How to Dress for a Model Casting Call

DSC_4185When it comes to knowing how to dress for a casting call as a model you must first remember that you want to be memorable. This is important in a number of key areas that can include your outfit, accessories, makeup and hair as well. Keeping these things in line and providing the proper presentation is key when conducting a model search and visiting a casting call.

Outfits to Wear for a Model Casting Call

So with this in mind it is always best to chose outfit that slimming, a little fitting and flattering, that shows your body to the casting director.  Something that has a pop of color to help bring out your personality, nothing with a ton of designs or that would prove to be too distracting from your natural features.  If you are going to wear a dress, it is up to you on how short you want to go with a dress. Sometimes the shorter is better so you can show off your legs, but not so short where you could possibly give casting directors the wrong impression about yourself.  The key element to knowing  how to dress for a model casting call is a high heel.  Casting directors and designers love to see a high heel and many say the higher the better.

Accessories, Hair, and Makeup

A good rule of thumb to always remember is to not wear accessories.  Sometimes accessories can take away from a model.  A casting director might remember the beautiful earrings you were wearing, but the model should be remembered for her face, her body, her waist, her legs that’s it so keeping your accessories to a minimum or none at all is best. Also, when attending various types of modeling jobs and casting calls you want to make sure to keep your hair fresh, clean and away from your face.  Go for a bun, low or high with a sweeping bang.  You can keep the bun messy or neat. Makeup should be to a minimum.  Maybe foundation and some eyeliner.  Do a light fresh lip as well, nothing too bold. Make sure to use a natural neutral matte color.  Keep everything really fresh , clean and simple and you should be able to ace your casting!

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