Casting Call for ‘Surfs up’ Commercial Series



An organization by the name of Pechanga Resort and Casino is looking for lead actors to cast in their upcoming commercial series by the name of ‘Surf’s up’ written by the creative department of the organization. The rehearsals are scheduled to take off at Huntington Beach in CA.

About the Roles

Auditions for this role are open to both males and females aged between 25 to 40 years. The scene for surfer 1 starts out in the water when the Ambassador approaches him/her. The surfer shows coolness despite of a jellyfish being stuck to the neck.

Candidates auditioning for this role should be comfortable and easy to maintain a good balance on the surfboard for long time periods. They should possess strong, exceptional swimming skills, specifically for swimming in oceans.

For this role, one should have an athletic built. If a man is selected for the role, he should be contented to go shirtless, while females will be required to perform in a bikini swimsuit.

Ethnicities: All nationalities are welcomed to apply

Media Requirements: A video reel and headshot/photo

Lead Actor: Surfer 2

Auditions for surfer two are open to both male and females aged 18 or plus. The scene starts where surfer 2 approaches surfer 1 to guide him/her on information about Pechanga’s great club card. The candidate should naturally look enthusiastic and energetic about promoting the card. Like surfer 1, surfer 2 should also be absolutely comfortable with swimming in ocean water and have a good grip of surfing boards. The entire commercial is to be shot on surfboards. Surfer 2 will be required to wear a Club Ambassador uniform even when in the water.

Ethnicities: All nationalities are welcomed to apply

Media Requirements: A video reel and headshot/photo

Details about pay & compensation

It is a non union, paid commercial with $1200 for 12 hours per day. For ADR session, $250 will also be compensated. It does not include any travel expense of the candidate and the pay calculation starts from the day of arrival on the set.

The casting department is specifically looking to hire talent from Los Angeles, CA.

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