Casting Call for Twin Brothers to Work in $6000 Commercial


Performance Type: Principal roles/Filming

Payment: $3000 + $3000

Location: Toronto

Date: Before April 01, 4PM

Required: Twin boys of 6-8 years

Email/Company Website:

Do you have twin sons who have a love for acting while playing? Well, how about bringing their hobby to the showbiz and let the world see their talent?

The Jigsaw Casting is preparing to shoot a commercial in Toronto, and is looking for twin brothers to work as the lead roles of the commercial. The twin brothers should be identical or fraternal twins. The age requirement for the twins is six to eight years.


The producers of the commercial will pay $3000 per individual to the selected twins. If your sons are selected then you will get a big payment of $6000 total.


The casting directors are looking for twin brothers with some identical features. Your twin sons may be chosen if both of them have freckles or they have red hair. The casting directors have mentioned that it would be great if the kids have some theatrical experience. If yes, then please make sure to mention the experience in the email profiles. Twin boys who can lip-sync with the voice may also be selected.

About the Commercial

The commercial is a part of a campaign. The boys are six to eight years old. They are cute but difficult to handle due to their trouble-making nature. It would be a fun set and the boys will enjoy being a part of this campaign.

  • Required Age: 6-8 years
  • Required gender: Male
  • Required Ethnicity: Any ethnicity
  • Specialty: A similar feature/ Theatrical experience would be great

Submission and Auditions Dates

The last date of submitting your email profiles is April 01, Friday. The earlier you submit your profile, the better are your chances of selection. The auditions date is April 04 before 4PM. Candidates selected on April 04 auditions will receive callbacks for April 07. The final candidates will be required to undergo fittings test on April 12. The shooting will be done on April 13 and April 14.

It is essential that all the applicants are available on the mentioned dates. Please make sure to prepare your kids for on-camera performance if they are not professional performers.

  • Last Date of Submission: April 01
  • Last Day of Submission: Friday
  • Auditions Date: April 04
  • Auditions Day: Monday
  • Callbacks Date: April 07
  • Callbacks Day: Thursday
  • Fittings Test Date: April 12
  • Fittings Test Day: Tuesday
  • Shooting Dates: April 13 and April 14
  • Shooting Days: Wednesday and Thursday

Details and Requirements

The casting directors have mentioned that you can apply for the roles even if you read this casting notice after the auditions date. The casting directors will take your individual auditions. However, they will not take the auditions if they have already selected the twin boys.

If you are interested in this casting notice then please read the submission instructions below.

Subject Line

Enter PROJECT SLEEP in the subject line of the email along with the names and ages of your sons. For example, PROJECT SLEEP – Jack and Blue Smith – age 7.


Please attach at least three recent photos including two close-up and one full body photos of the twin sons. Please make sure that the color of their hair and skin is visible in the pictures. Please avoid wearing them hats, sunglasses, or other stuff that could hide their features.


Enter the following details in the email body.

  • Names of your sons
  • Ages of your sons
  • Your primary information including your name, address, immediate contact number, and email
  • Availability on the mentioned dates
  • Any experience in theatrical performances

If your sons are professional actors then make sure to include their resume and agent’s contact information in the email.

Send the email to

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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