The Perfect Diet for Fitness Models

Fitness Model DietsEveryone knows that fitness models do a lot of time at the gym to get (and keep) the right physique. But it is not well known that no matter how much exercise they do, they will never get that super-lean and toned look without a clean diet in place. There are diets for models, but a female fitness model has strict requirements to adhere to that is unlike the typical model diet. 

The following fitness model diet is specific to fit models, or any healthy model that needs to be in shape:


Diet Outline for Fitness Models

This fitness model diet includes the following key aspects:

  • Body fat drops faster than any other diet and/or exercies plan.
  • There is an abundance of energy.
  • Hunger is never an issue.
  • Fit models have the lowest amount of body fat than any other person by following this diet.
  • The meal requirements are 5-6 per day and spit up as 20% fat, 30% protein, and 50% carbs.

Here are the 10 ways to eat clean diets for models that are in the fitness area or are simply required to be a healthy model:

1. All foods are fresh – this means nothing in a packet, nothing manufactured, nothing reconstituted, and definitely nothing labelled diet or low fat.

2. They consume 2-4 cups of vegetables per day – broccoli, green beans, zucchini, sweet potato, salads, kale, spinach, cucumbers, etc.

3. They must drink at least 1 gallon of water per day.

4. 30% of the daily food intake comes from lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, soy, tempeh, egg whites, cottage cheese, natural yogurt) and they eat a portion of protein with EVERY meal. This helps stabilize blood sugar levels and keep them feeling full.

5. Good fats are essential but are easy to overdo – so just 5-6 almonds, a Tablespoon of avocado, and a small splash of virgin olive oil have the amounts of unsaturated fats that should be consumed daily.

6. They eliminate all starchy carbs – no bread, pasta, white rice, pastries, etc.

7. Alcohol is a big no no. When people drink alcohol, their bodies stop burning fat until all the acetone from the alcohol is out of the system. While this is happening, the metabolism slows right down. So essentially, instead of burning fat, the body is taking a big step backwards.

8. They eat regularly throughout the day as in 5-6 meals per day (about every 2-3 hours).

9. Protein shakes are okay if the protein powder is pure with either 100% natural whey, soy, brown rice, pea or hemp proteins. But if the protein powder has more then five ingredients and contains artificial sweeteners, flavors and chemicals, it’s not suitable.

10. They get creative in the kitchen and don’t see it as an actual “diet”. It’s a way of life to them, so they make use of the limitations on foods to allow for satisfaction in eating. There may not be a lot of junk food eaten by models who want to stay fit, but that doesn’t mean they are unhappy with what they consume. There are lot of recipes available for healthy foods that are absolutely delicious.

Following these guidelines require a little more thought and preparation, but the results are worth it for any fitness model or person that is determined to be healthy. Exercise is not enough; fitness model dieting and nutrition guidelines are key.


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