Casting Call for Models and Extras in Fox’s “Shots Fired”


About the Fox’s Series – Shots Fired

The famous Fox’s series, Shots Fired centers on the expert investigator, Sanaa Lathan from the Perfect Guy. She investigates into unique cases with the help of special prosecutor, Stephan James of Selma. She is sent by the Department of Justice. Both of them navigate the public debate, media attention and social unrest that come with the volatile cases as they look for justice. The series will debut in the year 2016.

The casting team, is searching for paid background actors to work on the upcoming scenes. The series is under production and is shooting several scenes which is why the producers require some extras to play several featured roles. Actors must have a flexible schedule as the team does not have any call timings and they can call the actors for rehearsals at any time. For more information on the casting call description, keep reading.

Casting Call Notice

The team is looking for several actors to play supporters, protestors, construction workers and many other roles. The potential talents must be available for the shoot on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. The shoot location is Mooresville, North Carolina. The actors must know that these roles are paid and they will be compensated $64 for 8 hours of work. The time limit remains the same, i.e. 8 hours but at times it exceeds, but the actors will be compensated for over time. Apart from this, the team requires actors who are early birds, as the shoot will begin at 5:00 a.m. Please make sure that you have full and open availability for the roles, because you may be required to work up to 12 hours.

  • Casting Call for BG with High End Cars

The team is looking for male and female African American actors from 18 to 30 years of age. They will have to play student protestors. These protestors need to have a car such as Lexus, Tesla, BMX, Porsche or Mercedes. You can rent one if you do not have it, in order to get consideration for the role. Please remember that red, white and black color will not be considered. The car must be in great condition. While applying for this role, you must include “Your Age/Gender/Race/Upscale car 6.8 Student Protestors” in the subject line.

  • Casting Call for Supporters

The team is also looking for some females and males belonging to Caucasian ethnicity. They will be required to play supporters. If you think you are suitable for this role, make sure that you include “Your Age, Gender, Race, Supporter 6.8”as the subject.

  • Casting Call for Construction Workers

The team is in search of Caucasian male actors from 20 to 50 years of age. They actors will have to play construction workers. You must put “Your Age, Gender, Race, Construction 6.8” in the subject line while applying for the role.

  • Casting Call for Power Brokers

The team is looking for some Caucasian male actors from 40 to 60 years of age. These actors must be high and of executive level. They must have a professional personality and reflect powerful businessmen donning high end suits. Also, they must have sharp and clean looks. Please remember to put “Your Age, Gender, Race, Power Broker, 6.8” in the subject line.

  • Casting Call for Bartenders or Servers

The producers also require some male actors to play servers and bartenders. These actors must have experience for this role. Also, they must be clean shaven and have a professional personality. Please put “Your Age, Gender, Race, Waistaff 6.8” in the subject line.

How to Apply?

If you think you are really suitable for the role and are available, you must submit the following information with the corresponding subject line.

  • Full legal name

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Union status

  • Height

  • Weight

  • Contact number

  • Email ID

  • Current city

  • Current state

  • ZIP code

  • All wardrobe sizes

  • Attach the photos of yourself and car (JPEG format)

  • Car’s model, year, color and make

To be submitted to similar modeling jobs, fill out the form below

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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