Casting Call For Industrial Video Shoot

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Brandon McCray, casting director of the educational video aims at educating the minds of masses through the story shared in the video so not only to fill up their minds about what it is all about but also about how to look for symptoms and address them.

About the Video

Addictive antidepressants are known to be the common remedies for the chronic mental disorder, as it sets in to never leave the victim most of the times, making them lose all the mental abilities they possess. They seem to have lost touch with reality and what’s going on around them but in actual, it is the battle they’re at which makes them oblivious and indifferent to the happenings around them and causes them to react in the most surprisingly obnoxious manner.

About the Roles

The roles required for the video are:


  1. Friend # 1

  • For the role of the first friend in the movie, a male with age between 28-31 years is required.
  • There are no restrictions for ethnicities, anyone may apply.
  • The person must possess a youthful demeanor.
  • The wardrobe requirement includes jeans, button down short sleeved shirt or basic t-shirt and casual shoes.
  1. Friend # 2

  • For the second lead character, a male actor is required.
  • The age of the applicant must be between 25-35 years.
  • This is the role of the main character’s friend; equally youthful and joyous.
  • Applicant could belong to any ethnicity.
  • The wardrobe requirements for the role include casual shoes, button down shirt with short sleeves or a basic casual t-shirt, and jeans.


  1. Parishioner – Male

  • The role of a male parishioner requires an actor within the age bracket of 21-45.
  • The applicant could belong to any ethnicity.
  • The wardrobe requirements for the role include slacks, decent shoes for men and button down collar shirt. (The Sunday best attire).
  1. Parishioner – Female

  • For the female parishioner’s role, an actress within the age bracket of 21-45 years is required.
  • The applicant could of any ethnicity, there are no restrictions based on it.
  • The wardrobe requirement for a female parishioner is a nice and decent women’s dress.

About the Shooting

  • The location for video shoot is Birmingham, Alabama. Kindly apply only if you are a local.
  • The payment for the roles in the film will be $250 for a day of 4-5 hour shoot.
  • The dates for the final shoot would be August 05th 2016 (Friday) and August 06th 2016 (Saturday).
  • The deadline for application is July 30th 2016 (Saturday).
  • Submissions are to be emailed at:
  • The applicants must possess the given details in order to be selected for the roles.
  • The applicants are required to send a headshot and a picture with the wardrobe essentials being worn as described in the role requirements.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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