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About The Program

Relationships take a lot more patience and endurance than many of us have imagined at the beginning of one, and sometimes the unrealistic expectations hit hard and shake the base of what we perceived as the soundest relationship.

Breakups, arguments that take forever to be resolved and result in grudges or the ones simply shoved under the rug as an avoidance strategy of conflict; do not represent a healthy relation at all.

And these relationships could be that of parent child, spouses, partners, or any other bond which needs constant nurturing and understanding.


The program is a reality show which is a non-airing developmental project. This means it maintains privacy while it reaches for its goal; to mend broken ties for those in need.

In some cases closure is needed after a relationship is over, the lack of which creates more complexities and the ties are not only severed but a lasting bitterness also trails. In the show, the participants would be given a fair chance to explain their part of the story, to clear the misunderstanding or justify their actions.

For Application

If you want to mend the broken ties with your partner, family member or a friend; you may take up the opportunity while it lasts and get a chance at being a part of the show. Also if currently any of your relationships is going through a rough patch, you could try saving it rather than letting it rot on its own fueled by more misunderstandings and assumptions.

The fact that this program would not be broadcasted would help maintain privacy and let people speak up more openly without the fear of being judged by others.

  • The participants of the program would be paid
  • Their secrecy would be maintained
  • The city of call would be Los Angeles
  • The participants need to apply by submitting an email at:
  • The email has to contain your full name, contact information (phone number and email address)
  • Also mention in a description the type of relationship you want to save and history of what went wrong

This is a non airing developmental project thus the participants can easily take part in it; also if any of your friends or family members have been dealing with this type of difficulty, you can always spread the word about it.

Grab the chance to tell your side of the story and try your luck at the relationship you would like to cherish and strengthen, with professional help and a platform to speak up!

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