Casting Call for Nike Spec Advertisement


This is a casting call for the Nike Spec Ad being produced by Guy Bauer Productions. The ad has been written by Mike Weldon whereas Amanda Smith, and Susie Shipley are its art directors.

About the Production House

Guy Bauer is a production house based in Chicago. It not only works on the productions, but also indulges in several other creative areas. Guy Bauer has worked hard to get to the point where it is now. It is still striving to make sure it becomes one of the top production houses in the United States. Guy Bauer has a big team that works together to bring the best product to their customers.


The ad shows a woman who enters a decrepit house. Right as she does so, she stumbles upon a villain but manages to escape through an open window before the villain can make a move. The reason why she is able to run and athletically jump out of the window is her Nikes.

Director’s comments

The director Adam Moorman believes this will be a great opportunity for a newbie. He states that the ad contains all the creative and exciting aspects that make an ad great. Furthermore, Adam also stated that the ad will be taking elements from the 80s style of horror movies and combining it with the most cotemporary fashion to come up with a product that is worth watching.

Adam Moorman has won an Emmy Award for his work earlier, and believes he can make this Nike spot even more amazing.

Open Roles

There are four roles open for this commercial.


This is a man who is at home on his couch watching a horror movie with his wife. He is quite surprised by how the girl in the movie walked away so cleanly. This shot is placed at the end of the commercial.

Age: 18-35


She is the woman who watches the horror movie with her husband. She is also as shocked as her husband to see how the girl in the movie ran away.

Age: 18-40


This is a supporting role. Ghoul is the villain in the commercial from whom the girl escapes. Applicants need to be physically daunting as use of facial expressions will not help much, since the face will probably be covered. Furthermore, those with a bit of awareness of comedies will be preferred since the role will require a bit of physical comedy as well.

Age: 18-50, although applicants between the ages of 25 and 35 are preferred.


This is the lead role in the commercial. A young female is required to play this character. Applicants must be physically fit and athletic. She must be able to do a couple of different athletic stunts. She must also be good at running.

Age: 18-35

Important Notes

  • Only people from Chicago-Illinois can apply.
  • Shooting will commence in the middle of September, and continue until early October.
  • Shooting will take place in Geneva and Chicago, Illinois.
  • All roles are unpaid.
  • Transportation, food, and a copy of the commercial will be provided.
  • All ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

If you think you will be able to pull off any of the roles, simply apply for an audition by visiting this link.


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