Devil’s Knot Starring Reese Witherspoon Auditions

Devil's Knot
Devil’s Knot- Reese Witherspoon

Production has started on a real-life drama Devil’s Knot. The movie is starring Golden Globe Award winner Reese Witherspoon.  Devil’s Knot is based on a true story of  a savage murder of  three young children from West Memphis. The movie is set to begin filming shortly and this is your opportunity to be cast for a supporting role, photo double or as an extra in the film. Devil’s Knot is also staring Stephen Moyer and Colin Frith.

Devil’s Knot is based on a book that recounts the murder of three young children that started off a controversial trial of three teens accused of killing the kids as part of a ritual. The story regained attention again because the three accused killers were released from prison earlier this year after being locked up for nearly two decades. Witherspoon will play the mother of the original victims wile Flirth will star as the private investigator that was involved in the case. The release date is set for December 31st, 2013. If you want to be a part of this movie please apply bellow.

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  1. Hi my name Cathy Lee Cavazos ( cat for short)
    Age: 18 People mistakens me for a 12 or 13 year old
    Height: 4″9 Im short
    Weight 84.2
    Eyecolor: Brown
    Haircolor: Brown recently colored it black
    Experience: I have no experience but willing to try i really want to be something in my life and i hope i get to be part of this thriller. Contact me in

  2. Hi my name is Desiree Bourdeau. Im 13, have brown hair an inch or so bellow my shoulders, bluish/gray eyes, 5’3″, weigh about 110. I would be a good person for this movie. I’m very outgoing and never let people down. Some people say I have a mysterious personality as it is so that’s a plus. I’ve done school plays so I’m not completely new at acting. Please consider me!

  3. Hi there my name is Tanya; I am an aspiring actress, and already established model from the UK.
    I am interested in supporting roles (speaking/non-speaking) or extras work and wish to apply for a part in your production.
    My current high-stress, fast-paced environment has conditioned me to not only prepare at a high level, but also to be prepared for the unexpected. I would be a great choice as I am extremely hard working and very motivated. If I haven’t played a certain role before, I will do all my research and give 150% until it is perfected. I love learning new skills and have a passion for anything that gets adrenaline pumping!
    I’m a confident, outgoing and quirky individual with a great sense of humor…. I’m a natural blonde with a brain!!!
    Please let me know if you require my resume and pictures. Or alternatively, I would be most grateful if you could inform me who I will need to contact for Audition details etc.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and consideration.

  4. It would be a great honor to be able to work with Reese Witherspoon! We are from the same area and it would be a dream come true to be a part of her work!

  5. I am almost 15, live in Texas. I weight 115 and am 5″6. I can play sports and the flute, Im learning the saxophone. I can sing. I have done cheerleading, and I have had lead roles in school musicals. Thank you.

  6. Hi! My name is Kasia, I’m 24 and I weight 118, and I’m 5’6″ tall. I’m from Europe. I’d like to be in this movie. Please contact me with the details on my email. Thank you for your time.

  7. I am a 13 year old girl who can act and dance. Everybody tells me I am a natural born star. I would greatly appreciate if you considered me to be in this wonderful movie! Please keep me updated at
    Thank you

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