Commercial Modeling Jobs

The most basic and most used kind of modeling out there, one used today everywhere, may it be commercials, photos, or movies! That modeling, in all it’s great variety and styles… is Commercial Modeling.

Commercial Modeling refers to models who are mainly selling products. Any products, in fact. May it be a Fitness model, a Male model, or a Glamour model, all models are basically using Commercial Modeling in their photos and ads. Working here makes you open to just about any job you can get your hands on if you come with experience. Plus, if you don’t plan to be the center of attention, Commercial models can be the background or appear with a variety of Commercial models.

For an example, take a commercial with a bunch of people partying at the beach. Now, those people in the back doing who knows what are usually hired extras. However, there’s this random but popular guy desires some kind of beer. Those cool-looking people hanging around the guy/girl ordering the drink? Commercial Models. These people represent the product without being a complete logo. Even better, like many commercials, the people around him get a funny memorable line for that commercial. Like I said, not a logo, but you still stand out from the crowd.

What’s fun to know when going into the business is that it’s very accepting. Working here requires no body type, specific gender, height and width. If you fear that Commercial Modeling isn’t at all right for you, just remember: No matter who I am and what I look like, I always belong somewhere in the modeling business! It’s so much fun to work in, and it’s a good break if you wish to stay in modeling but not work under pressure and stress.

Jobs are everywhere for people into Commercial Modeling, with more and more types of modeling being made every year. Because of the need to show the audience incorporated in the commercial (AKA the cool people hanging around the guy ordering the awesome beverage), these jobs are needed in order to show that it’s not one guy separated from everyone else doing something. If you think about it, there’s always a group of people doing something awesome with the main person (Unless it’s just the person alone, then the whole idea just goes void for a while).

Lets draw away from commercials and look at the main picture. Pictures, to be exact. Even being in a photographic ad as a group of people certifies it as Commercial Modeling. This is because it’s still selling the same thing, and it still gives off the same vibe without all the movement. The awkwardness of acting and modeling at the same time basically vanishes if you pursue a modeling career that mostly makes advertisements not on the screen of your T.V., but in magazines and newspapers. If you feel you want to join the Modeling world, beginning in Commercial Modeling is the perfect choice, either for being a unexpected star by a big job, or writing until you’ve figured out what Modeling type you’re ready for.


  1. Hi there. I want to let you know that I have applied to MANY Casting Calls for Commercials, Movies, Modeling Jobs, etc. and I have not heard back from anyone. I’m getting a little worried because I’ve applied as far back as June 2015 & I’ve received no response?? I’m just wondering IF there is anyone out there whom I can speak to about jump starting my Acting/Modeling Career. I really want to get into this Industry. I’ve always wanted to ever since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, I’ve never been given a chance. Hopefully, IF you read my note to you, please consider me to work with you. I’m young & eager to get out there to show my Talent. I’m also very interested in Voiceovers also! Thanks for taking your time to read my note to you & hopefully, I’ll hear back soon. Take care & have a great day. Carlye Fenner

  2. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity, I strive to be the best and to make your product sell through the roof, hardworking, willing to learn, I have no limitations on myself, I can do it all, onesourcetalent id 113462

  3. Hi! Would love this perfect oppertunity more than anything in life and have been wanting to model and do commercials since I was a kid. I have confidence, a bubbly personality, kind hearted, loving and can bring so much more!

  4. I just signed on with One Source Talent as a model and I would love to get some experience under my belt by appearing in a television commercial and being given the opportunity to do so would be so appreciated!!!!

  5. I just signed on with One Source Talent as a model and I would love to get some type of experience under my belt such as appearing in a t.v. commercial and giving me the opportunity to do that would be so appreciated.

  6. I would love to expand my horizons as far as modeling and maybe even acting!!!!!! I would love to have the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest in the industry right now

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