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Dexter- Showtime

Good news Dexter fans, Season 7 has finally been announced. Dexter season 7 is set to premier on Sunday September 30th. Dexter is a TV drama series that is aired on Showtime, the show is set in Miami and stars Michael C Hall who has been nominated for numerous awards including a Golden Globe for his role in Dexter, and Jenifer Carpenter. Season 7 brings a very new dynamic to the long-running series, as Deb has finally learned Dexter’s horrible secret… just as she was having a breakthrough in regard to her romantic feelings for her adopted brother. The casting directors are now looking for extras and day roles to play in the new season. They are looking for males and females to be on the set to play as civilians in several episodes.

We know that the upcoming seventh season picks up immediately following the big Dex/Deb scene, with the main season-long arc exploring the question of whether Debs can accept Dexter for who he truly is, and what that means for the pair of them. Does she turn him in to the police since she is the head of the homicide division and this would go totally against her beliefs??  or does she finally understand him for who he is and maybe joins him. We dont want to spoil anything for those people who havent seen the trailer yet but we will say that the seventh season on Dexter is sure to be a smash hit. We have also learned that there might be a season 8 witch the executives at Showtime said it will be the absolute last season.

If you would like to audition please submit your application along with a headshot and resume. Keep checking back often for more information on exact casting dates and times and leave us a comment.

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  1. Hi my name is Andre Barcus I am 34 years old 170 lb my hight is 5/5 I love painting and drawing riding my bike and working out at the gym and at home and watching tv and love to travel .

  2. Hello my name is Jade Aiyana Macy. I am 19 years old. I am interested in being in the new Dexter series. I absolutely love the show and know all the characters. I am an exotic young looking female; I am Chinese, Indian, French, and Russian. A very pretty mix. I am 120 pounds and 5’2 ft tall. I have acting experience and have been in a few plays. I have very expressive facial expressions and am outgoing and humorous. I would really love being apart of the show! I would appreciate it if you could get back to me with further instructions on how to audition. Thank you!

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