Coca-Cola Commercial Casting Models in Fort Lauderdale!

The casting team for Coca-Cola is hiring Florida models to appear in a Coke commercial filming in Ft. Lauderdale. Filming will take place on April 7th. Producers are looking for models between the ages of 22 to 28 years old to play teens at a party!


Coca-Cola is a world famous soft drink that was introduced over 130 years ago.  Originally patented as a drink with medicinal purposes, it was bought out by a businessman who turned it into the Coke we all know and love today. The drink’s name refers to two of its original ingredients; kola nuts and coca leaves.  The current formula is somewhat of a mystery, but it remains a staple in American culture.  Throughout the years they have introduced dozens of new flavors and versions of the original cola, catering to the needs and wants of the consumer.

When it comes to advertising and marketing the product, The Coca-Cola Company is known for their big-budget commercials, billboards, and print ads.  One of the most memorable ad campaigns to date is the Coca-Cola polar bear.  They often use an animated polar bear in their ads, enjoying Coke with their young cubs in their cold icy environment.  The polar bear is used to show the pure refreshment you experience when drinking the soda.  In 2013, Coke products were sold in over 200 countries worldwide, with consumers drinking more than 1.8 billion Coca-Cola related beverages each day.  Those numbers have only risen with its continued popularity and its annual appearance in Super Bowl commercials alongside valued partnerships with McDonald’s and other huge chains.


When: April 7th
Where: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

This is a tremendous opportunity to model for one of the world’s biggest companies.  You will gain immediate exposure appearing in one of their commercials as a model.  They tend to release several fun-loving commercials with young adults enjoying a Coke while hanging with friends.  You can be that model that you see on their billboards in your city, or the one having fun with their friends in a well-shot commercial.  Working for The Coca-Cola Company will open up several new doors for you.

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