Disney Channel and Disney XD are Casting for Kids 10-18

Disney XDDisney Channel and Disney XD representatives are looking for young girls and boys for upcoming original movies and series.The casting directors are not specifically looking to fill any particular role, they are there to meet with potential talent to possibly be cast in a project in the future, as a guest star or maybe in something they are working on for 2015. They are looking for kids and teens who can act, sing or dance but are really interested in kids that can do all three.


Disney Channel auditions are going on constantly, many in areas that you might not think of. Since Disney does so many animated productions, they have a great need, of course, for voice-over talent. Disney Channel auditions people of all ages and is in constant need of new talent. They have many hours of television broadcasting to fill, and they must stay on the cutting edge. Auditioning for Disney Channel productions is a good strategy if you are just starting in the biz, even a very small part could open a lot of doors for the beginning actor. They may be doing a feature with talking kitchen appliances next – who knows? considering what we’ve seen in animation in recent years.

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  1. Hi I am a female 13 year old. I think you should consider me because I have a good heart ,am a good student, and would make a good impression on young girls and be able to give them self confidence

  2. I think Disney would be lucky to have me working for them I posess some qualities that would highly qualify me to be on Disney Channel. I have been singing and acting my whole life in church musicals and in school plays, I have been told by several people that I have a quality that is hard to get, making something as dull as a science project magical with a little high spirits and good intentions. I am extremely hard working and I would probably be a delight to work with. All I am asking for is a chance just a n audition to do something great. It has been my dream forever to be on Disney Channel, to be looked up to like some magical person that only exists in fairytales. I want to exist in a fairytale. Please just give me a chance.

    • this is so cool I always wanted to be an actor but I cant really dance so I’m signing up for dance classes like hip hop I really want to be on Disney channel please pick me.

  3. I really want to be an actress and I think being on disney channel will be a great start on my career.being on disney channel will make all children doing what I’m doing on trying to find a way to be on tv and be successful and grateful.

  4. I really want to be in a Disney channel movie a lot of my friends say I can sing, act so please email me about any additions near Harrisburg, PA please.

  5. My dream is to be an actress and I think disney channel with be a great start on making that happen.I see my favorite actor’s doing a great job at what they do and i want people to do what I do to get on tv and I know this audition will make me on disney channel.

  6. I found your website in hopes of getting a shot at my dreams of being on Disney channel and becoming a famous actor model and dancer hopefully you can help me get there

  7. Hi my name is Sierra
    i am about 4’9 or 4’10
    i have done acting for about 2 years now
    but ever since i was little i have wanted to be on Disney Channel or on TV
    Although i have only done acting for about 2 years in the last year i was in three plays and in the upcoming year i will be in 3 plays as well
    i love to dance
    i have done gymnastics since i was 6 or 7
    i wouldn’t say i am amazing at singing i could say i am eh
    i have wavy light brown hair that hangs to my shoulders
    i am sort of tan
    i love to be silly and over the top !

  8. My name is Brandra and you know what I got I got a acting skill that’s hotter than hot how hot is hot me My acting to o yea o yea no one can do better than I can do

  9. Hello, as you may know my name is Jainayah and here is some information about me:

    Full Name: Jainayah
    Hobbies:Acting & Singing
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
    Height: 4’8 (last time I checked) 😉
    Why I Want To Be An Actress: It has been my dream ever since I was 7 to be on Disney Channel or just on TV period. I am the type of person who sets a goal, and when I do, I make sure I do it. My goal, is to be an actress. And I plan to achieve it. With the help of you I can make that happen. It would be very appreciative if you would give me this opportunity. Thank You for reading this.


  10. I think id be perfect for this because i’m very pretty (at least I think i am) IM 10 but im tall for my age i have glasses and braces and i live in New Richmond WI

  11. Hi
    I try to keep this short. I love acting, singing , and dancing. It’s a passion that’s always been inside of me. Acting me get rid of stress and brings joy and tears to my eyes. I love and always dreamed to be on Disney channel, Disney xd, and nickelodeon. Lab rats, mighty med, Jessie, dog with a blog, good luck Charlie, Austin and ally, liv and maddie, i didn’t do it, girl meets world, kickin it, thunderman, game shaker,victorious, icarly, bella and the bulldogs, btr, and Sam and cat are all tv shows that are a part of my life. They all have some comedy which I love. Keep calm and act on!!
    Hope you pick me, it would mean alot.
    Thank you

  12. Hi!!! My name is Mikayla and I am 12 years old. I have been acting since before grade school and I also sing and dance. I think it would be awesome if I could boost my career by acting on Disney XD. A lot of the stars on there are my idols. Please email me whether I get accepted or not. Thank you!

