Performers Needed For “A Muslim in the Midst” Play


About the Play:

This play highlights and portrays the real life happenings and events that took place in a city of India, Bangalore. The events that occurred soon after that ill-fated day of 9/11.

Due to the strong Asian and cultural background of the play, versatile actors are required who could easily look and play the part of a South Asian or an Arabic character. The world premiere of the play will be in New York; however the rehearsals will be conducted in New Jersey and Manhattan. The rehearsals will begin from the mid of July and last all the way through august and September until the days of the real show. Show dates are 12, 16th and 18th of September.

The actors will be paid along with conveyance charges.

  1. For the role of Raj Sunder:

Gender: Male

Age: 20 to 25 years old

Features: Standard American English accent

About the character: Raj is a very gentlemanly, smart and stylish person who is very educated and belongs to an executive position in America yet living in India. Avoid conflict and very diplomatic in nature. Raj is a very kind natured and open minded person.

  1. For the role of Haneef Pasha:

Gender: Male

Age: 20 to 25 years old

Features: A very skilled actor is required who has the ability to play a multi-layered role. Applicant must have gruff voice and strong Indian accent.

About the character: Haneef Pasha is a religious Muslim man from a small village of South India. He is uneducated, edgy with a complex personality.

  1. For the role of Priya:

Gender: Female

Age:20 to 40 years old

Features: Must have a standard American English accent

About the character: Priya is from a highly educated background and an executive of an American organization yet lives in India. She is very outspoken, feisty and passionate about things she believe in.

  1. For the role of Shabana:

Gender: Female

Age: 20 to 30 years old

Features: Applicant must have an Indian accent and looks South Asian.

About the character: Shabana is a Muslim girl with a shy and innocent personality. She wears Hijab.

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