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Disney I Didnt Do it
I Didn’t Do It- Disney

Disney has greenlit their new comedy pilot I Didn’t do it for their 2013 lineup. Tod Himmel and Josh Silverstein wrote and are executive producing the show. Todd and Josh have produced many shows including That’s So Raven and the always popular 90210.  I Didn’t Do It will revolve around a pair of twins and their “he said/she said” tales, with stories told in reverse chronology. The show will begin production in January, and is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2013 and this is your chance to join the cast.  Auditions are underway for the series regulars and possible recurring roles. Extras and stand-ins will be hired starting sometimes in January, 2013 when shooting begins in Los Angeles.

I Didn’t Do It will be produced by Bandwagon Entertainment and will follow a pair of twin girls and their daily he said she said tales told in reverse order. The full cast has not been announced but the casting directors are now looking for series regulars and even recurring roles for the new series. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring actor to break into the acting industry. Talent that are interested must have previous acting experience.

Disney also plans of casting for extras and stand ins for the new comedy pilot. They will be casting all ages and genders. This is a great opportunity for anyone that is looking to gain experience along with a great network opportunity. No prior experiences is necessary.

If you are interested in auditioning for I Didn’t Do It please provide the casting director with your resume and headshots. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and times and as always leave us a comment on what you think about Disney and their new pilot idea.

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  1. hi,i’m May Olan,i love acting,i have taken part in all of my school’s plays,i’m always the best,i always receiving the standing ovations.It has always been my dream to work with disney channel,i hpe i will be a great actress.I have 10 years of performance experience.Listed below is my mum’s phone number and her e-mail,also my sisters’
    my sister:+2347056567434
    my mum:+2348033204476
    my mum’s e-mail:Ooogunrinola@yahoo.com
    I have brown hair,i can speak english,a lot of spanish and a little of french.
    Thank you very much for your time and for reading this reply,God bless

  2. Hi I’m Mia and I would Loove to be on any applying Disney movie or show. I can sing and act. Facts about me are light brown hair, brown eyes, 11 years young, been singing since I was 2 or 3 and acting wise I can talk or call someone and keep the accent or keep a straight face for a pretty long time.

  3. Hello, I really love the idea of the pilot. I would love to be your prodegy. I could do ballet, and I love to act! Please, please, this is such a great opportunity, and my dream. I’m 5’2 tall, 13 year old, hispanic, spanish native speaker, I don’t speak with an accent. Please e-mail me back with any info about the day my dream is going to come true! Thank You So Much!! Jasmin that name could grow on me!!

  4. Hi !

    I’m Marine , I’m 19 years old and I’m French ! I don’t know if I can be considered for one of your projects but I’d like to improve my acting experience in english and that could be a great opportunity for me. I speak German as well . I’ve been acting in drama clubs for 6 or 7 years now and I really love it ! I’m also interested in music and dance but my first passion is acting !

  5. Hi,I’m Mary Okunoren.I am 16 years old girl from Chicago, Illinois. I have dreamed of auditioning for Disney channel for years. I would love to be apart of this show. This would be a great experience for me. I love to sing and dance. I am very well interested in being part of this show. Please email with any information about the audition. Thank you!
    Height: 5’3
    Ethincity: African American
    I would love to audition for Jasmin!

  6. Dear madam/sir

    My name is Silas and I’m a 14 Year old boy who has acting experience and is really desprate to make it in the Film industry and I figured that Disny is the best way to start. I want to audition for the “I Didn’t Do It” series and I was wondering If there would be a posibility for me to audition because I’m currently in South Africa and I talked to my parents and they said that they wouldn’t mind me living in the U.S.A just so things would be easier for me to be part of the film. But they are consirnde about moving there for the auditions, because if I don’t it would be useless spending all that money to travel. So I realy need this to atleast prove to myself that I am capable to do something and to contribute to the Developement of Kids entertainment.
    I hope that youl will have a Kind heart to find a way to help not only me but others in this situation aswell. If you are willing to consider me, by repling then I will send my resume and headshot.

    Thank you very much for your time
    God Bless

  7. Hello my name is Giovanni
    I am 14 years of age I currently finished my acting classes at the B.I.H studios at Las Vegas. I have curly brown hair, brown eyes. Please Contact me

  8. Hi my name is Gregory Hepburn I’m 12 years old I would like to be on an disney show I have been and different acting agentcies like princple of creative arts BRE fine Arts and I’m currently an anchor on BRE Kid News broadcast. I’ve been acting since I was an 2nd grader. I’ve been in over 15 plays I have achived 1 of the top in BRE and I have all the proof.

  9. Im lexi and i am 14 and i have a twin brother im very interested in this show and would love to hear back with information about auditions. I have always wanted to be on disney and i want a shot. I feel like this show would be really cool becuase it reminds me of me and my brother. Hope to hear from someone. My email is lexi.super2@gmail.com.

  10. Hello. I’m Mari, (Mary) i’m 14 years old and i’m from Georgia from Tbilisi. I really love sing, i think that this is my life. I really want to arrive to America and have a career, as the rest of the teenagers, if you have a question i can answer why it is. To have a career in Hollywood as the rest of the teenagers have been very time-consuming But I know how to work with the Disney.This is my dream and i always do everything for my dreams because i’m very purpose and i can do everything for it i can work very hard, please help me. Now i’ll tell you about my possibility, i really know sing, but like everyone i need practise and exercise, and from a child i’m dancer when i was for years old i begun study dance, i love it too, I have lots of medals and diploma from dance and important I had many tours around the world, I was in 9 country, I won many prize. I know swim very good i swimed 8 years. i can personification and do different things which is communicate in actress, (acting technique.) sorry about mistakes, i know two language, first “mother tongue” my language Georgian and foreign language, i know English and Russian. It’s funny but maybe it is important for you, i can ride small motorbike and ride bicycle, i know play on guitar and i have many plans for next year i want to learn play piano and French language…… Thank you so much, i love all disney stars i love Selena Gomz and Demi lovato and i want to be like them. Thanks if you like this, i can send you my pictures and please write me answer on E-mail. Thank you so much. P.S at school when we had school performance, I always had main role, I was cindarella, in cindarella, I was snow white, and we had Georgian performance and I had main role there too. Iff you want to call on my phone number, i hope it needs code to call in Georgia, Thanks……

  11. I love Disney Channel and all of their shows, and I think that Pilot will be and amazing idea. I ahve always wanted to be on Disney Channel and I have been singing and acting every since I was five. I believe that Pilot will be absolutely amazing!

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