids in New Orleans for Marvel’s “Wolverine”


Who wouldn’t love to be a part of the spectacular science fiction X-Men’s spin off movie “Wolverine”? But here is the most anticipated opportunity for you if you live anywhere near New Orleans as the movie based upon the Marvel comic books will shortly begin filming there. Much to the excitement of the residents of Louisiana, the casting calls for various small roles have been released.

About Wolverine 3

 “Wolverine” is shooting in New Orleans under the title of “Juarez”. Hugh Jackman will be playing Logan in the Marvel’s Wolverine 3. James Mangold, the director of “the Wolverine” will be directing the 3rd instalment as well. For now “Wolverine 3” will be referred to as “Juarez”.

The movie is based upon “Old Man Logan” of the comic book story. It would be the last movie in which Hugh Jackman will star. Set fifty years in the future, the movie will tell the story of Wolverine who has retired and has been married but is drawn back to action. Marvel’s Wolverine will be rated R.

Casting Notices for Extras

Following are the casting notices but please note that you should only apply if you are a local resident of New Orleans, Louisiana as the show is only considering the locals for the roles.

Mutant Kids for Juarez

Kids aged 6 years and up till 15 years can submit an application if they are interested in acting in the feature movie “Juarez”. The working dates for these roles have not yet been finalized. But it is highly likely that it will take place sometime in June. The children selected by the casting director will play mutant children in this exhilarating science fiction movie. The pay rate for this role is $101.5 per day.

The basic requirement for kids is that they must look genuinely like ordinary kids and must not be model or pageant types. Children applying must have eccentric, distinctive and interesting looks. The casting director will select the kids after looking at the photographs. The selected children will be called for an interview later on. The photos submitted must not be photoshopped or embellished in any way (that is without makeup). Children must have natural looks in the pictures.

The pictures must be sent at if you want your children to act in the movie. Please mention the following in the email:

  • Your child’s

    • Full name

    • Date of birth

  • Your name and location

  • Your contact number

  • Mention “Kids” in the subject line

Please note that you must be registered before filming begins.

Male Adults for Federales in Juarez

Juarez is now in the search of males who have Hispanic looks and appear as if they are in their twenties or thirties max in order to play the role of military soldiers. People with real experience of military will be given preference. The interested candidates should be willing to be clean shaved and must possess a military hairstyle. Work dates for this role has not been determined yet but filming will be done somewhere in May or June. The pay rate is $101.5 for 12 hours.

If you are interested then please send most recent photographs to Mention the following in the email:

  • Your complete name

  • Contact Number

  • Caption the subject line as “Soldier”

Stand-ins for Juarez

Caucasian males having height in the range of 6’5 till 6’9 can apply for stand-in positions in Juarez. The interested individuals must have a slender built and should either be bald or must show willingness for shaving head. The working dates for stand-ins have not yet been finalized but filming will begin in May or June in New Orleans.

If interested, then make a submission at and mention the following details in the email:

  • A latest photograph
  • Height and weight
  • Location of residence
  • Full name
  • Contact Number
  • “Tall Man” in the subject line

Car Submissions for Juarez

Juarez is now in the process of accepting applications for background roles to work in the film with their vehicles. The working dates are still to be decided but tentatively filming starts in May or June. People owning new trucks and cars of 2012 models or newer can apply. Please note that the vehicles should neither be red or white. Pay rates are $101.5 for 12 hours plus additional $35 for auto bump.

If interested, then make a submission on Includes the following in the email:

  • Your and your vehicle’s photograph(s)

  • Your name and contact number

  • Color, model and manufacturing details of the vehicle

  • “Auto” in the subject line

CPR Couples for Juarez

The film’s director will choose the background role for “CPR Couple”. Works dates are yet to be determined but it is expected to be in May or June. However, the submissions are now being accepted. CPR duo is required and submissions must be done in pairs if you want to be considered for this role. The descriptions are below:

  • Cocktail Waitress: Females who are CPR Certified (must show the Certificate for verification) of any ethnicity in her twenties or thirties can apply. For this scene, the selected individual will have to perform resuscitation (Mouth to mouth) and CPR on a male. Must ideally work with a man who has the following description:

  • CPR Male: Bulky male of a stocky built of any ethnicity in his thirties or fifties who will be comfortable to perform resuscitation (mouth to mouth) and CPR on the female candidate.

If you think that you fit the description above then make a submission at Please include the following details in the email:

  • Latest Photographs of both

  • Contact Details

  • Mention “CPR” in the subject line

To be submitted to similar modeling jobs, fill out the form below

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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