Casting Call for Models on Bravo Reality Show

Casting Call for Models on Bravo Reality Show

If you’re a person who has an interest in fashion modeling jobs, as well as interest in being on television we have the perfect casting call for you. The Bravo television network will be filming an open casting call on their show “Blood Sweat and Heels” as cast member Mica Hughes will be conducting a casting for her modeling agency. The casting will be for Hughes news fashion event, “Mica Pop Runway” taking place on September 2nd at The Empire Hotel in New York City. The casting directors will be looking for both male and female models of all ethnicities, but they are asking that the talent be between 17 and 40 years old and at least 5’8″ or taller.

The Mica Pop Runway show is set to take place at various restaurants and other events across New York, which can only mean more exposure and experience for you. As previously stated Bravo will be filming the casting as a part of “Blood Sweat and Heels” as a way to look into how Mica Hughes conducts her daily life. However this also will give a brief glimpse into what aspiring fashion models will have to be subjected to during the evaluation process of a casting call for models with and without experience.

Those who are able to secure a spot for this project will be able to consider themselves very fortunate as they have the chance to audition for a fashion show and audition for a Bravo TV show. This type of experience can be similar to being casted as an extra in a movie or television show, and you will be able to add it to your resume. This way if you ever decide to transition over to television you will have some experience to lean on.

So if you want a chance to land a spot in the Mica Pop Runway show and earn a spot on “Blood Sweat and Heels” then take out the time to sign up with us today. We’ll make sure to get your information out so that you can be involved in this project along with others in the future.

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  1. my name is Andre Barcus I am 34 year old and all way wanted to brake in to acting and modeling I love to work out at the gym and ride my bike and take walks I think I will make a good can date for the show and love to travel and meet new people and love to paint and draw for fun.

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