  13. Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m 13 years old almost 14, 5’3′ girl and I’d love to be apart of Disney. Not many people become chosen, but I’d be honored too. I’ve loved the arts since I was 7, to act, sing, dance, draw, have fun. I don’t have much experience at all, but I do work hard for what I love. I hope you take me into consideration.

  14. Hey! My name is Kaitlyn Nicole Morgan and well I think it would be really cool to be in anything like this, but then again so do a lot of other kids I’m pretty sure. I’m 13 and I love to sing and act. I’ve entered Multiple singing competitions and I have the first place trophies to prove it hahaha. I’m a JV cheer captain for my schools cheer team and I’ve also made the all American national cheer team. I play flute and have been playing it for 4 years. I used to do dance( tap, ballet, lyrical, hip hop..) but now I just do band and cheer. I’ve done plays before but nothing professional. Wellll… Before I vote anyone else with my biography I’ll say BYE and thanks for anyone who took the time to read this

  15. I love acting very good also love to dance any show for me would be great and I hope you get it also I love singing and I want to be a actor please and thank you it would be a blessing

  16. Hi I am alexia Clemmings and I live in jamaica but I been to new York a few times and I love disney channel i can’t stop watching it and to be on it would be a dream come true for a 13year old girl I am really good at jamaica n dances if your interested I am a very good lip singer and I am also a very good actor I know how make some thing look real like what the do on TV bye

  17. Hey, my name is Jordyn, I am 12 and will be 13 at the beginning of October and I would really like to be a part of Disney or Disney XD! I play baseball and basketball. Yes, I said baseball, I have been the only girl on the team for a few years, I pitch and like to play short stop! I also enjoy getting my pictures done and being in front of a camera. So I really think I would be able to do the whole Disney thing!! I hope I get elected!! Please be sure to let me know!

  18. Hi my name is Jordyn Bichel I am 12 years old girl turning 13 in march I love to read, write, act,sing and dance even though I m really bad at singing and am not very good at dancing i still love to do it. 🙂 Ummm I used to take acting classes I took them for 2 years. I consider myself a pretty good actress .I have wanted to become an actress since I was very little. I have brown hair and hazel eyes im probally around 5 foot 1. Please I hope to be called for anything 🙂

  19. Hi I have a best friend who LOVES Disney channel.(I do too) She can sing really well,act and dance she is 11 and going to turn 12 on Oct. 3 she has brown hair and eyes,she is really nice and kind and funny and she doesn’t know I’m doing this so if she does get something it’ll be a surprise.shes been my best friend for 5 years and I love her… As a friend.she is awesome and sometimes really hyper and quirky , she can cheer up everyone and likes almost everyone (she doesn’t like super annoye boys) she’s a little small to be a 6th grader but she’s taller than me so that’s something and Thankyou for reading this whole thing. Ohh and I almost forgot,her name is Haven Thompson . Sry if the English is wrong.Bye bye:)

  20. Hello my name is joshua barett i am 11 years old standing at a 5’1i have been in at least 2,900 school plays in my whole life. i am a sweet nice guy. Ever since i was 2 i dreamed of being on Disney channel. I am a good actor and i am not afraid of any thing I know my dream can come true.

  21. hello, my name is nahyaan! I’m 12 years old, turning 13 on march 7th of 2016. i really want to be an actor, and i want to start on disney channel. i’m a hardcore gamer, and i would do anything to be on one of your shows. this is why i should be considered.

  22. Hello I’m Nathan Hoy i would be perfect for a disney show i love acting
    Hair color:brown
    Eye color:light blue
    I have been told multiple times im good looking, I’m an amazing actor,I’m smart,and id be a perfect for disney when i told everyone i want to try out i would love to do any type of show because i love everything that has acting in it. Please keep me posted.

  23. my name is chasity thorpe . I’m 12 years old. I love singing and acting. Im new to the modeling and acting industry but my sister does it and I’m a fast learner. My dream is to become an actress. I love the disney channel and I always thought it would be cool to see myself on tv. I always practice scripts with my sister. If you would give me a chance Id be so appreciative

  24. Hi my name is Danielle Lourence I love to act, sing, and dance I take singing lessons and I am very active in sports such as volleyball, and basketball. I am in Choir at my school and i love choir. I would love to be part of a disney show.

