Casting Call For Couples in New TV Show


About The Show

POP Magnet Casting has opened the door for a unique television project including couples with infidelity problems for a popular cable network which aims at displaying the various problems of major concerns between partners.

Romantic relationships are a beautiful part of life,  and sometimes you will adapt and experience amazing things with your partner for a significant amount of time or forever.  However, there are some glitches and some roadblocks that may force you to part ways with your partner.

Do you think your partner is two timing?

Do you have surfacing doubts about your relationships without a concrete proof?

Does your instinct sharpen at the mention of someone’s name from your partner’s mouth?

Have you ever dealt with a cheating partner in your previous relationships?

If you’ve been nodding in affirmation for the above mentioned questions, then you definitely need to seek a couples’ therapy. With the opportunity at hand at a huge cable network program, this could not only be a reality show, but a chance to mend your relationship on the verge of a disastrous breakup.

If you are someone who is having a hard time with trusting your partner due to certain practices or have experienced infidelity but want to give your partner a second chance, then this is the time to take action. If you’re willing to try, a counseling session could be of great help to strengthen the shaken bond, if you’re a victim or guilty of infidelity in a romantic relationship or a marriage, you could be good hands when it comes to trying our best to work everything out in a mature way.  All you have to do is be open and apply.

About The Auditions

The show is aimed at highlighting the various issues pertaining to the lives of the people in a relationship where infidelity has surfaced.

They are casting couples who have faced a situation of infidelity or are dealing with one currently and want to make it a blissful one, again.

Has your current relationship suffered infidelity?

Do you want to win back your partner?

Are you open to sharing your personal experiences in the case of infidelity in the relationship?

Then this audition must not be missed by you and your partner, since real life couples are needed having experienced infidelity

  • The selected candidates would be compensated for the show
  • They would also receive the expert relationship therapy for their relationship to work out in the best possible manner with the consent of both partners and the efforts of the therapist
  • The couple could be of any type, Engaged, married, dating, straight, gay etc
  • The information of the couples would be kept strictly confidential during the casting process
  • The couples need to send their story along with 2 to 4 pictures of both of them via email
  • Email:
  • Couples nationwide are invited, so there are no geographical bondages restricting any story to be shared with the public

Let the unique techniques of the relationship therapist work their way to solve the issues you’ve been having with one another. The fact you’d be applying would be that you want to make it work but are unable to identify how.

This might not only be a chance to get rich and famous, but it may help save a cherished relationship with the person you love.

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