Casting Models for Various Roles in AMC’s “Into the Badlands”


Are you a muscular guy with strong physique? Do you believe that your muscles can turn heads? Do you love your fitness and want to flaunt it on the TV screens? Then here is an opportunity for you.

The Season 2 of Into the Badlands will start filming in Dublin, Ireland. The casting directors are looking for young, tall, strong, and muscular boys to work in the upcoming scenes. The selected candidates will work as sportsmen, footballers, dancers, fitness experts, gymnastics, and boxers in the scenes. The directors are also looking for ethnic actors to work in AMC’s Into the Badlands.

About Into the Badlands

The story of Into the Badlands revolves around two people. The first person is a young boy who is living in a feudal territory. The second person is a mighty warrior. Both men are struggling to enlighten the locals of territory and fight against the unwanted control.

Daniel Wu, Sarah Bolger, and Orla Brady are also working in the series. The first season revolved around martial arts. There are many surprising coming up in the second season.

Details and Requirements

The casting directors require athletes and ethnic people:


The directors of Into the Badlands require strong, tall and physically fit men to work as athletes in the scenes:

  • Required Gender: Male
  • Required Age: 18–50
  • Required Ethnicity: Any ethnicity
  • Required Skills: Martial Arts, GAA, Gym Fitness, Gymnastics, Boxing, Dancing, and more
  • Required Height: 5’10

The payment will be made in Euros. The candidates will receives €71–€120, depending on the length of hours they work on the set.

If you are interested in this role then read the details given after the details of second role to apply. Experienced people will be preferred.

Ethnic People

The casting directors are looking for people from all ethnicities, specifically children to work in the upcoming scenes, as ethnic people. The directors have mentioned that they will require lots of people for the big shoot days so make sure to avail this opportunity.

  • Required Gender: Any
  • Required Age: 18–50
  • Required Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

The payment will be made in Euros. The candidates will receives €71–€120, depending on the length of hours they work on the set.

People, who want to become a part of this series from outside Ireland should provide a proof of rights to work in Ireland. You can get more details regarding this by visiting the link

  1. If you want to apply for these roles then read the instructions given below.
  2. Write in the subject line.
  3. Write the name of your role in the subject line.
  4. Attach at least two recent photos including a headshot and a full frame photo. The photos should not be older than last month.
  5. Mention your details including name, age, height, weight, address, phone number, and all sizes in the email body.

Send the email and wait for the call. These roles are for mixed ethnicities. Please do not apply if you are a Caucasian. You must be able to understand and speak English.

To be submitted to similar modeling jobs, fill out the form below

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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