  25. Hi, my name is Elise and i’m a twelve year old girl. My dream has always been to become a professional actor. Selena Gomez was my inspiration for this dream and one day i hope to be just like her. I also love to sing. I sing all the time in my room, in school, etc. Although i don’t have much experience for acting on camera, i still hope i would be considered for a role and start my career of being an actor.

    more information about me:
    – I’m funny, smart, and awesome
    – My favorite movie is Titanic

  26. I really want to act on Disney Channel but I could never find a good part/role in time. Don’t get me wrong, there are really good parts but I’m always missing the dates. I’m trying my best buts it’s soooo hard. I live in Jacksonville so that’s the reason why it’s hard to find a part/role. I even missed this opportunity. Please help me Disney Channel and please respond. My grades are a/b honor roll and I’m dying to get onto your channel. Thx for reading my comment. And plz plz plz plz respond…!!!!!!!!….!!!!

    • Good! You will almost certainly be chosen for a part. We are looking for enthusiastic girls like you! Hope to see you on the screen!

  27. I am Bryeanna and 8 and I love acting I was once gonna be in a commercial but the agency was a scam so we didn’t do it and singing I love making new friends I love watching Disney channel and Cartoon Network I love playing on electronics and watching YouTube I love animals I’m bossy and nice happy and sometimes shy

  28. Am a good actor i always wanted to be on disney channel or disney xD and i always use to always do role plays with my family and friends so i hope i please get choose it was all ways was my dream

  29. My name is jullian bottom im 12 i would love to be an actor on disney channel im funny handsome smart really good at acting at my house shool so yeah i would love to play on disney channel

  30. Hi my name is Halie Williams,
    I think I would be a great pick for Disney Channel or Disney XD. I am good at acting and singing. I have never really been a dancer because I have been focused on singing and acting. I do not get shy easily and am also very athletic. I love to play soccer. Recently I just finished a travel team and have finished off with 12 goals. I know that being athletic is not something you may want but since the Women’s world cup has just finished it has been brought to my attention that it has gain lots of popularity and, I know I’m not a director, but I thought maybe a soccer show would be great! I understand if you disagree. I was one of the stars in my school play, “Seussical The Musical” It was a great experience for me and I would like to have another great experience. Please consider me as one of your New Disney actresses. Thank you!

  31. i would love to be apart of kickin’t bc I love that show sence it came out and I do a little karatie but I would love to practice more and I would love to be like jack bc hes awesome he is a good role model and he is inspiring to me so I hope to be apart of kickin’t it

  32. Age-12

    First name- troy

    Last name-Staten

    Hi my name is troy I’m really thankful for Disney Channel I really love Disney Channel
    I has been my dream to be on Disney Channel since I was 6 years old as my mother say
    I can also sing I have a music producer we do songs together and Disney Channel can
    Also step my game up that is a one life ticket to fame world people always say yeah be
    On Disney Channel they day because you will be great for it I’m also an actor I have been
    in the plays hair spray,the wiz,the wizard of oz,lion king and also Greece every time we have
    Plays only me I would get pick I used to love it I’m a good actor on April fools I act like I broke my
    Leg and fake cry I was real good my mom was freaking out but I will be better when I go to
    Disney Channel boot camp I heard a lot about the boot camp there are ruff on you to make
    you better and that’s what I like they ask you to do 50 mouse ears It’s really hard but you know what
    I love it so I also made this Disney Channel movie called cam linter so if you want to hear more contact me
    From my yahoo also my singing channel on YouTube is called troyStaten check it out so thanks for your time hope I get a response back thanks God bless

    P.s. troy Staten /tjmix

    Aka. Disney channel lover /and also star

  33. Hi , my name is Odalys and I am 10 years and I love to act , sing and dance. I joined my schools announcements program . I always watch Disney channel .

  34. Hi I’m 16 years old I have been acting for 2 years and I was always told that I could be an actor and I believe that I could be good at it.

  35. Hey, im only 12 years old and i want to be part of disney because i love acting . I always want to be an actress i just love acting thats why i want to be an actress . Also , i want to be part of disney do bad

  36. Hi i am Karina and i would like to be an actress for disney xd for several reasons. I havent had any kind of clases of actress but will have when i enter 7th grade but i do believe i have a chance to be a great actress one day but until then i would like to be given a chance to be an actress I can learn quickly. I can speak spanish and inglish,I think i am great actress but maybe you want a profesional or exprienced actress but if you give me a chance i can prove you i can be the actress you need. If you give me a chance you wont regret chosing me.

