Casting Call for Background Models in “Spider-man Homecoming”


The forthcoming ‘Spider-man’ movie is under production and Marvel fans will be excited to know that more small roles have been released by the casting team, all up for grabs. The movie will be filming throughout the summer. The casting requires a lot of extras to fill in a variety of roles. While the movie requires teenagers, or adults who still look like teenage students to play various roles, the movie now also requires characters to portray policemen or military type actors. The actors with real experience are required.

Last year it came to knowledge that Sony will be working with Marvel and would be sharing the superhero, “Spider-man’s character. The deal allowed spider-man to make an entrance in the Marvel’s “Captain-America – Civil War”. This marks the rebooting of the entire Spider-man’s franchise. Thus, the first of the rejuvenated Spider-man movie is now under production.

Casting Director

The casting director for the extras is Tammy Smith Casting (Guardians of the Galaxy). The casting company has previously released notices for a few roles and is now seeking non speaking background extras for the movie.

About the Production

The movie is being filmed at the Pinewood Studio Complex in Atlanta. Even though it is a Marvel Studios film, it is a Sony Pictures production.

As per the IMDB page, the plot is still unknown and the movie is being directed by Jon Watts. Jon Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein are writing the screenplay. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko have the writing credits for the characters.

Tom Holland will be playing the role of Peter Parker (Spider-man). Robert Downy Junior will star as Tony Stark (Iron Man) while Marisa Tomei will play the role of Aunt May.

Working Title

  • According to several online sources, the working title of the upcoming Spider-man film is “Summer of George”.

  • The title refers to an old Seinfield episode which aired in 1997.

  • In the episode, George had lost his job and he decided to take his summer off.

  • Chances are that the movie will also center on the same plot.

Expected Release Date

  • After the brief intro of Tom Holland in Civil War, it is expected that the spider-man will be hitting the theaters solo in July 2017.

Casting Call

Are you excited about the opportunity to be cast in the film? There is very good chance that you will be selected if you live in Atlanta. Since this is an extras call, only the locals or people at a reasonable distance ought to apply.

Please read the description below for applying. If you do not fit the description, do not lose hope as there will be a lot of opportunities for other roles.

People with Military and Police Experience

Candidates who have real military and police experience are required for the Spider-man reboot.

  • Both males and females are required.

  • The candidates must be physically fit.

  • Ages should be 21 – 55 years.

  • The candidates may belong to any ethnicity.

Important Notes

  • More notices will be published on the official website later on.

  • High school students can continue submitting. However, do not resubmit if you have already submitted once.

  • The latest notice is that of people with military and police experience.

Pay rate

  • $125 per day. Overtime will be given after 8 hours.

Filming Details

  • The movie will be filmed in Fayetteville and Atlanta area.

  • The filming will be done 20th June – 21st September.

  • For the role of military/police actors, the exact filming dates will be in this time frame but they still have to be decided.

  • 1 to 3 days will be allotted to the selected individuals.

Submission Details

Information: Include the following information in a list format in the body of the email:

  • Your legal name matching the photo ID

  • Contact Number

  • Email Address

  • City and state of residence and where you will be coming from

  • Age

  • Weight

  • Height

  • Sizes for Men:

    • Shoe

    • Inseam

    • Waist

    • Sleeve

    • Collar

    • Jacket

  • Sizes for Females:

    • Shoe

    • Waist

    • Pants

    • Bra/Bust/Cup

    • Dress Size

  • List the years of experience in police or military and mention the proficiency level as well

    • Weapon training

    • Tactical training

  • Please caption the subject line as “POLICE” and/or “MILITARY”

  • Please make sure that the men should have a clean cut. They should have short hair without beards.

To be submitted to similar modeling jobs, fill out the form below

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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