Casting Models for Video Game 3D Scanning



The video game industry is a major worldwide industry that generates billions of sales annually.  It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with over 1.7 billion gamers generating about $80 billion in 2014 with increased numbers in 2015.  This casting team is looking for talent to be apart of a new video game set to release in 2016.  The video game is being developed by a well-known publisher that has sold millions of games in the past.  The casting team is looking for models to be 3D scanned into their video game.  This game is set in the Andes Mountains so we are looking for indigenous South/Central American people or people that look South American.


Our team will be creating 3D scans of model’s faces that will serve as a basis for various characters in the upcoming game.  Selections are based on your head shots so make sure you send in quality photos.


Seeking Men and Women

Age: 55 and up

Ethnicity: Hispanic, native, South/Central American.

Compensation: $150

What to wear: A tank top or something that exposes your neck and shoulders for best 3D capture.

Hair/Make-Up: No make up is necessary.  Your hair should be tied in a bun or short.

This is a perfect opportunity to literally get your face noticed.  Not only will you be able to say that you were featured in a major video game, but you will gain many connections in different industries.  While many people do not take video games seriously, the numbers don’t lie, and it is becoming one of the elite industries in the world.  3D scanning might open up many more doors including becoming the face of a feature character in other games or more modeling jobs because someone liked your work.  Give this a shot, you never know what might come out of it!

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