  37. I love Disney channel I watch it ervy day and I would love to be on it I love to sing act and dance!!! I’m not shy in front of people and I really hope I make it in. 🙂

  38. My name is Addison Loebl and I love to sing all day long making up my own songs off the top of my head, making parodies of songs, and act. Acting is my newly found talent. Many people have told me that I should’ve tried acting years ago and I just tried it with a great success and I’m ready for more. I love to preform but I’m not a great dancer. If someone teaches me dances I’m fine but just dancing regularly like a school dances I have trouble that is the only downer and I love everything else. I am very athletic and I love to run, figure (ice) skate, roller skate, swim, play soccer, play basketball and many more things. I am 12 years old and thank you for reading,

  39. I would love to be considered to be on Disney channel. I’m 11 years old turning 12 on July 28. I stay in Memphis,Tennessee. I’ve been looking for a lot of auditions to apply for. I’ve been in chorus and drama club. I’m a very good dancer and gymnast. Please give me a chance.

  40. I have always wanted to be in a disnay show but i know it is not my choice but i hope you choose me because am funny like to act not fear at anything instead i love acting and singing thanks and i hope i am. The correct one

  41. Hi my name is Permelo I am 14 year’s old.
    I can sing,dance (as long as there is choreography, i am good) and even act I have been inspired by a lot of movie’s and I would like to be a part of that or at least get a chance to be a part of that in the near future.
    The reason that you should consider me is that I am ready for anything I am really passionate and very good at what I do.

  42. Hi my name is Permelo I am 14 year’s old.
    I can sing,dance and even act I have been inspired by a lot of movie’s and I would like to be a part of that or at least get a chance to be a part of that in the near future.
    The reason that you should consider me is that I am ready for anything I am really passionate and very good at what I do.

  43. Hey,my name is Abdullahi haji and I realy like kong fu and i am 10 and from MN Minneapolis and I realy want to be in kickin it with leo Howard and Jason and Olivia . One night I had a dream tha I will be in kikin it now I have a big chance .please and please choose me so I can be with my favorite actor .thank you Kickn it for making me to become a main actor and I hope I do someday and thank you lab rat .

  44. What’s up? My name is Michelle and I’m probably the best 14 year old hispanic actress you’ll ever meet. I’m like the next Angelina Jolie or Michelle Rodriguez. I do have a lot of experience in theater and most of it is associated with school events like competition or theater festivals along with school plays. My first interest in acting sparked in 3rd grade but I finally started in 5th grade. I do have potential in singing and dancing as well. I really do aspire to be on every one’s next favorite movie and show because I believe I have the legs to break for it. If you’d like to talk about me some more, just hit me up by my email if that is provided. Or we could talk about how your day was. Well, until then – M

  45. Hello my name is Ashley and I have been singing for a really long time and I have been acting for 5 years and I hope you will contact me. I am a very fast learner so if I will need to dance I will just need to learn. Please contact me by phone .

    Thank you so much for your time.

  46. hey i really want to be an actress i want it more than anything in the world, iam very weird and acward am a very weird dancer i just let loose and have fun i also love to sing.

  47. Hello my name is Tait I would like to be on Disney XD becuase I want to become an actor in movies when I grow up I’m 10 years old from lees’summit mo

  48. Hi my name is Davida. I am 11 years old. I enjoy rap music and dancing. I attend a performing arts school. I ran track and I am in the school orchestra. I play the string bass. In elementary school I loved to Dan e and sing also act. I won the best costume contest. I was also in slot of school plays. I also had a modeling experience. I was modeling wedding dresses. And that is Why I think I should be chosen.Thank you and have a Good day.

  49. Hello, I’m Payton Toepfert. I am very talented. I can sing, play the flute, do gymnastics, and act. I just turned 13. I would love to be on Austin and Ally. I am about to go in the 7th grade. Plus my favorite song is Meghan Trainer Dear Future Husband.

  50. hello; i am Salat i am a actor i can act in many Diffrent way i am not going to lie and sayy i been on TV no never i can act because i can do it because i believe i have doubters and you won’t belive it they are my parents the are the reason why i am not a actor right now they always try pushing me away if you have the time please help me.

    name Salat
    age 12
    city Seattle WA
    race African American
    talent Act,to be respectful.


  51. Hi my name is zaniah I am 13 years old and I want to be on disney channel and I think u should consider me because I love Disney channel and iv always wanted to act and sing and it would be amazing if I got picked to be on Disney channel I look at sabrina carpenter and zendaya and all of them and hope I’ll make it on Disney channel someday and it would be a dream come true if i got picked so yeah that’s why I would love to be on Disney channel

  52. Hello I am a dancer I love acting, I am a big fan of Disney Channel!! I am 10 years old I will be moving to Florida soon so I will be able to do Acting jobs I can not sing that well i will have to get lessons but I can Dance and act I Know it is a big Responsibility But i am a Fast learner and A hard worker Thank you 🙂

  53. Hi, I’m Dominique Harris and I am a sophomore in high school. I would describe myself as a dedicated, very social, and unique person. I’ve been dancing most of my life. I don’t have much experience in acting but I will say I will work hard to do what you need me to do and I won’t let you down. If you gave me a chance to prove to you that I can do what you need me to do, I will. I hope to hear back from you soon, thank you for your time.

