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If you have ever wanted a chance to get cast for a Disney Channel show, then now may be your chance. Disney Channel will have an open casting call Disney Channel and Disney XD open auditions for teens and kids will be held online, which allows teens and kids from around the United States to audition for a role in a new show on the Disney channel, Disney XD show, or movie.

Online Auditions

Online auditions are a great way for so many kids who never got the chance before to upload a video in the hopes for Disney to notice their talent. Until this time, the annual casting call for the channel was only held in a certain city. Each year, there was a change in the city and the teens or kids interested in auditioning either had to reside in that city or travel there. And while the online auditions seemed to eliminate this issue, there were still many problems with it.

Complaints had started coming in ever since it opened, mainly because the website which accepted audition videos was overloaded within minutes. Additionally, many of the people were not able to download the audition script and then upload performances. However, such problems were also understandable since there were so many submissions.

Missed Opportunities

If you missed the opportunity to send in your audition video this year or did not get a call, then don’t worry. There is always 2016, where Disney Channel casting call will be held during the early summer months. Only seven months away!

Practice Away

Here is a script from the 2015 auditions that you can practice with if you are interested in auditioning next year. Try to practice in front of a live audience and then take feedback. You never know how good you are unless you give it a chance.

ALEX: Sis, I have a little advice for you. If you ever try to fool Mom, be careful, she’s pretty smart. If you want to fool a parent, Dad is definitely the way to go. Just ask him to tell you some stories about football, and pretend you’re interested.

DAD: (V.O.) Heard that. You’re grounded.


ALEX: Baby monitor! Stupid technology. (THEN, INTO CAMERA) I can’t imagine what kind of gadgets they’ll have when you’re a teenager!

The company does not usually spend a lot of time noticing great talent. The annual casting call is normally announced some weeks before. This means that you can expect the company to make their announcements sometime in May of June of next year. However, stay tuned for these and we will make sure that you are kept updated on how, when, and where as soon as the official announcements are made.

So, get ready and get excited because the Disney Channel casting call is about to happen really soon and you will have your shot at fame!

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  1. Height- about 5’2

    She loves acting and modeling. To be on Disney is her biggest dream ever! It’s out be a great opportunity to have her thank you for your time.

  2. There are so many people that would be great for this job i’m not saying ill be amazing at it but practice makes perfect. So I hope you are willing to give me a chance.

  3. I want to be a lot of things and an actress is one of them of course. I think that i would be good for this role for one reason i am determined to do anything i set my mind to. I might not be as perfect as everyone else but i am most certainly more determined than anyone else. I have never acted before but i know i can do it you will see.

  4. Hello,
    I’m 5’6, I’m at a healthy weight of 140 pounds, and I work with an agency however I have never worked with a huge company before. I do work alone. I am a non-union talent. I do have experience in acting. I would love an opportunity to work with Disney channel and achieve my dreams. I do want to create a difference for my community by working in this industry. Even as an extra can create a small difference. I personally think that talent should be used to make an impact rather than just for fame alone. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  5. I feel as though i should be considered for the part of a Disney show because growing up Disney channel was my life. Every morning on my television was Disney. This would be an amazing opportunity for me to start my career as an actress and model. I am 6’1 I was also in drama club so I’m pretty good at acting. I stand out in a crowd, not only because of my height but also because I have very distinct qualities. I just want a chance to show the world who i am. Thanks for your time and have a great day.

  6. I feel I would be a GREAT candidate to get an audition for ANY role only because I was BORN a diva and not one in the making so it all comes natural for me and the camera that’s really my bestfriend and I know I have the face, eyes, beauty and attitude to catch any and every viewer that would be tuned in the show 🙂

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