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Dog With a Blog
Dog With a Blog- Disney

Can dogs blog?? According to Disney they Can, Disney Channel has ordered Dog With A Blog, a new TV show that is set to air on the Disney Chanel this Fall. This live action comedy is being produced by Michael B. Kaplan the Emmy Winning producer who produced numerous Disney and Disney XD shows, and shot by Disney Productions. This is a awesome opportunity for any kids that want to be on the Disney channel and their new hit show. The casting directors are casting for kids 4 and up to be extras and stand in roles in their new series. The show stars G. Hannelius, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi, Beth Littleford, Regan Burns Stephen Full and most importantly Kuma  a Husky/Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix who was rescued from a shelter.

In real life, Kuma is a husky, golden retriever and border collie mix who was rescued from a shelter. In the show, he is adopted to tame a pair of feuding stepbrothers. Turns out Stan, a bit of a troublemaker and loves his new family, who must keep his marvelous ability a secret.can read, write and blog. But even though he talks and likes a lot of “human” things, Stan is still a dog. He chases his tail, barks at mailmen, and hates cats. Now we just gotta wait and see how Stan is going to type with his big paws.

The casting directors are on a national search for kids that are energetic, charismatic and love animals, to play as extras and stand ins for Disney’s Dog with a Blog. If you would like to audition please submit your information and the casting directors will contact you as soon as the project is under way. Keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and locations and leave us a comment.

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  1. Ive always watched Disney Channel shows and wondered how the actors and actresses came to be in such a humorous, witty, creative show like Dog With a Blog and now im seeing for myself. I think that just applying wont get me noticed so im writing this. I love Disney Channel and it would be amazing to be able to click on the tv one day and see myself, smiling because I accomplished my dream! Please, consider me, I have five dogs and four cats and man do I love each one of them. I hope that you consider my application because I think this would be a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity! I know im rambling so I will get to the piont, I think whoever gets a part in your show is lucky and I think that if it was me, I would not let you down Disney!

    ~AnnMarie Bruzinski

  2. Hello I’m Nathan Hoy and if there is anymore parts left i would love to tryout i love animals especially dogs i have two of my own.
    Hair:brown short
    Eye color: light blue
    A lot of people saying im a good acter and good looking i love acting especially if it is for disney.please keep me posted.

  3. daymonte’ johnson hes 5yrs old loves to sing, dance, draw, learn, laugh, play with animals, loves waterpark and going places, he loves to tell jokes kartwheels, likes karate, works well with others he loves school and is a very respectful young gentleman with a heart of gold and a heartbreaking smike.

  4. Hello my name is Lucia… I am a very vibrant and out going 10 year old who loves animals… I would love the opportunity to share my abilities!

  5. Hi, my name is Brianna and I have a very talented younger brother named Mason. He is 10 years old and loves our dog, Charlie. He loves to play with him every day. He is interested in being apart of “Dog with a Blog”. Everyone always says that he is a very dramatic actor, he is flexible and does cartwheels, and he sings to every Frozen song all the time. Mason is an adorable little boy with a lot of enthusiasm! He would be a wonderful candidate. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully we hear from you

  6. Hi, My name is Taneshia, I have a 5 year old daughter who loves dogs. She is very energetic and has a lot of character. She would be great as an extra please consider her for “Dog with a blog” I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Hi, My name is Grace, I am 13 years old and I love dogs. I have my own dog walking and dog sitting business for four years. I have played key parts in school plays, as well as a lead role with singing. I can also play guitar. Please consider me for “Dog with a Blog”. I look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Hiya! I’m Katlynn. I’m 14 and will be 15 in November. I am very energetic and I absolutely love animals. My mom and I always joke around saying that we live in a zoo, because we have a total of 12 animals.( 5 dogs, 4 cats, a bearded Dragon, a rabbit and a few fish…. and of course my little brother.) I would love the opportunity to peruse my dream of acting. I hope you consider me for a part in ” Dog with a Blog.”

  9. Hey! 🙂 my name is Krista, and I am very energetic, animal lover. I love acting. I have experience in plays. I am very charismatic I can sing. I can dance. Whatever you ask for I can do it! So I hope you consider me for the part and I hope you guys get back to me. Bye!

  10. My name is Tatyana. I am 15years old and I would LOVE to attend the open call if possible. Email please if possible.

  11. Hello my name is emi and I have always been an active Little girl who loves to act my dream has always been to be on Disney channel if I get this offer I would be the happiest girl on earth I have always loved to act when I was five I started saying the words to the characters on TV like saying what they were saying but In an acting way when I was nine I started looking for open call auditions I would just love to be on the
    Is show because it inspires what I love to do and what I want to do so directors please get me a part in dog with a blog

  12. Hello , Disney my name is kayla smith , I am 13 years old , I am energetic , hardworking , and such a animal lover and it would mean nothing but the world to me if you would give me the chance to be in your show

  13. hi im dakota krause i have been in drama class my whole life and i love dogs i have a shorkie and i play baseball and staring football and i allways had an a+ in drama had the lead role and would love to go and play a real part on tv. i am eleven i live in durand michigan please contact me as soon as possible

  14. I m 10 years old. I love dogs and I am sometimes called the dog whisper, I love animals. I have a pet of my own her name is Tori and she is a German Shepard. I act all of the time and practice a lot, I am told by family,friends, and random strangers say I am a good actress. I have a lot of energy and I am very energetic. I am being honest, I am not just saying this to get the part. I was in the play ” Willy Wonka “. I was an Ompa Lompa, I was always the smiler and a good actress the director said. I would like if you would stay in touch with me.

    Thank you

  15. i am 11 years old and im energetic chariic and love animals esspessialy dogs have been told my many people that im great at acting and other things and ive always wanted to so please please please consider me

  16. I am a 13 year old give absolutely LOVES animals. I have my own dog, and I play with her a lot because I have a lot of energy.I love acting, and I have been told I am good at it. Please consider meme!

  17. hi im a girl and i love dogs there my favorite animal.I love playing with dogs and training them.I love to act sing and dance to any sort of music.I also really like playing football.Im the best girl footballer in my class.I would love if u contacted me for a part.Thank you

  18. I’m girl that love animals I have a a pet my self and also energetic i love to have fun even though i have to adapt with other people. I would love to audition for Dog With a Blog because I know that I have the potential to get this audition because acting is my passion to show people who I’m. I would love If you guys keep me in touch.

  19. I am a 13 year old girl who is energetic, charismatic and, LOVE animals! Im not just saying that to get the part but I’m actually being honest. All my life I have studied ballet and have always loved acting too! I have been the lead role as “Clara” in the Nutcracker ballet. Also everybody tells me i am a natural born star! I would GREATLY appreciate if you contacted me back with more information and details on how to audition!
    Thank you

    • I’m 12 yr old, have black hair white skin, I’m very enteritis and have a dog of my own, I have watched a few episodes of the show so I sort of know the plot, I love acting and modeling and have for all my life,myths for considering

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