  54. Hey I’d love to participate but I live in SA (South Africa) I’m an amazing actress,great singer and dancer I’m 11 yrs and love Disney and Disney XD so much and hope u guys enjoy and congrats to who ever made it

  55. Hey my name is Rayleigh and I would love to be on a Disney movie or show I can sing and act I’m pretty good at dancing and I hope to be elected


  57. My name is Franklin but people call me randy because of my grandpa I have the same name as him and we both are getting called randy I can sing a little I can dance just little stuff and I can act. I am eleven years d born in 02/03/04 I live in lodgepole Montana I was raised in poplar Montana and I live with my mom and sister my mom is a teacher. My dream is to act on television I don’t really talk like this is talk more like this century except I am raised not to cuss I want to be on any show on Disney channel or disneyxd my favorite shows on here are gravity falls, I watch dog with a blog with my sister I watch every show in here , I didn’t do I tabs spider man I am a boy and if u can contact me on my email I would like it

  58. I am Payton I have always wanted to act most of my family lives in California I am 12 going on 13 . I have a great personality and I love to help people.i have blond hair and blue eyes. I love to work with animals from lizards to dogs.to who knows what,so far I have hade a hamster a fish 2 lizards and 2 dogs and if I get my way I will get more. If I could say one word to to discribe myself it would be spilindidly it means ausomely werd. I am 5 foot and I am a girl. I can also do back flips backhand springs and stuff like that. This is a dream I am trying to make come true. And I have never gotten anything lower than a b on my report card. Hope you pick me.

  59. Hi im16years old I have been modeling for long time I love. To be part. For the Disney. Channel I love. Everything. I do I hope. You guys gave. Me a choice

  60. I am 12 almost 13 yrs old. I am 5 ft 2 in. I love to Act and have fun. Ever since I was 7 yrs old I have wanted to be on Disney shows.

  61. i really want to be on disney channel but i live in the worst state IL. soo idk how to work with that so i just really want a disney show to be in chicago so i have a chance ;(

  62. Hey my name is Rieanna Bennett,I am 12 years old.I live with my sister and her kids and grand daughter.I came to live with her for a better future.I enjoy singing and dancing and I am getting better and better at acting.

  63. Hey!My name is Rieanna Bennett I am 12 years ols.I was boen on 3rd of November 2002.My hobbies are singing dancing and i am getting better and better everyday at acting.I am also athletic.I live with my sister and her kids and daughter.I really want to get this audition to further my future i really want to get this audition i believe i can do it and so does everyone else.

  64. Hi im Dominique, I’m a twelve year old girl. I’m hispananic, to be honest I really don’t feel comfortable saying too much info because this might be a scam. Anyways, music has always been my life. I love to sing and I learn quickly. I practice acting sometimes and I have to say I do have problems with my fake crying..haha..I can probably dance but it would take a couple of days to memorize it because dancing isn’t really my thing. I would love to have a part in the Disney team because I know I would work my hardest and I never give up. I think that when you start something you have to finish it. You don’t loose when you loose. You loose when you quit. Ive watched Disney since I was born and I do have to say im a beginner or atleast would be a beginner in the big screen. Also I try to get good grades and I plan to go to college. Anyways like I was saying I would be a beginner, and I don’t mind that, big stars and all of them started of as beginners and I’m not saying you have to choose me but it would be the world..thankyou

  65. HI, I am Endia and I want to be in Disney channel.I would love to do this because I love to act I do it all the time with my friends and I have a very beautiful voice because I am In my church quire. Sometimes I get nervous but I love to sing when I am alone but I am sure i will do great. Also I love to dance to my favorite to my songs in my room. Last thing to know if you select me you will not be disappointed.

  66. My name is Angelina Russo. I am 12 years old soon to be 13. I feel that I will make an acceptable role on disney channel due to the passion and love I have for acting. I have wanted to be an actress since the age of 5. I am evolved in many acting activities in school and after school. I am as well involved in dance class and I also participate in musical theater at my junior high. I would be so honored if choosen to be at least considered for a role.

  67. Hello! I’m a 13 year old girl who would love to act for Disney. I don’t care if I’m an extra. I’m a decent singer, and I’d really like to do some voice acting if possible. I’m willing to do whatever is available, but I’d love to be on Gravity Falls, Jessie, Phineas and Ferb, or any Marvel related show.

