Casting Models for Men’s Grooming Products Commercial


Alluvian Men’s Grooming Products is looking for male and female models to star in one of their upcoming commercials.  Looking for a man who is in his Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s. You must be handsome with real character and a weathered face. If you have a beard, that is even better. Grey hair is not an issue, as long as you are able to carry it well.

Audition Requirements

You will be required to wear a plastic trash suit on Lake Michigan for one half of the day, and for the other half, you will be in a business suit on the beach. We are looking for someone who can easily carry both looks. Men auditioning for this role must be professionally trained.  The rate for this role is $500.

Audition Requirements for Females:

Looking for a woman in her Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s, someone who has timeless beauty and great personality. The role is funny, but needs to be played out in a subtle way. She will be wearing a bathing suit.

The rate for this role is $250

Important Note: Both, the male as well as the female roles are non-speaking roles but we are looking for people who have had some experience with acting.

Audition Guidelines:

The auditions will be held at Chicago, IL (exact location will be disclosed later)

Auditions will take place at the end of July, the last date to apply is 7/31/16.

Males and females auditioning for this role must be between 25 to 35 years of age.

No restrictions on ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Production type is web.

General Requirements:

All interested people must send 2 candid photos in jpeg format. One picture should be a close up, while the other should be a full body photo. Males must submit a photo of themselves dressed in a suit. Women must submit a photo of themselves in a bathing suit. No selfies will be entertained.

Make sure that the pictures are taken in proper lighting. Avoid wearing sunglasses and hats in the pictures. Make sure that all these picture requirements are met; the better the photos you sent us, the more you increase your chances of hearing from us. All photos must be named with your full and last name. You do this by clicking right on the photo, find the option which says “rename” the file and simply rename the file using your full name.

Please send us your acting resume as well and list if you have had any training.

The e-mail that you send us should have Alluvian Male/ Alluvian Female mentioned in the subject line.
Do not to forget your name, age, weight, height and phone number in the e-mail, too. Also, please confirm if you would be available for the shoot which starts at the end of the summer. To find out our e-mail, click and subscribe on the following link:

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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