Casting Call for HSN Commercial in Florida

Casting Call for HSN

There is a modeling casting call for HSN (Home Shopping Network) commercials that are set to start filming in a few weeks. The casting directors are looking for models who live in Florida and are looking to get into promotional modeling with them . This particular entry-modeling job will have you modeling several products such as Start Pure Teeth Whitening and FHI Heat Hair Tools. A gig like this is a great way to gather some basic modeling experience that will prove very beneficial when you try to land other jobs in this industry.

As for this, specific modeling job for HSN, the producers are looking for models who meet a certain look and feel. This is crucial as a models appearance and ability to relate to an audience is crucial when trying to sell a product. That is why for the Start Pure Teeth Whitening modeling job they are looking for females between the ages of 40 and 50 years of ages with fair skin, blonde or red hair, and teeth that are white and straight. Those who are interested in this particular position are being asked to email their headshots to for further information.

The casting call for the FHI Heat Hair Tools also has it’s own set of requirements that they expect models to meet to have a shot at making the cut. These things simply include the fact that each model must be a female who is between the ages of 30 and 60, while also having either long , medium or short hair. Your hair is expected to be in good condition and have good texture in your hair to be a part of this particular job assignment. Those who are interested in this promotional modeling job are also expected to email their heashots to to get more information on the job and where they will need to meet. You can also choose to sign up with us today to get additional information on future modeling jobs.

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