  68. Hello My Name is Larry I’m a dance I’m Altheic I can do my own stunts
    I have black hair
    I have brown eyes
    My height is 4’5
    My weight 64 pounds
    Race African American
    I’m a joker and I can act I live in new jersey so if u can send me a pic of the audition paper I can send u a veido of me acting and se if u think I’m Disney worthy call me at 856-392-2430

  69. I’m 10 and my birthday day is on August 5 and I will be 11 I would wish to be on Disney they call my grandma once and then we did not ask what it cost I all ways would want to be on Disney I love them my cousin is about to be on Disney I love to model and I love make up I will love to be on Disney so please call me

  70. Hi! My name is Sophia. My brother’s and I love Disney. I am 7 years old, 51inches, i love to sing, act and modeling. My dad is Italian and my Mom is Filipino. We are currently based in Manila. I love to try tv commercial and acting so I can help my Mom helping plenty poor people on the street of philippines. Thank! You.

  71. My name is Maya. I am 9 years old but I will turn 10 on April 21. I love to sing and I am really good at it I have lessons at church and sing a solo at church almost every Sunday. I have always wanted to be an actress and I can be very emotional with my face for different scenes and change my voice into character. I love Disney Channel. I am very dramatic when I pretend to be an actress and practice taking on different rolls. I love to make people happy and I understand being on tv isn’t about the fame it is about making people smile and feel good. I WILL have to wear my necklace my BFF gave to me because it is very special that we always have them on especially if I have to move away. That is my only request. Like I said I can take on a bunch of different rolls. I am very smart and the lowest grade I have ever got on my report card was a 93 (which is a B) I don’t get stressed and I am good at sports. I have experience at dancing and I was very good. I don’t have a big family so I can move from place to place. I would have to go back to Kentucky for holidays to see my family though. I have always dreamed to be on Disney channel! Please consider me! I promise you really won’t regret it

  72. Hi, im Adia and I loved sing, act, model, and living life. I really want to succeed in life. Please contact me at 757-235-7682.

  73. My name is Maya and I’m a singer.I have acted since I was 6 years old.I’m 10 years old and I am very tall for my age so I can act 10-15 years old.I’m very flexeble so I can dance very well.I have always wanted to act on disney or disney since they are my favorite shows since I was a little girl. If I could do this I would be a good actress who is ccmpanientship and honor to everybody who is there.I can memorize anything like a song just like that and I’m familiar with being able to stand the camera.So if you pick me you won’t forget it.

  74. Hi my name is blessing and I live UN south Africa with my mother my farther and my brother and sister both younger than me I have decided to audition is because I love drama I am mostly known as a drama queen every where I go. I have never gotten lower than 80 percent for drama because of the love I have for it. I have tried star now hoping that u will get something but nothing seems to be working. Here my my mum phone number u can contact het 071 231 5878 I really believe I have a great shot at these as well as the ex Disney stars

  75. My full name is Angie Vanessa Tecu and I am 13 years old. I have many goals in life but my main goal is to help out my parents. I have been focusing in performing arts for a while now, 7 years. I want to attend NYU after my high school years because of the opportunities it’ll give me, but some of me tells me I won’t because by that time I’ll already succeed as much. We currently don’t have a house and with my talents which are singing, acting, and dancing, I hope that one day I, myself, will buy a house for my parents. I am the only girl in the family because I have three younger siblings. I will try to give them the best and I will not give up on that. I have idols who are Becky G and Selena Gomez and one thing they have both taught me is that anything is possible. I tried to write songs (rap) but my notebook got lost somewhere. Oh, but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I wanna do. I will keep on trying and trying until I finally make it out! I’ll practice and practice to MAKE PERFECTION! I may not have the best vioce or the best dance moves yet but I still believe I have it in me and I won’t stop until that’s out of me. They’re people who think I won’t make it out, but that’s just a motivation for me to prove them wrong! Well I hope you guys read this. Can’t wait to become my dream! <3

  76. I love watching movies.I like to cheer.Singing is my favorite thing to do.I sing songs with different singers on the radio.I sing at night and in the morning and afternoon.I am 9 almost 10.

    Acting is awesome family and friends think i’m good at acting.I listen.I’m kind,sweet,kinda popular.

    Music is life :] 🙂

  77. Hi, my name is Courtney age 13. I was born in Jamaica and I have a natural singing talent. I have been on local television and I know what it feels like to be on a set surrounded by cameras. I’m not much of a dancer but i love acting. I no one believes that I can act very well but I can prove them wrong. When I want something I go for it even if it means I have to throw a tantrum. It would be a lifetime opportunity to be on Disney or Disney XD, the most viewed television stations. It would be an honor to be casted on a TV show.

    Yours Truly,

  78. Hi Disney, to be honest I’ve not done a lot of acting I do dancing singing( in a choir) I play the guitar and piano. I’ve always said to my said to myself and everyone around me that I can do it I’ve never given up but everyone around me has lost hope thinking it hasn’t happened now so it won’t happen please give one chance to audition I just one chance to impress you


  79. Hi I’m Madelyn. I am 13 and live in Lancaster PA and was wondering when tryouts are. I can sing and act but am not as good at dance. If it helps I have a lot of experience with both and camera lighting. Please let me know when I could tryout sometime. Thanks. 🙂

  80. I have dreamed since I saw a Disney show for the first time that someday I wo be on a Disney show so I’ve gone to camps I’ve done my reaseach but I still need the final step a role. This is what pretty much everybody will say this but I also love to sing and I can make every one I know laugh I’ve been told that I am buitiful but I don’t care much for it I am great at making drama out of nothing and drama into a joke. Im 10 years old and I want to make people laugh and make people cry I want to make people have a good time with me even though I’m not there. I’m a hard worker I try my best to be on time I have a good memory and I LOVE to dress up so If I could even have just one line on one show and have a little spark that launches my career then it will make me the happiest person in the world!

  81. This is Jaron I am 10 years old
    I just want my dream to come true
    If I can be on tv I will thank you
    I love lab rats I love kickin in
    Sometimes mighty med if
    you can get me on tv thank very
    much.Alot of people in courage
    me to over come my dream thank you
    I am from ST. Louis Missouri

  82. My names Amaya Kaisiana Allen .I’m 11 years old almost 12 acting to me is a way to be a differnt person I like to be in someone else’s shoes. It’s just fun and part of acting is to have fun will doing it.I would love to be in a DISNEY CHANNEL. Or Disney XD.Im not the greatest dancer or sanger.But lets not look at the things I’m bad at look at the things Im good at. I know theres so many other kids that you can choose hopefully I’ll be on.Im very funny fun and like to trie new things.I have been to alot of different country’s. I would like to meet the cast of Jessie. I love playing FOOTBALL AND CHEERLEADING I love sports.Im for good ow California lovely place right

  83. Good afternoon,
    My name is Julissa I would really like to be a part of Disney I love acting singing and for dancing I can Learn dance moves quickly I’m in Drama and I have done a fundraiser with a monologue and a play and we are doing a play right now called The Skokie Detective School as the role of LaDonna I love to act I have auditioned for Modiling and Talent and I got the second call back so I got in and I love to all these kinds of things.i am in music too I pay percussion and piano and I’m learning flute.
    thank you for your time
    sincerely Julissa Vargas (11years old)

  84. Hi my brother and I are 11 and 10. We love Disney from the park to watching the Disney channel. We love the camera and we think it would love us.

  85. Hi, my name is Ariana Johnson and I’m twelve years old. I love acting and singing. I’m sad to say that I can’t really dance but my friends and family are always saying that they’re surprised by my singing and acting. Even people I don’t know think I have talent to try out for Americas Got Talent. I would be very happy if you could consider me for a role in a movie or show on Disney Channel. I don’t prefer Disney XD, but I wouldn’t mind an acting job on that channel either. Thank you for your consideration.

  86. I lick to act by wacthing all those who came before me and seen every thing they did i just what to give back and help people that don’t have what other kids have

  87. my name is Marvelous Vinson and i love to dance and act, because i feel like i can express myself by doing so. i live in Shreveport, Louisiana. thanks.

  88. I am 12 years old like and would like to be in a movie or tv show. I have been told that i am shy, but i’m not. I live in Colorado and i’m in 6th grade, i will like to make a difference in my life.

  89. I’m very talented and love to act, i would love to be a in move/TV show, and i have always wanted to do this since i was 5, that’s why i should be considered.

  90. My name is Karen Kim and I am 13 years old.I can do to girl and boy voiceovers.At the school I am going to right now,many people say I talk like wreck it ralph Vanellope von Schweetz.I love to act and i was the lead for 2 of my performances.I have done 7 performance with acting including Alice in Wonderland. I wish my dream of being an actress comes true.

  91. hi I’m jam’on Taylor and I play football and I act and I sing I grow up in Chicago when I was 12 I moved to battle creek I had to start over went to a new school and everything I’m in 8th about to go to high school

  92. I am an11 year old boy and I love to act and make funny voices so I wouldnt even have to be seen on camera. I have a great sense of humor, I can also cook very well and have done lots of plays at my school. I am confident I would be good at whatever the job is.

  93. I can’t wait for auditions to start i want to show the whole world my acting skills I want to make people happy and that’s basically what I do if somebody’s having a bad day I make them laugh.

  94. I can’t wait for auditions to start i want to show the whole world my acting skills I want to make people happy and that’s basically what I do if somebody’s having a bad day I make them laugh. That’s my passion of acting and I want to show the world what I could do.

  95. Hey my name is Sydney. I would love to be on disney channel. I do dance and sing and act. I care about my talents and dreams. It would be awesome for me to show my talents to the world. I just want to be a person who everyone knows. I work really hard. I just hope you pick me. (not bragging)

  96. I love watching disney channel and disney xd. The reason why I should be pick is that. I like to act and I like to sing and dance. I wish that one day in my life I could be a some body and not just a no body. Iwant to show people that I have what it takes to be a singer, actor,or dancer. Thank you and I hope you pick me

  97. Hi,
    I’m one of those people who watch your shows and I think….. Awesome!!!!!!! I know everybody says that they want to be chosen, but there’s lots that sign up and few that are chosen. I think that should be me. (the chosen few) If you pick me, (not begging or saying that you will) I’m a guy that practices. I’ll work hard and you won’t regret choosing me. I would appreciate it with all my heart, I just want to be famous. Thank you for making the wonderful shows you make. Even if you don’t pick me, I wish your shows to be great.

  98. hear me out i love to sing and dance i have a great spirit of intelligence and would love for you to get to know who i am and my talent is to sing and dance im thirteen my family says that I’m an great singer but i really want to see your opinion and if your interested please call or email to get in touch with me

    thank you and have a blessed day

  99. I would love to be a part of something like this. I do not give out personal information because this could be a scam but email me more info if you could. All I will tell you on here is that I am 13.

  100. Hey there. I am Swayam, 16 years old. I have been wanting to be an actress aince young. I have done manh roles in school programs and all. I can sing and dance. I don’t know if it is true but people call me the white princess of our school.
    Please contact me.

  101. Hi Disney XD, I am interested in becoming part of any shows. I love Disney and I have a outgoing,energetic, and fun personality. I could dance some people say I could sing. And I haven’t act in movies or shows yet but I have done school plays before. if I would get the chances to get a role I’ll show that I could do it and I won’t give up. Thank you

  102. Hi, my name is Jadyn and I’m a 12 year old girl and I can act, sing, and somewhat dance (; I’m really interested in voice overs and I’m also very interested in acting. I think I would be perfect for any role (big or small) because I love the spotlight(: and I’m not camera shy at all. When I act, I make it very beliveable and I’m very passionate about acting and singing. I don’t know if it helps at all but I have a very unique voice and I’m always being told by strangers that I’m very beautiful and I should be in beauty pageants….thank you to anyone who read this I very much appreciate it and al least take my acting proposal into consideration(; thank you all so much -Jadyn

  103. I love to act I’ve always been dreaming about being an actress u love to sing and dance I am French/African I speak fluent French and I enjoy taking personalities and combining them together to make a person. I also have a good memory so I PCM up lines and can remember them so if you need someone to play a role in Indianapolis I’d be more than happy.

  104. I think i would be qualified for this because i am a good singer, i do many different voices for animations, i can dance, i can play the drums, and most of all i can act i hope you guys could get my application and im realy hoping so anyway thank you for reading this and hopefully ill be a star thank you.

  105. My name is Mason Bernhardt and I am 10 years old. I have fun playing with and acting out voices for my actions figures. I like to do cart-wheels and I am very flexible. I also like to sing songs from many animated Disney movies. I like to act out different scenes from movies that I enjoy. I like watching people act out for characters sometimes. I like to play pokemon and minecraft. I also enjoy reading books about mythology and fiction books. I think that I would be a great candidate because some people say that I’m a dramatic actor and have adorable looks. thanks for taking time to read this!!

  106. Hello my name is aisha. I am 14 years old . Im turning 15 in august. I can sing,act and dance(jazz,lyrical,contemporary,….). I participated in the voice kids germany and dsds kids. I speak english fluidly. I could even speak english before german. I have long brown-black hair. My skim colour is brown like shay mitschell(actress) . Im 1,65cm tall and i weigh 60kg. I would totally apreciate it if i get any requests.
    Thanks you

  107. I would be perfect for a audition because I have been acting since 3rd grade and I have always wanted to be a actor. I have been told by my acting teacher that I have a natural gift for acting and I believe I should use it.

  108. Hey I am Preetismita shortly preetz and i would love to be a part of disney channel. I am a dancer but i do love singing and acting alot. I have done a drama as a leading actress and won it . I am veru much passionated about my dreams and talents. So, i would if i get a chance tl show it to the world.

    I hope to be a part

    Thank You

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